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Why do you hate her /jp/?

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Entry level Touhou.

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because all the cool kids do it too

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2 violen.

Hope de meido take u 4 a ride buttlord.

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I don't, though.

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She tortures frogs

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Meh. Doesn't really matter. I doubt she's smart enough to really appreciate the difference anyways.

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She's in my top five. I love her.

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She's stupid and immature.

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I love her though.

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She's way too cute and sexy for her own good.

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She's a secondary magnet

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I used to dislike Cirno due to the fanon portraying her as a mentally challenged 5 year old, but I've finally started to see her charm. She's a childishly genki character, bratty, cocky and naive, and also has some of that mischievous fairy feel to her. I think that mix makes her really adorable when interpreted by a good artist.

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Pedo detected.

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I want one Cirno with strawberries, please

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Because KoG won't show up about her.

In fact, OP is probably KoG.

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No way!

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Because KoG won't shut up about her.

In fact, OP is probably KoG.

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People actually listen to KoG?

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How many calories and how much fat?

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200 calories + 0.5g of fat per serving plus Cirno's calories and fat but she seems to be a healthy little fairy.

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I will never understand why people hates KoG...
Even if he derails threads with gets or whatever.

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He does nothing of worth. His one track mind is annoying and the flash games are mediocre at best.
Years of spamming the same things, amusing himself when the numbers are something special to him and then spamming some more with reactions to it.

Plus the many raids he has sent our way.

There are no reasons to like KoG unless you're one of those people that goes batshit insane when the post number has dubs or ends in 5 or whatever. Sad, really.

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>does nothing of worth
>posting on /jp/


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>the flash games are mediocre at best.

Which ones did you play?

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For one thing he constantly spams shit threads and tries to make other boards raid us, how does that sound?

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That's not how you quote.

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