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What's the worst official thing that you hate about touhou?
What's the worst nonofficial thing that you hate about touhou?

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I don't hate anything about touhou.

I reject things I don't like and substitute my own.

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I don't hate anything about canon touhou

I hate when touhou gets turned into fetish and masturbation fodder.

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I hate myself for this.

I don't really hate any fanon faggotry, people can enjoy whatever they want as long as they don't come here to post about it while acting like a faggot.

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You mean like this guy?


Faggots like these irritate me. And what the fuck, I don't nigger tewi.

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Not really.
I think it's fine to come here and discuss the many aspects of touhou canon and fanon as long as you act civilized.
You know, the opposite of people who post youtube comments like "XD Marisa stole the precious thing!Alice is so tsundere eheheh <3"

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The worst nonofficial must be the yuri and the yurifags. But I'd rather have the yuri than the 2ndary porn that shit out. Can't they at least make them all vanilla? Can't they translate more romance doujin? Also fuck CGRascal.

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I don't hate anything about Touhou, even most of the fanon.

I hate the secondary fandom. In my book if you do not play Touhou you are not allowed to like it. I got very mad at my friend who said she liked Touhou but said the games "weren't funnnn."

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Nobody here acts like that.
It's the "ebin /jp/ memes" about touhous that piss me off.

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I hate Touhou hentai. I side with ZUN on this one. Also I don't understand how they could make rape mindbreak doujins without going "wow what I'm doing is really fucking retarded"

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I don't hate anything canon

I hate faceless/random men. They make no fucking sense, miles less than yuri could ever try.

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I hate that it's impossible to buy the games for a reasonable price, ZUN is good and I want to support him but I'm not paying thirty bucks that he'll only see like ten percent of.

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For me it's not so much about being fucking retarded but rather about having at least a little for the characters and setting. Though I suspect most of these people don't really like touhou except for masturbation material and as a vessel for their perversions.

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Wait, you guys really do hate Touhou hentai?

I always thought when you said "too lewd" you were just being ironic.

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I don't hate anything about Touhou in itself. I just find the vocal "primaries" (you know, the ones that would rather argue about what's canon or not over the internet like some sort of righteous warrior on a crusade to correct everyone's view of Touhou) mildly annoying. And worse than those, there are those shitbags that think the games are a test to see if you quality for Touhou. Mostly so because of their constant hate for what they call "secondaries" just because they think of Touhou as their exclusive club that can only be enjoyed if one meets the proper requirements.

The following are great examples:
>>8855879 (this one here especially)

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I hate how fanon oversexualises Touhou like a bunch of pre-teens with a chronic masturbation problem.

But we are a minority here, I think.

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I hate how I can't get better at some games of Touhou. I hate the stuttering alice roleplay shit.

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Maybe some people get it wrong, but the hate for secondaries comes mostly from the fact that shit all over the setting for their own enteirtanment.

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I don't hate hentai per se, but I do hate it when people tactlessly draw a Touhou character covered in semen and surrounded by cocks.

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You are mistaken, anon. Touhou is my special club!

Seriously, though, you misunderstand me. I just find it very weird that somebody can say they like something without actually liking the source. It bothers me that somebody will go on about LOL SAKUYA'S PADS *KNIFE'D* XDD, or HELP MEE EEIIRRRIINNN or other such bullshit without even at least playing the game first.

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What are you talking about? We have too otherwise people will forget canon and start spouting fanon as canon, like those walfa and deviantart people.

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"A-Anonymous isn't a hate machine, A-Anonymous is a love machine!"

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I hate fan artist who disregard canon and just do whatever they fucking please. Seriously, if you cannot draw a Touhou doujin without completely butchering the characters, then don't do it.

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In my opinion it's okay to be a secondary who dislikes the gameplay of the official games as long as you still acknowledge the canon informations that are given to us.

I actually know someone like this who made up a plot for a imaginary touhou sequel where most bosses are boys.
To his defense, his fanshit is pretty reasonable and he puts alot of thought into everything

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I want to kick littleshrimp's hypocritical preteen little ass.

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I hate how they mispelled Touhou on the toliet

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Are you for real?

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I don't hate anything about Touhou canon. Unless the elitism it spawned counts.

There are a good number of fanon things I would 86 if given the chance, but the one that stands out above all others is the concept of yukkuris.

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I share the same dislike for those kinds of meme-spamming children you see so often on YouTube as well, but on the other side of the spectrum, I can't understand getting mad at a friend and excluding her from the Touhou fandom just because she finds the games not fun.

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Canon? nah man, I dont hate any of it

Fanon: couple shipping - everything bad about Touhou. To me they arent different from yaoi fanfiction and its "fangirls". annoying as fuck

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>What's the worst official thing that you hate about touhou?
Not to the extent of hating, but I dislike the lack of reappearance of older games characters. Also, the inconsistency of some canon "facts".

Oh, and that Zun is a racist asshole.

>What's the worst nonofficial thing that you hate about touhou?
Stale jokes and memes.

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Oh hey Kilga.

So does that mean you like abyuse?

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It is probably more my pent up frustation with her about other things than it is her being secondary. Just the way she says things sounds very pompous and elitist, like I was somehow wrong for liking the games.

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I hate it when artists take interpret the half-human aspect of Youmu too literally.

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ZUN isn't racist, he just thinks that westerners wouldn't be able to understand the references he puts into his games if he were to import them. And he's mostly right.

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So?! Sure the cultural references might be a little weird to Americans, but the games are FUN, and isn't that what counts?

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I hate the elitism that promotes factionalism in the fandom, like how Kaguya fans have to be hostile towards Mokou fans and vise versa. I also hate how people bash certain characters they aren't fond of just because they're jealous of how popular they are. All they do is create conflict and more hatred.

You know who the fuck you are.

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Nothing, honestly, I love Touhou as a whole and how it's delivered, I don't even bother to search.

When people take it as canon and seriously.

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Sanaefag detected. Your favorite touhou is a slut.

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Thanks for proving my point. Also your detector is broken as fuck.

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No. I don't want them physically maimed, mindbroken, or any of that shit. I want them gone. I want every piece of yukkuri work to simultaneously disappear and for everyone to collectively lose all memory that they ever happened. And then I want mental blocks placed in everyone that will induce fatal seizures in anyone that comes up with the idea of recreating them.

They are worse than Tsundere Alice. They are worse than pad jokes. They are worse than masochistic Tenshi. They are worse than Yukarin is 17~. They are worse than Aya/Sanae/whoever is a slut. They are worse than LOL BAKA NINE EPIK WIN XD. They are even worse than Ryukishi07's ability to write a satisfying conclusion. Get them the fuck out of my fandom.

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So you like the worst 2hu, then?

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I like your favorite touhou.

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How can you hate Kimeemaru?

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>What's the worst official thing that you hate about touhou?

I don't hate anything that's official.

>What's the worst nonofficial thing that you hate about touhou?

When the characters are altered in an obnoxious way. For example: "Alice lives near Marisa and they are acquainted" is a canon fact". "Alice might be Shinki's daughter" is a non-obnoxious fanon concept. "Alice secretly loves Marisa and is tsundere for her and feels all lonely when Marisa is not around and that's why she's always after her" is an extremely stupid AND obnoxious concept. I don't inherently dislike shipping, but the way it's usually done makes it fanfiction-level retarded.

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I don't really hate anything about canon Touhou. The setting is interesting and "cute" in a non-lewd way, and as a westerner I like finding out and learning about the cultural references. Canon Touhou just always makes me feel content and happy, and I like to immerse myself in it.

That being said, there are two things I seriously dislike about fanon Touhou. The first is the factionalism, when it's taken way too seriously: I can understand that people like some characters over others (and I see nothing wrong with it) but really now, there is REALLY no need to pick fights over it. I'd much rather talk about something actually interesting than skim over thousands of "Flandre 1st worst 2hou"- comments every single day.

The second thing that really rustles my jimmies is when people blur the line between canon and fanon. Some people despise the shippings and the hentai, and I understand and want to give those people the freedom of choice. There's nothing wrong with it. I also DO understand why some people like them, and I have to confess I actually do find some fanon-based memes and jokes funny. Shit hits the fan when people actually start to think that Alice really does have hots for Marisa, or that Sakuya really does wear pads, or that Sanae really is as slutty as fanon and hentai shows her to be. Really, there is a reason why these things are called fanon in the first place: they have NO real resemblance to the canon, and I hate when people think that.

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>"Alice might be Shinki's daughter" is a non-obnoxious fanon concept.
>"Alice secretly loves Marisa and is tsundere for her and feels all lonely when Marisa is not around and that's why she's always after her" is an extremely stupid AND obnoxious concept.

I think you got those two backwards. And that's even with all the care you took to make the latter sound bad (and nothing like the way it actually gets portrayed).

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No, anon is right. The tsundere alice is incredibly annoying while the Alice Shinki one is not.

>> No.8856125

You missed the point he was making by at least a mile.

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Well, looks like someone just perfectly summed up my feelings on the matter.

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Why do you guys hate pairings so much? I agree that pairings shouldn't be taken so far, but sometimes I think it's cute. For example Reimu and Marisa are very close friends, as seen in things like SSiB and WaHH, Would it be so wrong to assume that maybe one of them could develop a small crush on the other?
That goes for anyone, not just Reimu and Marisa. Touhous feel love too, /jp/.

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Are you having them engage in anything of a sexual nature, whether it's willingly or unwillingly? Is this portrayal of the characters disrespectful to them? Does it go contrary to their established personalities? Does it include cancer like "pads" or "suppa tenko" or "X is a slut"?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then please remove yourself from this world immediately. But if not, then okay.

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what if they hug

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what if they kiss

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What if they hold hands?

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>reimu giving out food

not cannon

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Apparantly alice often gets turned into tsundere blubbery moe moe instead of an introverted bitchy doll maker. I dont like the idea of that. As well, turning mokou into a standard style tsundere for kaguya is godawful as well. Canon? Well...well, shit, not much I know of I can really hate.

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>What's the worst official thing that you hate about touhou?
Scoring. I suddenly suck at shit so much when I try to graze and get points as much as I can.

IOSYS' character interpretations. Thanks to that everyone thinks Cirno is the dumbest piece of shit alive.

I also dislike people who say they're "huge fans" of Touhou but don't even play the games. Really, it would be fun to see if more people played it instead of wanking off to how adorable stuttering tsundere Alice is. I also hate that one.

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> Forgetting that Everyone Is Straight In Gensokyo
>Especially Marisa

I still cry bitch tears to this doujin. It's fucking perfect

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>What's the worst official thing that you hate about touhou?
The Ten Desires scoring system.

>> No.8857085

>Thanks to that everyone thinks Cirno is the dumbest piece of shit alive.
That started with PoFV didn't it?

>> No.8857106

It did, it did. But she wasn't made fun of for being an idiot that much till Cirno's Math Ass.

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Dunno about that doujin.

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Oh god, is this the legendary Eyebrows Yukari?

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and ZUN himself said Cirno is stupid in a childish way, thats canon

>> No.8857158


However, she's really smart, probably one of the smartest fairies in Gensokyo, aside from being the strongest of them all.

It's kind of fun to think that she might be able to grow even more powerful enough to rival Reimu one day.

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> Secondary

You have to be fucking kidding me.

>> No.8857190


So you're saying Cirno is dumb as fuck can't read and is a weak fairy? Okay.

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>It's kind of fun to think that she might be able to grow even more powerful enough to rival Reimu one day.
sure thing.

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She's smart for a fairy. That's like being strong for a 6-year-old.

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I'm saying you're dumb as fuck.
Deal with it.

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>> No.8857268

that shit is ridiculous. That would piss me off to no end.
>I like Touhou. Games aren't fun
>Insert knife into face of the bitch
>Tell her quit being a bitch

>> No.8857276

Who are you quoting?

>> No.8857329

Are you, by any chance, suffering from any severe forms of mental retardation or emotional instability?

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>she wasn't made fun of for being an idiot that much till Cirno's Math Ass

Please. Just... please. Could you be any newer?


Pay attention to the date; and don't ever mention that shitty IOSYS ripoff again.

>> No.8857484

Eh, I don't know. I dislike the high number of characters. I think I would like it better if it had less new characters every game, and instead explore more the other featured characters.

The exaggerations... for example all this Cirno baka xD lol super dumb stuff, and Flandre being super madness crazy ww, etc.

>> No.8857556

I don't get it, why are you people complaining about Cirno being shown as dumb in the first place. To be exact, why are you directing your complaint at anyone but ZUN? It's like you never played her games, never read the fairies manga or Perfect Memento...

ZUN has always written most fairies and other lesser youkai as comically dumb. Cirno was always being singled out even among them. There's literally nothing that you'd be able to use to deny it.

I just don't get it. Looks like some mindless mob behavior to me. Kind of like the whole "canon evil malicious Alice" thing - secondaries repeating what others had said without double-checking their facts.

>> No.8857572


How new are you?

>> No.8857582

Was that a 'yes'?

>> No.8857587

>If by any chance Cirno should attack, just start to talk calmly about anything, and when she shows interest it is a good time to ask her a riddle.

>When you do that, she will start to think of the answer, and that is a good opportunity to escape.

>No matter how simple the question, she can certainly not answer it.

Perfect Memento in Strict Sense by ZUN, 2006-12-27

>> No.8857608


I wonder how she was able to learn how to read and formulate plans and make herself actually stronger.

>> No.8857694

>I hate the secondary fandom.
Exactly this.

If you can't beat games on normal, whatever. If you haven't even played them though then fuck you.

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Akyu is a bitch- terminallly ill, constantly stuck in pre-teen with the mind of an adult, it's no wonder she hates Cirno. See: Keine's entry.

>> No.8857792

I dislike how Aya, a crow, is portrayed as smarter than Utsuho, a raven, when in nature ravens are much more intelligent than crows. For proof that Utsuho is canonically unintelligent, see her dialogue in Hisoutensoku.

>> No.8857799


Okuu is versed in science. Isn't she just some kind of retard savant or something? She's like Touhou's Rain Man right?

>> No.8857807

She can't tell Reimu from Sanae, she only knows that they're both shrine maidens. Ravens are able to not only identify faces, but also to communicate to other ravens what dangerous humans look like, so the other raven could identify a dangerous human without having seen that human performing the action which annoyed the first raven.

>> No.8857837


So Okuu is just a "super special" case. We haven't seen other hell ravens.

>> No.8857847

Actually the smartest bird is the New Caledonian crow.
But raven is just a specie of crow anyway, nerd.

>> No.8857855

I only hate how difficult is to open portal.

>> No.8857862

Nobody is denying that she is pretty dumb, but fanon exceggerates it and makes it look like it's her only defyning character trait

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I wonder if people complaining about the quantity of pornographic material are aware of the fact that the majority of doujins produced are safe for work. Though mostly just hentai gets scanned and possibly translated. It's a shame.

>> No.8857882

That picture is safe for work, but it has a pretty significant what-the-fuck quotient.

>> No.8857887

I like Touhou.

I hate you all.

>> No.8857888

You haven't seen Totoro?

>> No.8857895

I'm afraid I have not, but Google image search is scaring the fuck out of me.

>> No.8857926

>Though mostly just hentai gets scanned and possibly translated. It's a shame.

That's not even true anymore. Go to exhentai, search for Touhou, check the first few pages. There's maybe a few porn titles in a blue sea of "NON-H".

I don't know what happened, but I think I like the development very much.

>> No.8857942


On exhentai, there are twice the amount of SFW touhou doujinshi than NSFW. And there are more non-H english translations than for H doujinshi.



>> No.8857949

excuse me new to form
what is touhou and how do i do it
my previos form never touhoued so 
i am confusion

thank you for your unerstand

>> No.8857951

it is shooting game

>> No.8857953

like Halo? i thoug ht it had prett
y girls

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File: 1.61 MB, 1870x1140, Konachan.com - 124092 chen cirno elis ellen elly food group kedama kikuri kisume luize mima nazrin onsen reisen rumia sara shinki su-san sword touhou tree unzan yumeko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sanae is a faith-stealing cunt.
Oversexualisation, masturbation fodder, general H-stuff
They're lolis, damnit (well, some of them)! They're cute, don't turn them into slut machines. Touhou characters can bring up very strong emotions in manga with their bonds with eachother, then someone always has to come and be like "PORN, FUCK YEAH!"

>> No.8857959

Come on...

>> No.8857963


ᶜᵒʳᵉᵃⁿ ᵈᵒᵍ ᵖʳᵒᵇˡʸ ᵖᵃⁿᵈᵃ ᵒᶠ ˢᵃᵈⁿᵉˢˢ ᶥ ᵃᵐ ˡᵃᵘᵍʰᶥⁿᵍ

>> No.8857973


Did you even check the link, you idiot?

>> No.8857977


Suwako, she's done a lot of shit already and got away with it without fixing the problem (Spirits from the underground, the river problem, etc)

Mainly memes like pad xD

>> No.8857982

I don't understand how anyone could love Touhou but hate the games. That's like saying you like Italian food but only eat pizza.

>> No.8857984


Turning the characters into insane slutty nymphomaniacs and the "fans" that don't even like or play the games.

>> No.8858005
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Canon - I hate how fucking vague or warped so much of even the most basic goddamn information is. It seems like for any given "fact", there are 3 possibilities:

1) It's stated somewhere, but incredibly vaguely.
2) It's not stated anywhere and there's no information on it at all
or 3) There's some solid sources for it, but they're 'colored' somewhat by character perspective or artist representation

I care about all this crap because my autism demands I try and create a solidly concrete setting for all my creative faffing about, but it's practically impossible.

As for Fanon - As many here have stated, never been a fan of the porn. Have also never cared at all for all the "my 2hu can beat up ur 2hu" discussion/doujin material. And then of course there's the memespouting jackasses as have also been mentioned here.

>> No.8858011

worst and 2nd worst 2hu

>> No.8858073

But all this just means you have more room to create your own Gensokyo. No need for it to be the same as everyone else's Gensokyo. Sure, consensus may not be achievable, but consistency, at the very least, is not a problem.

>> No.8858090

Fuck you, my autism prevents me from accepting such incoherent concepts. There's just one Gensokyo and it can be found in ZUN's head. If you add anything of your own, it ceases to be Gensokyo.

There's only one way to interpret the canon works. I'm not saying I've personally gotten it right, but to claim that whatever bastardization of Gensokyo people create in their minds is correct, is pure blasphemy.

>> No.8858097

The autism is strong in you.

>> No.8858100

It's quite tragic that ZUN agrees with the blasphemy itself given his endorsement and encouragement of fanwork.

>> No.8858145


Get a load of this guy. A genuine aspie. Enjoy your stay.

>> No.8858300

He is does not have aspergers. He is merely speaking the truth and you are getting mad over it.

>> No.8858553


Yeah, except they're deleting the whole Non-H category, and no one seeds the damn torrent with it.

>> No.8858613


>they're deleting the whole Non-H category

What? Why? Also, what torrent?

>> No.8858620

PLEASE seed the goddamn torrent people, mine is stuck at 98.9% for about a month.

>> No.8858623

There is a different from being autistic and being completely fucking retarded. He's, quite obviously, the latter.

>> No.8858624

>What's the worst official thing that you hate about touhou?
The games

>What's the worst nonofficial thing that you hate about touhou?
The fanbase

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File: 23 KB, 1567x206, ss+%282012-04-15+at+05.18.49%29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No they're not, they're just deleting things like "NARUTO CHAPTER 984561".

Read http://forums.e-hentai.org/index.php?showtopic=58948 for more informations about it.

>> No.8858667

Closed source.

Nasty H works, as opposed to nice ones.

>> No.8858685


Oh, I didn't see the members actually managed to act up for the Non-H section. That's good news, thanks.
For the guy that asked, they were originally going to remove everything Non-H because of said "NARUTO CHAPTER ONE MILLION" copyrighted material.

Anyway, yeah: >>8858620 mine's been exactly on 98.9% too. How strange. Maybe no one has the file for one single doujin, so it stops there?

>> No.8858696

Well, I kinda dislike how all touhous are canonically jerks. I really hate a lot of the fanon memes.

>> No.8858724

>Well, I kinda dislike how all touhous are canonically jerks.
I love it.

>> No.8858743


I don't think they're jerks, they're just quick to start fights. When you look at the dialogue you wonder why they're even fighting for at least half of the fights, especially for the first few stages.

They can't be huge jerks because they drink tea together like best pals at the end.

>> No.8858748

I know the story has never been ZUN's main focus in the games, but some of them have really stupid grounds. EoSD and PCB are probably the worst. I mean Remilia releases this red mist (and it's never explained where it actually comes from) just to block out the sun when she can have Sakuya carry a parasol for her instead.

Also Orin, fuck her.

People begging for Mima to return and then flipping their shit when she inevitably doesn't.

>> No.8858749

It's because if Touhou won't attend tea party, then Reimu might kill that Touhou.

>> No.8858785

I hate how you can't beat every boss with continues, I just want to bomb everything.

I hate how everyone has extreme personalities, if someone is slightly stupid, she's the biggest idiot in the planet, etc...

>> No.8858841

>Also Orin, fuck her.
I really don't know how ZUN screws up difficulty so badly for his games. Some of the 4'th / 5'th stage bosses are harder than the actual extra / final stage.
Does it do this on purpose?

>> No.8858893

What's wrong with pcb's storyline?
Also EoSD is a little dodgy, though it wouldn't be too unreasonable to think she wanted the freedom to walk around WITHOUT having to have a parosal over her head at all times...

Also I'm probably alone on this, but I always assumed the 9 ball picture with pofv was reffering to the player, rather than cirno herself, though GFW went along with the idea of cirno being a tad stupid anyway.

>> No.8858898

Some of the newer games seem to be more CPU intensive than they should be. Such as TD, I can not play it due to how poorly optimized it is.
I really don't think a game such as touhou should take up 90% of my core processor.

>Non official
I really hate the flash animations of songs on youtube, it's really attracting the wrong type of crowd.
There are now hundreds of people that actually think that Touhou is a flash animation fad on youtube or even an anime. And they are bewildered when they find out that touhou is a game.
These same people are the people who find the fanon jokes such as Alice stuttering and Cirno being stupid funny. I really think the entire community would be better if these videos were never created.

>> No.8858905


Maybe you should upgrade your Pentium I, Anon.


I agree completely. The increase in difficult from stage 3 to stage 4 is enormous in almost every game. I really hate it in Imperishable Night, the Reimu/Marisa fight for me is much harder than the Reisen or Eirin one.

>> No.8859013
File: 375 KB, 993x1403, 1298190537262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OK, just to clarify

>>8858090 This douchebag is not >>8858005 me. I went to bed right after I made that post.

That's a stupid way of looking at things and I don't reach anywhere near those levels of aspie-ness.

>> No.8859078

I'm pretty sure that's intentional and I'm fine with it. Stage 4 is when things start to get serious, rather than beating up random youkai who get in the way.

I do get pretty annoyed by stage 5 being harder than 6 though. Sakuya is harder than Remilia and Orin is harder than Utsuho at the very least. Youmu is also arguably harder than Yuyuko.

>> No.8859127

>it's never explained where it actually comes from

Her fingers.

>when she can have Sakuya carry a parasol for her instead

That's still a huge pain in the ass. Mist is a better and more comprehensive solution.

>Also Orin, fuck her.

I understand the sentiment, but we can't have that in the pure and modest Touhou storyline.

>> No.8859148

many of the scenarios of the game plots are just full retard.
Nearly all of the "incidents" should never have happened in the first place had the instigators used proper judgement.
And of course your efforts are in vain aside from gaining a new friend because the incidents would have resolved themselves without your interference anyway.

Let's just go with the non-official entity itself. Touhou is a vertical-scrolling shmup, not fodder for annoying faggy roleplaying in the comments section of whatever unfortunate page.

>> No.8859929
File: 494 KB, 910x700, 3a56040c7914a87182c47ad8edb5358f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only official thing I can think of that I don't like is the UFO system in UFO, and the orb system in TD.
I really dislike it when bombs and lives are collected piece by piece.

>> No.8860145

I've been wondering:
Most people in this thread seems to dislike touhou hentai, or at least over sexualization of touhous, and also memes like "x is a slut"

Then how come we have a lot of people here saying "sanae is a slut aya is a slut etc" and posting lewd and fetishistic touhou images and threads? Well, the first is most likely just shitposting, but what about the second one?

>> No.8860152


I report and don't participate.

>> No.8860155


Because the four or five people in the thread who said they dislike Touhou sexualizattion are not the only posters on /jp/

>> No.8860156

But it wasn't just four people. The majority here seemed to dislike it.

>> No.8860158


Even so, this thread does not contain every poster on /jp/

>> No.8860162

>Touhou is a vertical-scrolling shmup
It's more than that.

>> No.8860166


So the sexualizing freaks are the minority. Thank goodness. They're really annoying

>> No.8860190


I don't get why anyone cares in the first place.
It's Touhou. Sexuality has nothing to do with it.

>> No.8860194


Huh? Can you be more clearer?

>> No.8860195

Disgusting widdel tuhuu sexualizer.

>> No.8860205

Not the one you are replying to, but if you're a true fan, you know that Touhou has nothing sexual in it. Which is why you should also be able to keep the ero content and the non-ero content separate from each other, and not get so pissed over people masturbating to the ero content. It shouldn't bother you (or anyone in general) nearly as much as it seems to. If you don't like the ero content, you don't really have to hate those who are able to appreciate the ero content as well as everything else. But I agree that those people who constantly talk about sexualizing Touhous really annoying.

>> No.8860216

Worst in canon is forgetting PC-98 series

Worst in fanon is grimdark versions of Gensokyo, they always make me very depressive.

>> No.8860220

> But I agree that those people who constantly talk about sexualizing Touhous really annoying.

That's exactly the problem here. I don't particularly mind ero content, but there are some people who simply cannot fathom the idea of touhous not being stuffed by dicks and swallowing cum 24/7, and this shit is very annoying.

>> No.8860229


Forgive my ambiguity. What I was trying to say was, I don't understand why anyone would want to introduce sexuality, an element that doesn't exist in Touhou, instead of trying to append to the existing concept. Like, adding to the story of CiaLR, chapter 8, 9, etc, instead of making doujins of Reimu gobbling cock and Tenshi impregnated by faceless men.
I do not understand what reasoning brings derivative artists and authors to do this.
And just like >>8860205 said, I completely agree with him, too.

>> No.8860236

I hate how Reimu acts sometimes during storyline, especially some of her lines during UFO's final stage.

I hate the fans that don't play the games but watch the flash animations, Mima and Yuuka HURR DURR THEY'RE THE STRONGEST THEY CAN PWNT ANYONE, Cirno even having to do with GETs here, Alice being a lonely stalker, actually any of Marisa's harem, no wait, touhou harems in general, CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN :3:3:33333

>> No.8860246
File: 292 KB, 640x480, 9016687_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uh, I try to ignore things I don't like.
So I'll say things I like about Touhou instead.
I like ZUN's art in the shmup games. They're cute.
I also like derivative art that mimics his art.

Like this.

>> No.8860272

I don't hate anything about the official touhou stuff.

I hate the whole blacktewi shit with people going on about how ZUN wants others to tell stories and that their retarded and pointless fan theories and fanworks are true as long as ZUN doesn't disprove them. No, Sakuya is not a lunarian, Reimu isn't Yukari, Sanae isn't a youkai, Letty isn't Cirno's mother, Neko Scarlet doesn't exist, neither does your shitty selfinsert or Rin Satsuki.

>> No.8860289


>Sakuya is not a lunarian, Reimu isn't Yukari, Sanae isn't a youkai, Letty isn't Cirno's mother, Neko Scarlet doesn't exist, neither does your shitty selfinsert or Rin Satsuki

Al the ones you posted are indeed retarded, but just because they are trying to force it as canon. What's wrong with people having their own imagination?

>> No.8860295

I think you would make a great spokesperson for 上海アリス幻樂団! I hear ZUN is taking applications this year and I highly suggest that you apply. Good luck!

>> No.8860296

Because some people actually try to force that as canon on others.

>> No.8860298

>What's wrong with people having their own imagination?

The people complaining don't have one.

>> No.8860304


what's wrong with her legs? did the artist just get lazy? unforgivable.

>> No.8860311

Just because you can't force your fanfictions on others doesn't mean they have no imagination.

>> No.8860313

I have a "Gensokyo of my own" too, but whenever I think of I'd never object canon and only imaginate those things that would actually make sense, even when creating my self insert character

>> No.8860317

Sure, some people say things like that, but they don't force anything on anyone; you're just being paranoid. If anything, the "loyal" canon-only followers force their canon-only perspective on those who have a little creativity.

>> No.8860321

And just because they have an imagination doesn't mean they want to force it on others.

>> No.8860322


Paradise Lost was pretty good, but don't treat it as canon please. It wasn't meant to be canon in the first place.

>> No.8860470

Futo being a character.
Gender swapping

>> No.8860485

I'm sorry, but your wording is still somewhat ambiguous, at least to my mind. Does that mean that you dislike people adding to the story of existing games or introducing sexual elements between existing characters, or that you dislike people making doujins of Reimu gobbling cock and Tenshi being impregnated by faceless men?

I'd actually prefer the former over the latter, as I actually like a little bit of story and background in my pornography. If it cuts right to the fucking with no buildup I don't find it particularly satisfying. I understand that sex and sexuality aren't themes touched upon in Touhou at all, but I further understand that fanworks introducing said elements don't somehow taint the canon by their mere existence, nor imply the existence of themes in the canon that are not, in fact, there. For example, I can enjoy Cirno and Reimu's 1-2-3 while realizing that it's utterly ridiculous and bears little-to-no resemblance to the games from which it is derived.

>> No.8860512
File: 125 KB, 480x700, Yuuka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


He's made out of pure sex, look at him.

>> No.8860516


Why don't you like Futo? I think she's pretty cool.

>> No.8860611
File: 91 KB, 480x640, OkuuGenderswap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What are you, some kind of heterosexual?

Just look at this epitome of perfection: >>8860512

>> No.8860632
File: 257 KB, 800x1150, 1307200592393.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate that zun uses the same DAMNakus over and over.

Yukkuri torture.

>> No.8860654


I understand how the excess of porn (that goes way beyond the normal sexualization men inevitably end up inserting on anything they like a lot), overlapping and consuming time that could be used for interesting Non-H can be frustrating, but you know that lots of H works, not only in Touhou, are made just for the extra income they can get to an author in need, right?
You draw one of those 20 page works of Suwako getting tentacles into her anus and going out of her mouth, makes a few bucks in the Comiket, and thank God that ZUN was born.

>> No.8860663

>interesting Non-H
Are you guys serious?

>> No.8860694

You're right, Sakuya is a vampire.

That's why she has red eyes in the first game, and blue eyes in all subsequent games, she used to drink human blood and now she drinks animal blood like Twilight.

>> No.8860715
File: 51 KB, 339x298, 1334220733021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.8860722

Yes believe it.

>> No.8860729
File: 195 KB, 429x600, cirno sweat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
>"the first game"

>> No.8860733

The PC-98 games canonically don't exist in the real world, kind of like the Star Wars Holiday Special.

>> No.8860736

Why would Reimu be Yukari anyway? I don't get it.

>> No.8860761

The first game with Sakuya in it, genius.

>> No.8860786

I played the first PC-98 game and really didn't see the appeal of it. I might give it another go, but it didn't have that sort of compelling "I suck at this, I need to play more" gameplay that other Touhou games have.

>> No.8860791


Did you try the first PC-98 game that was actually danmaku? I thought Highly Responsive to Prayers was beyond boring.

>> No.8860798

In a dialogue between Yuuka and Reimu in PoFV Reimu says that she beat her before and "everything turned to normal", referring to Lotus Land Story, comfirming it as canon and that the events of it actually happened.

>> No.8860815
File: 303 KB, 713x1000, 1305673404496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've tried to figure out just what the hell Sakuya actually is. This is another example of information clashing with each other.

By and large she's referred to as just being human. Remilia has expressed concern a number of times about her mortal lifespan, either making her a vampire, or talking about what she thinks about becoming one of the Hourai. But then we've got her talking about how Sakuya has been around so long she barely even thinks of her as human anymore. And for a creature that is 500~ years old, that's no small span of time.

There's also all the references nudging at the idea that Sakuya is actually much older than her appearance suggests. Then there's the Lunarian connection dropped in Eirin's IN profile.

Y'know what, fuck it, see >>8858005 so I can save myself a rant.

>> No.8860819

I played a few of the other PC-98 games, but I don't know if English patches exist and I can't into moon yet. I'm still at a really basic "can only use hiragana" level. I might return to the 98 games once I can understand what's being said, or actually clear a game without continues.

>> No.8860822


You can think that if you want: However, if you ever take it outside of your brain, be prepared to be called a retard. Because, in my opinion, what you said is retarded.

>> No.8860829

Making her a lunarian would solve the age problem.
Just sayin'

>> No.8860832


Sakuya is like 20 or something.

>> No.8860837

You can look up the dialogue on the touhouwiki.

>> No.8860845

About not spending $10,000,000 on an apology to China

>> No.8860860

Worst official thing? Nothing really.
Worst unofficial thing? Faggots who think /jp/ is a Touhou imageboard. It's not. Every other fanbase here manages to condense their bullshit into one thread except you. Touhou fans are like proto-bronies.

>> No.8860873
File: 411 KB, 845x716, touhou-meirou-extra-05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yes, I've considered that. Problem is the wording on said line in Eirin's profile. Pulling this from the wiki so I'm kind of trusting their translation source:

"Eirin is very surprised to see Sakuya, but only Eirin knows the reason why. "

I -could- just be looking too far into it, but that seems to imply to me that Sakuya is unaware of whatever the reason happens to be in this situation. That she perhaps is connected to the Lunarians in some way that she is not even aware of.

>> No.8860877

No she isn't. ZUN himself said shes in the range of 14-20

>> No.8860881



>> No.8860893

I hate about Touhou canon that Marisa's title is "ordinary magician", when in fact, she's everything but ordinary and her article in the Gensokyo Chronicles starts with "Marisa is an unusual magician"

>> No.8860922


>is like 20 or something
>range of 14-20

That range includes 20.

>> No.8860930

>ZUN himself said

[citation needed]

>> No.8860976


Wow, you don't know this? How new are you? It's common knowledge in the /jp/ userbase.

Anon, being in /jp/ for just a few weeks doesn't make you /jp/

>> No.8862477
File: 142 KB, 640x480, ichizoku.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What's the worst official thing that you hate about touhou?
EoSD Scoring

>What's the worst nonofficial thing that you hate about touhou?
Some of the more ignorant fanbase

>> No.8863803

Sakuya's ability allows her to stop her body from aging.

From which follows:
- whether she's human or not is irrelevant as far as her lifespan is concerned
- there's nothing that'd indicate she's not human in the first place; no reason to not believe everyone claiming she is one

>> No.8863874

Whoa, slow down there, pal! Some people may actually believe you!

>> No.8865091
File: 392 KB, 672x952, 3684072088cba725c629b2032b3bf875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Sakuya's ability allows her to stop her body from aging.

Where did you read this from? Or is this just assumed because time powers somehow equals fucking with human aging cycles?

>> No.8865130

About Sakuya's age:
>She claims to be in her late teens, but this is unlikely judging by her refined manner and the level of her abilities. Rather, she seems to be a human who has been living for hundreds of years
From Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.

>> No.8866150

>time powers somehow equals fucking with human aging cycles

Yes, it does, in fact, equal fucking with living beings' aging cycles (see: EoSD, Marisa A ending).

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