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One dim, misty morning, you venture out from your hovel to pick mushrooms. Several rabbits bound into the bushes as you stumble out of the tunnel. Soft, wet grass curls around your toes as you blink in pain from the light.
You are an earth youkai, born from the soil, your consciousness an old soul resurrected anew.

As you pad along the rough-hewn cobblestone path, you begin to tire as you venture away from your home. A woven basket containing a veritable cornucopia of fungi hangs from your elbow, creasing it red from the weight. A mile's journey awaits you, and the night encroaches quickly. A hallowed darkness descends over the land, and the frogs begin their haunting orchestra. Your legs grow ever more weary, and you stumble. The cobblestone road has taken a different texture, one you cannot remember from before.
You are lost.
A small shrine glows in the distance, a beacon in the dense fog. Shadowy figures move about inside.
Do you:
A. Go to the shrine
B. Try to bushwhack it through the forest
C. Continue down the cobblestone road
D. Camp out behind the shrine
E. Scream for Sanae

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F. Beg for meido.

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B. Whack off in the forest.

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A. and E. Sanaeeeeee! (but I hope it's Reimu shrine).

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The option is there, take it!

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A 2.0 = run to shrine, find reimu there and rape her in the bum

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>E. Scream for Sanae
You bellow as loud as your small lungs can, a shrieking, breaking pitch that sends the crows flying from the trees.
The shadowy figures halt, the din from the warm interior stops. A hushed voice mumbles something, and then the clamor starts up again.
Sanae did not hear you this time...

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F. fuck off with your roleplaying shit

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Go with A!

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A of course

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whats the options for

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F. Scream for Suika

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don't FUCK WITH ME. You better continue the story.

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A jar of almmonds

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Jump in the lake.

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please respond.

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OP on the sidewalk.

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Sorry about that guys. Will get it going in a moment
in the meantime, have suwako

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>A. Go to the shrine
As the soft, cool night wind bites through your damp clothing, raising goosebumps on your skin, you hear rustling in the bushes beside you. Your heart skips a beat, and you bound across the cobblestone road, dropping to a defensive kneel next to a boulder. A small, milky-white bunny with red eyes pokes its head out of the bushes, and bounds away into the mist. About 5 meters away from you, the low hum of inebriated mirth emanates from the warm interior. Lifting your brown dress up off the dewy ground, you walk over to the entrance. You set down your heavy basket of mushrooms, and rap on the door firmly. You shake from social anxiety, you've never met anyone in this incarnation.
The door opens, a gushing warmth spills out into the night. Suika, heavily inebriated, stands before you. "Ah! Who ish thizs pershun! Reimuu!!" she slurs loudly, making you flinch from the noise. The clamor stops for a moment, but only Reimu eyes you, her eyes glazed in drunkenness.
"Who are you?"
A. Chen's shikigami
B. A random earth youkai
C. Sanae
D. Kanako
E. ?

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E. Yuugi

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Oh my god you have no idea how many memories I have of this picture.
In short, this takes me back to when I was just a teenager at Nintendo NSider Forums.

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>B. A random earth youkai
Suika stands there wobbling, holding the door open for you. "E-ehh... I'm just someone..." you manage to say. It seems to please both Suika and Reimu, and Suika yanks you in by your collar. Instantly, the thrumming magic of the Hakurei shrine lances up your feet, a pleasurable sort of electric shock. Your toes seek to curl into the wood of the floor, but you refrain, just to avoid splinters. Suika roughly pushes you over to the kotatsu at which Reimu and Yukari are sitting. Yukari eyes you soberly up and down, then engages in an almost too opportune conversation with the stripy-haired youkai sitting next to her. Reimu stares at you glazedly from across the table. "What bringsh youu here?" she says. Many excuses come to mind, some wild, some not. The buzzing of the magic is making it really hard to think, and your butt feels like it's on fire, like it's vibrating.. You feel lightheaded. Lying down would be the best choice of action right about now...
Do you:
A. Lie down
B. Lean on Yukari (!)
C. Try to stay awake
D. Scream for Kanako
E. ?

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E - Try to approach Reimu
or just go with A

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F. Smell Reimu's armpits.

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>B. Lean on Yukari (!)
Gonna go with B.

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honesty is always good

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That PT Cruiser dude is a fucking asshole.

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>B. Lean on Yukari (!)
With drowsiness overcoming you, you sway a bit, then lean tiredly sideways, right into Yukari's soft bosom. She smells faintly like cherry blossoms, and the silky-smooth pillows of her breasts envelop your face with indulgent bliss. The soft folds of her clothing shuffles quietly as you sink your cheek into Yukari's chest. The quiet voices that carried on before suddenly disperse into awkward silence. All you can hear is Yukari's calm breathing. Sleepiness envelops your body, a creeping paralysis that leaves you vulnerable.
Do you:
A. Try to wake up, damnit
B. Mooflefoofle into Yukari's rude breasts
C. Start twitching your leg trying to be cute
D. Bite Yukari's nipple
E. ?

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E. Whip out dick and ask Suika to suck it

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E. Ask Yukari to gap my dick into Suika's mouth

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there are sites where this is more tolerated and appreciated op

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E. Shit my pants and ask Yukari to gap it into Reimu's vagina so she gets a yeast infection

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E. Try to suck breast milk from Yukari's nipples so I can inherit her danmaku prowess

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E. Tell Yukari "I wanna make a mess on your face"

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I'll let this slide. It best not become a habit, though.


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E. Ask Yukari to gap Marisa to the shrine, because she's more handsome than anyone here (excluding myself)

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Forget option B. I'm with this man. Don't forget the part where he says she's prettier than everyone there (excluding himself).

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E. Ask Yukari to gap Sanae's vaginal fluids into her own vagina because I don't wanna fuck some dried up old hag

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>E. Ask Yukari to gap Marisa to the shrine, because she's more handsome than anyone here (excluding myself)
Your nose remains muffled in the soft cloth of Yukari's dress, but you manage to say "Marisa... here." You fade in and out of consciousness, but snap back at the last moment, jolting awake to the faint wafting scent of gunpowder. Marisa is in the building, albeit sleeping in her pajamas, on the floor, 3 feet away.
>D. Bite Yukari's nipple
In a fog of sleepy stupidity, you nuzzle around in Yukari's breasts to find her nipples with your lips. Intent on chomping those little bastards off, you slip your face into her bra and feel around. A rough patch slides across your cheek, and onto your lips, and you open your mouth to bite. Suddenly, a hand meets the back of your head quite rudely and without knocking first, and you black out.


You wake up tied to a bed, spread-eagle, entirely naked. Sunshine leaks in from the window directly onto your eyes, blinding you. There's nobody in the empty room. A door swings ajar adjacent to you. The sun warms your small breasts, and your nipples harden involuntarily.
Do you:
A. Try to get away
B. Scream for Kanako
C. Scream for Sanae
D. Scream for Yukari
E. ?

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E. Ask Yukari to gap me to Bel Air because that's probably where I'm gonna end up anyway, then I can fuck Will Smith

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Scream for Kanako

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Obviously she is the only well-intended girl of the whole bunch. She did gap Marisa at your request.

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E. Ask where Marisa went and why am I not sucking her cock right now

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Wait. Are we male or female in this story?

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You are a female earth youkai. Anon always wanted to be the little girl.

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silly anon, only girls in touhouland

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>Nipples harden when it's cold

E. As the door swings open, blast Cirno/Letty in the face with my scorching hot piss and watch that bitch melt (literally)

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This might become slightly more interesting.

D. With a sprinkle of E. You call for Yukari. Once she thinks you want her, you ask for Marisa's whereabouts.

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E. Void my bowels on the bed. Even if I die, I still got the last laugh

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E. Summon my girl-boner like that one chick from La Blue Girl episode 5, and ask whoever's coming through the door if they've ever been to Disney World and ridden Space Mountain and, if they haven't, now's their chance

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D. Scream for Yukari

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You take a deep breath, and yell as hard as you can for Yukari. Shouting comes from the next room, and footsteps scatter everywhere. Shit, did you just wake up half of Gensokyo on a hungover morning?
Footsteps near the door, and Marisa bursts into the room. "I heard loud voices and wanted to joi-... Oh my god.." Marisa stands frozen as she looks upon your naked, soft, vulnerable body. She tries to mouth something, but stops. Backing slowly out of the room, Marisa turns quickly and runs down the hallway. Distantly, you can hear raised, tense voices. Yukari's much more mature voice sounds a bit suspicious, like a child trying to hide a wrongdoing. A naughty voice, tempting those who seek the truth. What the hell happened last night?
I'm opening it up to more creative suggestions

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E. Loudly inform Yukari that her nipples tasted like Jolly Ranchers.

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This is how it ends? With a cliffhanger where we don't know exactly what happened nor what kind of stuff happened to our body?

The only imput I can offer is to not make this kind of thread a habit. I've seen similar threads in /a/ and how unwitting anons fed an ugly beast.

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Try to play off last night's incident as an accident and pray it works.

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This is not the end. What makes you think I would terminate a story like an asshole?

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Loudly voice your doubt of Marisa's libido.

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>Try to play off last night as an accident and hope it works
Yukari steps into the room, along with Marisa. On a leash. Naked. Her hands are bound behind her back with hemp rope, and a rag tied in her mouth.
"U-uwah, Marisa! Are you okay?" you whisper. Marisa looks angrily at Yukari, but is met with a kick to the butt and a shove in your direction. She stumbles forward and grunts as she hits the bedpost, then sinks to her knees at the foot of the bed. Yukari unties your hands and feet, but leaves Marisa tied to the bedpost. You can see that Marisa has a few bruises on her arms and legs, but you can't tell what type they are. She clenches her legs closed and looks at you pleadingly, her fingers grabbing aimlessly at the knot around her wrists. Yukari swiftly turns around and leaves the room, locking the door behind her. Marisa manages a muffled scream towards the door, but then collapses on the bed.
Do you:
A. Take advantage of bound-up powerless Marisa
B. Help Marisa
C. Call for Reimu
D. Pour sriracha sauce into her vagina
E. ?

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Someone post the picture of the mods saying choose your own adventure shit is grounds for deletion and banning. Apparently our janitor is a retard who doesn't even know the boards rules.

Commencing dump so that this will grab his attention and he can rightfully delete it.

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, '´  ̄ ̄ ` 、
          i r-ー-┬-‐、i
           | |,,_   _,{|
          N| "゚'` {"゚`lリ
             ト.i   ,__''_!
          /i/ l\ ー .イ|、
    ,.、-  ̄/  | l   ̄ / | |` ┬-、
    /  ヽ. /    ト-` 、ノ- |  l  l  ヽ.
  /    ∨     l   |!  |   `> |  i
  /     |`二^>  l.  |  | <__,|  |
_|      |.|-<    \ i / ,イ____!/ \
  .|     {.|  ` - 、 ,.---ァ^! |    | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄l
__{   ___|└―ー/  ̄´ |ヽ |___ノ____________|
  }/ -= ヽ__ - 'ヽ   -‐ ,r'゙   l                  |
__f゙// ̄ ̄     _ -'     |_____ ,. -  ̄ \____|
  | |  -  ̄   /   |     _ | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ /       \  ̄|
___`\ __ /    _l - ̄  l___ /   , /     ヽi___.|
 ̄ ̄ ̄    |    _ 二 =〒  ̄  } ̄ /     l |      ! ̄ ̄|
_______l       -ヾ ̄  l/         l|       |___|

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>> No.9021087

 DOWNTOWN抉り出そう♪       ;;'';';';;'';;';'';';';;;'';;'';;;
             rっ        vymyvwymyvymyvy、
             ||       mVvvMvyvmVvvmvyvmVvv、
             |/⌒ヽ /^ヽ (^^) /^ヽ (^^) /^ヽ(^^)/^ヽ  DOWNTOWN抉り出そう♪
             (^ω^ )(ω^ )/⌒ヽ(^ω^)/⌒ヽ^ω^)  ( ^ω)-っ
       /⌒ \   |   _二二二つω^ )(\ ( ^ω^ )二⊃ /⌒ヽr
   ⊂二(^ω^ )二ノ   /( ^ω^ )  ⊂二\\_/⌒ヽ二二( ^ω^)二⊃
       ヽ    | (´ ._ノ ヽ   /⌒ヽつ  \( ^ω^)  |    /
        ソ  ) \\⊂二二二( ^ω^ )二二二⊃ ⊂_) ( ヽノ
       ( < \  レ’\\   ヽ   /   i ) ノ     ノ>ノ
        \|\|      レ  (⌒) |   /ノ ̄     レレ

>> No.9021089

B+E: Search for the Mini-Hakkero, Sparks are necessary for self-defense here.

>> No.9021092

,, - ―- 、
  ,. '" _,,. -…;   ヽ
  (i'"((´  __ 〈    }
  |__ r=_ニニ`ヽfハ  } 
  ヾ|!   ┴’  }|トi  } I still I still I love you!
    |! ,,_      {'  }    I'm waiting waiting forever
   「´r__ァ   ./ 彡ハ、 I still I still I love you!
    ヽ ‐'  /   "'ヽ   とまらないのよ Hi!!
     ヽ__,.. ' /     ヽ
     /⌒`  ̄ `    ヽ\_
    /           i ヽ \
   ,'              }  i  ヽ
    {             j   l    }
   i   ヽ    j   ノ   |   } l
   ト、    }   /  /   l  | .|
   ! ヽ      |  ノ    j  ' |
   { |     } |      l    |
   ヽ |     i  | \    l    /|
    { |     l   |     |   / |
    l !        |       l  / |

>> No.9021104

                ( ゚ω゚) It's so
                /u u
               / / /
  _  _   彡  shit!
  \\ \\
    \\ \\
     \\ \\
.        \つ \つ

>> No.9021114

.    ∧_∧
                ∧_∧/ //.___|^∧_∧
               (´・ω・`) /||    |口|(´・ω・`)
              ./(^(^//|| ||   |口|⊂ _)
              ∧_∧ /./  || ||   |口| ||    ∧_∧
   ∧_∧    (´・ω・`)/  ...|| ||   |口| ||  (´・ω・`)
  (´・ω・`) /(^(^/ /      .|| ||    |口| ||    ゚し-J゚
 "" ゚し-J゚:::'' |/  |/ '' " :: ":::::⌒  :: ⌒⌒⌒ :: ""  `
 :: ,, ::::: ,, " ̄ ̄  "、 :::: " ,, , :::   " :: " ::::

>> No.9021115

No rape huh?
Guess I can't look the other way anymore. Gotta side with mad kun, this really doesn't belong here.

>> No.9021122

∧∧ ∩
 ( ´∀`)/ ∧∧ ∩
⊂   ノ  ( ´∀`)/
 (つ ノ  ⊂   ノ  ∧∧ ∩
  (ノ    (つ ノ  ( ´∀`)/
        (ノ   ⊂   ノ
             (つ ノ  ∧∧ ∩
             (ノ  ( ´∀`)/
                _| つ/ヽ-、_
              / └-(____/
               ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄


>> No.9021131

N O  T H A N K  Y O U !

/ /    ヽ ::: \
| (●), 、(●)、 |
|  ,,ノ(、_, )ヽ、,,   |
|   ,;‐=‐ヽ   .:::::|
\  `ニニ´  .:::/
       .n:n    nn
      nf|||    | | |^!n
      f|.| | ∩  ∩|..| |.|
      |: ::  ! }  {! ::: :|
      ヽ  ,イ   ヽ  :イ

>> No.9021159

5 - Go to Club Ibuki and get shitfaced.

>> No.9021186

/jp/ was created for CYOA.

Guess you're too new to remember Anon's Nice Day(s).

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>B. Help Marisa
You roll Marisa over onto her back, and see that she has passed out. A purple fluid leaks out the side of her mouth, staining her lips a sickly violet. You lean in to smell the liquid. It smells like either mouthwash or a gone-off mushroom. "Uwaaaagghhh.." Marisa moans gutturally. "Ysch.. Yukari. Whurr isch sche!?" she suddenly flips over onto her stomach and rolls off the bed, hitting herself in the head on the bedpost again. She slumps to the wooden floor, out cold.
You kneel down and undo the knots binding her arms and legs, and hoist her with some effort onto the bed. The bed creaks as you try to cover her up with a blanket. As you are reaching behind you to get the pillow, Marisa flails her arms, and connects with your soft torso with a painful slap. Her fingers dig into your ribs, pulling you towards her. As much as you try to overpower her, she pulls you into a naked bear hug. You can feel the fluffy stubble on her crotch press up against your stomach, sending shivers through your body. "Lovsch.. I lovesch youkai." she mumbles, pulling your face into her boobs.
What the hell do you do?

>> No.9021216

Time to find some clothes. This is getting too lewd.

>> No.9021255

                 。_   ____
                /´ |  (ゝ___)
            .__/'r-┴<ゝi,,ノ   ro、
           ∠ゝ (ゝ.//`   ./`|  }⌒j
              } ⌒ /`ヽ、_∠l,ノ ・ヽ´
              /  ´..:.} >、、___,  .r、 ソ、`\
             /   ..:.:.}   /   |∨ ` ̄
            /   ..:.:./    |   丶
           / _、 ..:.:.:.{    .{.:.:.   \
          {   ..:Y  .ゝ、   {.:.:.:.:.    ヽ
          |、  ..:/ 丿 .:〉   >.- ⌒  .  ヽ
          / {. ..:./ ソ ..:./  .(    ..:.:.:`  ..:}
         ./..:.:}.:.:./ ヘ、 ..:./   .\ ..:.:r_,ノ、.:.:}
        ./..:.:/|.:/   {.:./     X.:.:}.}   X X
        /..:.:/ .}.:|    }:/       .Y丶ヽ  Y.:Y
  . __/.:/ { }  《.〈、     _,,__>.:》丶   Y.:\
  /.:.:.:.:.::/   !.:.:ゝ  ゝ.:. ̄ヾ ´:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:ヾゝ   \.: ̄>

>> No.9021257

Suck on dem titties

>> No.9021281

Take a breath of her scent, and realize she's probably not gonna come back very soon from being so fucked up. May as well have the both of you make the best of it; grope her ass while you kiss her nipples.

>> No.9021346

Tell her I'd rather get to know her a bit before I let her take my V-Card

>> No.9021354

Yell for Yukari to gap me a condom big enough for Marisa's dick, I don't want to have a child yet

>> No.9021373

F. Smell Marisa's feet

>> No.9021391

Beg Marisa to shoot her Master Spark deep into my uterus

>> No.9021432

Alice walks in and starts verbally assailing Marisa for her infidelity

>> No.9021437

Scream for Reimu

>> No.9021444

[x] Put it in.

>> No.9021453

Suika and Reimu come in the room and start pissing on us, while Yukari takes a big watery dump and gaps it into both Marisa's and my vaginas simultaneously, and we both die from yeast infections, then go hang out with Youmu and Yuyuko in the Netherworld, but then Yukari comes to visit Yuyuko and it's really really awkward when we have to see her again after she pulled all that fucked up shit!!!!!

>> No.9021490

Sensing that she's rustled everyone's jimmies, Yukari decides to up the anti and goes to take another shit at the base of the Saigyou Ayakashi, and when Yuyuko inquires as to what the fuck she thinks she's doing, she replies "I'M FERTILIZING THE TREE LOL" but secretly she realizes that the Saigyou Ayakashi is Yuyuko herself, and Yuyuko contracts a terminal yeast infection by proxy through the tree, except that Yuyuko is already dead, so she enters a state of super-double-death where she is dead but CANNOT BE KILLED.

She then invites Marisa and I to go to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where she plans to rearrange Patchouli's bookshelves even though Koakuma painstakingly sorted all the books, and Patche gets really pissed off when she can't find the books she wants to read and tries to beat Koa mercilessly, but her wrist breaks after smacking her once because Patchy never did have enough calcium in her diet.

>> No.9021519

Patchouli then seeks me out, saying that she needs an earth youkai to construct her a cast out of mud so she can let her wrist heal up before she starts physical therapy, and Marisa takes this opportunity to raid Patchy's library and I take an extra long time making the cast so Marisa can nab lots of delicious books.

Then all of a sudden Reimu busts in and yells as me for helping someone as dodgy as Patchouli and she laments that she thought she meant more to me than that, and then the boop-dee-boop music starts and Reimu's firing danmaku at me, but I take in a breath of the Earth and punch through the fucking bullets like a Mack truck.

I'm about to deliver the finishing blow when all of a sudden Flandre shoots by overhead, yelling "THE MOST EXCITING TIME OF THE DAY IS FLANNALY HERE"

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Reimu and I put our fight on hold, both of us realizing that there is bigger game afoot, and Reimu turns to me and says "For the time being, let's put our differences aside to save Gensokyo from this nuisance," and she smiles and grabs my hand tenderly, adding "....like old times" and I nod in agreement.

"Oh, and by the way..." she adds, "you should start using punctuation a bit more. Paragraphs can be constructed out of more than one sentence, you know?"

For the time being, I acknowledge her request. We fly off into the night sky in pursuit of Flan, but Yukari gaps herself in front of us, blocking our path.

"What are you doing, Yukari?" Reimu asks, readying herself for the worst-case scenario: an all-out fight with the oldest youkai in Gensokyo.

"I..." Yukari looks apologetic, tears dripping down her face, "...I never meant for a pure girl like Koa to be beaten like that." Yukari breaks into an open sob, but then collects herself, gazing in Flandre's direction. "I will right the wrongs I have committed. You two... stay back and let me handle this."

>> No.9021592

Yukari squints her eyes, not bothering to conceal her scorn. She reaches into a gap and pulls out a drive-thru bag full of bean burritos from Taco Bell and a gallon bottle of milk.

She gazes back at Reimu and I as we stand there confused. "I'm actually lactose intolerant!" she exclaims with a misplaced aura of pride.

Yukari sits down and eats her meal of Taco Bell, washing it down with her milk in tiny, refined sips. She is a remarkably fast eater, but still retains a very high sense of delicacy in her movements.

"Now," Yukari gets up with renewed vigor, shouting, "Perpare yourself, Flandre Scarlet, for my ultimate attack!"

>> No.9021612

"How naive!" Flandre yells at Yukari, "That level of attack won't work on me!"

Yukari doesn't respond; she is calmly gathering her energy for one ultimate, decisive blow.

"Taboo: Four of a Kind!" Flandre utters a forbidden incantation, splitting herself into four separate entities.

"How predictable..." Yukari whispers with a menacing grin, "It is you who are naive."

Giant tremors begin shaking the entirety of Gensokyo. Humans and youkai alike across the land stop whatever they were doing and brace themselves for an attack that could very well wipe the entire plane from existence.

>> No.9021631

"Border Sign: Quintuple Vagina Shitting!"

A deafening roar emitted from Yukari's ass seems to swallow Gensokyo as the inhabitants below all run for cover. Almost immediately, all four Flandres fall to the ground.

Flan can't maintain her spell card and releases it, leaving only the original. "Arrrgh!" she yells in agony, "You... you... gapped your shit into all four of my vaginas?!?"

Yukari looked down at Flan as though she was but an insect before turning back to Reimu and I. "So," she inquired, smiling remorsefully. "Did I do well in the end?"

Reimu cups her forehead in her hand out of disgust. "...After all that build-up, that was the best name you could come up with? I realize it was ad-libbed, but... 'Quintuple Vagina Shitting?'"

"That reminds me!" I ask "If it was really quintuple vagina shitting, where did the fifth gap go? There were only four Flandres."

Yukari looked at me, grinning menacingly.

>> No.9021650

"Oh, I just took a bit of revenge for the sake of a friend of mine." Yukari looked proud. "Actually, um, we haven't exacly met yet, but I just can't resist her allure, kyaa!" Yukari holds her cheeks blushing like a schoolgirl.


"Patchouli-sama, I really do forgive you for hitting me..." Koakuma is looking down in a panic, nearing tears. "So please... you must endure the pain... please don't leave me alone!"

"Oh god, it hurts so bad..." Patchouli agonizes as a torrent of Yukari feces spills from her dirty muff. "My wrist is still broken, I think I'm going to have to go see a gynecologist about this pussy of mine too..."

Patchouli is fighting back tears. "How could this day get any worse?"


>> No.9021664

You are my hero and idol.

>> No.9021721

is witch 2 still around? i think i found his next VN

>> No.9023093
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>> No.9023182

Will respond in a few hours guys, uni

>> No.9023215

>Story begins with tired OC walking through forest.
>Ends with Patchouli puking Yukari's shit with a broken wrist.


>> No.9025368

Not my ending. Some guy hijacked.

>> No.9025533 [SPOILER] 
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Being slowly crushed by Marisa's strong arms, you inch your head out of her breasts, gasping for air. Her soft stomach brushes against your naked skin, your hipbones bumping over hers as you pull yourself up to her face level. Your short fluff mingles with hers. Her pupils are dilated to the size of dimes, and she gazes at you for a few minutes, wavering in and out of consciousness. After a while, she seems to gain more sobriety, and leans in to kiss you. Her lips are soft, and taste like honey. She wraps her legs around your torso, leaving you immobilized in a hug of epic proportions. To stable yourself, you reach around and grab Marisa's soft butt. She flinches forward, and rolls on top of you, pinning you down on the soft bed, taking complete control. You struggle against her, but fail, and she descends to lick your neck, sucking on it. The sensations start to overpower you, and you feel yourself getting quite aroused. Liquid starts to seep out.
What do you do?

>> No.9026671

Use Marisa's hand to "clean up" the spill.

>> No.9027496

Beg Marisa to shoot her Master Spark inside my uterus, but she breaks my hymen and I order her to take responsibility

>> No.9030225
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>> No.9030263

i dont know

>> No.9030906

Let her take control. Timidly and weakly push her away, urging her to stop teasing me, with a meek voice while looking away, embarassed.

>> No.9033765
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>lactose intolerant
>gets the shits when she eats/drinks dairy

Is this canon?

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