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What are some games with good stories? Stories that motivate you to keep on playing until the end. Some examples: Nier, Ghost Trick, Yakuza series, Persona series, etc. Not interested in western shit unless it's actually creative and not some Tolkien or Star Trek fan fiction.

Please respond.

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teh world ends with u

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Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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Thanks, I will play this. Forgot all about it.

I also enjoyed the story in the first Trauma Center game on the DS. Anyone play any of its sequels? Are they good too?

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Try Tactics Homu: Let Us Homu Together (the PSP version).

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Without You

"The planet is very much like Earth. Here are no signs of life forms. It is capable if sustaining life. It has water and dense vegetation. It could be a suitable place for an Earth colony."

"Thank you, Mr. Spock. I'll keep that in mind."

I hate making this decision. I have to choose who lives and who dies. Who should I send on the unknown planet this time? I don't like to send my crew onto any potentially threatening planet, but we discover and explore strange new worlds.

The whole bridge is waiting to hear who would leave the safety of the ship and who might not come back.

"May I accompany you to the surface, Captain?"

I turn to and Spock is staring at me with those eyes. I can't refuse him. "Of course you can, Spock. You Ensign Genovesi will beam down with me in one hour."

I leave the bridge and head towards my room. Upon entering, I see someone sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Don't you know how to knock," I try to say seriously but can't keep a straight face.

"I knocked, but no one answered. I couldn't just stand there, so I decided to come in anyway."

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"What do I owe this visit, Bones?"

"I just came to check up on you. I heard up on you. I heard about the planet." Just like that the humor was gone.

"I'm fine. I'm absolutely fine."

"Jim, I've known you for longer than I'd like to admit. We both know you are not fine. This job is tearing you apart."

I know he is right, but I would never admit to it. I could never tell anyone that I am not in perfect mental health; a captain must always be at the top of his game.

"I'm fine, Bone. I just came in here to grab some stuff before we head planet-side."

I have never been a good liar. McCoy knows that that was his invitation to leave, but he holds my gaze. It feels like he sees straight through me. Sometimes I feel like Bones is the smartest of us all. I know as he breaks eye contact that this is not over.

I grab everything I might need to survive on a new planet. I take a shower with my imaginary Spock. As I walk towards the transporter room, I wonder what dangers are for us down there.

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We are in the woods by my family's farm. We are watching the sunset from atop a cliff. It is beautiful; trees fill the horizon as far as the eye can see.

I look over and he is sitting there. His eyes penetrate my soul. The only person that truly knows who I am: Spock. He leans over and kisses me.

We keep kissing. They become deeper and more urgent with each passing second. It is as if our tongues are waging a war.

I take off Spock's shirt and rub my hands along his bare skin. I feel his hot Vulcan skin. I want him.

Spock pushes me so that I am lying on my back. He has me pinned down under him. I pull him close to me. I feel him growing hard on growing hard on top of me.

He starts going lower. He leaves a trail of kisses and bite marks down my abdomen.

"Oh, Spock."

I am answered with a scream. It sounds close by. That has never happened in this dream before. I try to ignore it. Spock has gotten to my cock.

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I feel myself being shaken in the real world. My favorite dream is over. I look up into the real Spock's eyes.

"Ensign Genovesi is gone, Sir. I woke up a minute and a half ago and he had vanished. I woke you up as soon as I heard the screaming." Spock is emotionless as he delivers this news.

There is another scream not that far away. I jump up as quickly as humanly possible and take off sprinting in the direction of the scream.

I quickly see that this planet is very different at night. The vegetation comes alive when the sun sets. They have vines covered in spikes that can shoot out and hook onto anything moving. You can see the poison dripping off of others.

I keep running. I can't even think; I don't even think. I need to get there. Genovesi needs to be safe. I need to save him.

I stop because I see him up ahead. He is laying face down on the ground. Vines are swarming around him. He has been so mauled that he barely looks human. He can't still be alive.

I start to run towards him, but I am being jerked back by my middle. I panic, but it is Spock. Spock had apparently kept up with me and was now stopping me.

"Let go of me, Spock. Genovesi needs help. We have to help him. We just can't leave him here. Let go."

"Genovesi is dead, Jim. No one can help him now."

I start shaking. This cannot be happening; someone else has died while under my care.

Spock won't let me get him. His Vulcan physiology has made him stronger than me. I can't get away. I turn around to hit him, but I black out.

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>I hate making this decision. I have to choose who lives and who dies. Who should I send on the unknown planet this time? I don't like to send my crew onto any potentially threatening planet, but we discover and explore strange new worlds.


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diablo 3

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Genre: High comedy

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It's just like my japanese animes!

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Binary Domain. It's basically Yakuza 2's storyline with robots instead of koreans.

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You guys

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I like Mass Effect 1 and 2.

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But 2 didn't have a plot.

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Star Trek Armada II

RTS is mediocre but Patrick Stewart does the voice

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Soul Nomad
Baten Kaitos [Both of them]
Galerians: Ash
And... Uh...

That's about it.

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I forgot Baroque. I am a horrible human being.

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It didn't have a plot or it didn't have a plot you liked because you're an autistic neckbeard?

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It really didn't have a plot.

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The entire plot of 2 is building a squad.

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You're entitled to your opinion.

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Are you more interested in the plot or the characters? If it's plot, you can pick up just about any game praised for its "good story" and you'll be fine. If you're looking for a strongly character based game that's actually decent, then good luck.

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Is this game any good? I think I bought it when it came out (on the Wii?) but I never opened it.

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Why don't you try Etrian Odyssey 3? The story is good
and there is a lot of grinding and repetitive mazes which
are good for your autism.

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Building a squad that completely disappears the next game. But I blame EA for that.

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Planescape: Torment.

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And solving their daddy issues

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Yes and no. The gameplay is a mixed bag, but the story is awesome. Recommended if like surreal or horror-type games.

Sega Saturn version is also awesome and has cooler first-person RPG type gameplay.

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It is very lonely and depressing, the closest mainstream game I would say its (Feeling) is like is Shadow of the Collosus.

Its a dungeon crawler where you constantly lose your items and die a whole lot. Stratagy guide basically required to beat the game.

It's beautiful and serene. Play it now.

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Gtfo Zunbar, stop being in Sync

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We become one now.

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congrats on marriage

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Not exactly what you're asking for, but a wonderful example for storytelling in a game wopuld be Red Dead Redemption. It surprised me.

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I am fine with this.

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I'd say Pathologic. It's a russian FPS with horrible translation and bad graphics, but the setting, music and general art design is just awesome.
The game is very hard, but satisfying overall. And very oniric.
The Void is also quite good.

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I agree with this, I played this game expecting GTA but with COWBOYS and I ended up getting a really fun game that dragged on a little bit during the middle but was overall a good game.

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I thought the story in RDR was boring and predictable, and the gameplay portions had the trademark Rockstar kusoge quality.

Game sucks.

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skyrim. it maed me cri

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The first Max Payne(dunno about the third since I haven't played it but the themes in the second one didn't resonate with me nearly as much as the first one's despite improved graphics and gameplay)


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Personally I really want to play something like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, or Dark Souls.

Does anyone know if Dragon's Dogma is any good?

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Think of monster hunter mixed with Dark Souls and Skyrim. Not great but entertaining.

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First two Suikodens, 2nd especially.

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OP, how did you manage to miss Mother 3?

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Dark Cloud 2

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If you like the Persona series try SMT Nocturne or Digital Devil Saga

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