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Why don't you get a job?
I'm not speaking condescendingly either, I'm just curious.

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>implying I'm not at work right now.

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I do have one sort of. Going to college and working with the police. The police are paying for my education but catch is they want me to serve with them for a minimum of eight years.

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because i'm lazy and i would loose respect from my /jp/ friends if i'm not a NEET

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I'm too busy organizing the Revolution.

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Actually I should say that they are paying for me to go back to college to take more classes.

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Because I need to learn Japanese before becoming a translator.

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If I get a job I'll probably end up making friends, finding a girlfriend, getting married then having a family.

I have to avoid that at all costs.

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I would get a job if I didn't have to interact with people, and if I didn't have to put in much effort or work long hours.
I'm too lazy.

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My job is to be a socially incompetent recluse and collect autism bucks. So far so good

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There aren't any jobs where I live, I cry myself to sleep every night

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Because I get paid to do nothing. Why would I work when I don't have to?

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I'd rather just play games and watch anime all day.

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I can't find any.

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being a leech is way easier and i get more free time

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The government pays me US$240 a week for having a spinal issue, being unable to sit in one position for long periods. Don't need a job.

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Because I don't have to.

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Where do you live? One of my yearly quotas is finding possible new recruits.

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I get paid pretty well to go over to a 60 year old man's house and get naked while he draws me.

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Could you at least give a country

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Finding a job for the average jpsy in this economy is going to be incredibly difficult unless you have familial connections, or whoever is doing the hiring wants to stick his penis in said jpsy.

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United States Of America.

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because i cant, its impossible without knowing somebody in america. im fucked for life.

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I'm getting paid just to exist, I don't need a job.

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Because just being alive is incredibly taxing on my body and mind. I can't handle responsibilities. I need to take it easy 24/7 or I go crazy.

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I really feel sorry or those who don't have connections and can't find a job. I know how much it sucks, I was a NEET for 4 years. At one point I was so desperate I joined the army for a short while (quit after basic training) but then managed to find someone who got me a job. It's below minimum wage but at least it's something.

It's not just about having money... when people find out you're not doing anything with your life, they will automatically despise you, and treat you worse than shit. It's horrible.

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I just got done working 8 hours.

I hate working...but I hate being broke even more.

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What people? The only person I see is my mom.

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Why did you quit after basic training?

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>>when people find out you're not doing anything with your life, they will automatically despise you, and treat you worse than shit.
so you work to appease people who will make such kneejerk judgements of a person's character?

who gives a fuck what other people think.

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I would have quit before but I wanted to go to the graduation ball and get my photo taken.

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Honestly, I have no plans for a job. I do intend to finish university, though. I love doing philosophy and reading literature, and both of those are pretty much useless anyway.

Because parents and money

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But seriously if you are actually interested in becoming a police officer shoot me an email. I get an extra $600 that I can use to buy more figs and art books.

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Med Student. I will have a job in 2 years provided I pass exams and don;t kill myself in the process.

I wish I didn't have to do it but I'm more than half way through so I;ve sort of fucked myself there.

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When people find out you're working a minimum wage job, they treat you worse than shit too.

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how can i get a job when i have to report and sage shitty threads like these all day?

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You are doing it already and are quite good at it. Keep up the good work.

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I wish to be employed as someone's live-in caretaker or guard. By that I mean I don't go to my own home when my shift is over because I live in theirs. Sadly there's probably zero chance of that kind of opportunity ever popping up for me.

And even if it did it'd be for some old rude fartbag and not a little girl who's secretly a vampire and hundreds of years old. Fuck this uninteresting world.

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thanks anon, i work really hard.

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but it's for ART

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Some people call porn art too, doesn't mean it's less whorish.

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Get me a job, /jp/. You are my connection

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I can't find a decent one. I feel like with a degree I should be able to at least get a job that pays above minimum wage. If you guys have any suggestions for me I am all ears.

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Because I can't get a job anywhere in this country, except maybe at the US or Canadian embassies.

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Nude paintings doesn't into porn dumbutt.

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When people find out you're you they will treat you like a piece of shit even if you had a well-paying job.

Don't worry, a job would actually ensure those things would never happen.

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This made me lol. But seriously what can you do?

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I know.
Still makes them a whore.

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I'm living off interest right now. I pay a bit for utilities and rent at my mom's place(even she just mooches off the government), so I don't have a lot of expenses. But my money is slowly being drained, and even though I'd be fine for a few years theoretically, I would still like a job.

A coffee shop is hiring, but it's all the way across town, and I have no car. Yes, I can walk, but it takes about an hour and a half. I don't really like that. Other than that, I can really only apply to fast food joints or Wal-Mart.

Thankfully I'm safe for a while, so I have time to not only think about it, but hopefully some neat opportunity will come along. If not, I guess I'll bite the bullet and work at McDonalds or something.

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A lot of people come out of uni successfully and assume they deserve above minimum wage. In an ordinary economy, when a vast swathe of people already have degrees, that is a little arrogant. Contacts or a very specialized course alone can guarantee that. Otherwise, degrees are just a boon to your name. Now, in a recession, when people with far more experience than you are going for the same low wage jobs you are, you would be stupid to assume you deserve above minimum wage without fighting hard for it. And for those of us without a degree or connections, it's not an easy, but we eventually have to join the melee.

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This sounds like me, but let's be honest back in the day you could get a good job after leaving college. My problem is it's like minimum wage jobs is all I could get. They want you to have 3 or so years in that type of business experience. This sucks for us getting out of college because we don't have it.

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Are you kidding me? 3-4 years of parties, going out clubbing and spending the rest of the time hung over are the kind of developments that all employers are looking for!
Degrees in communication studies, women's studies, english literature, art and social sciences are in massive demand in high-paying job sectors!

You should know these things.

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you can always learn Japanese and get a jobs at Odesk working from your computer. The pay isn't too bad either.

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Because there's no jobs out here in the sticks.

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>A coffee shop is hiring, but it's all the way across town, and I have no car. Yes, I can walk, but it takes about an hour and a half.
Don't you have buses, tramways, metros, trains... bikes, anything at all?

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I have a job, have had it for years.

I wish I was a NEET.

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How do I learn Japanese though?

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I'm a NEET, have been for years.

I wish I had a job.

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But I do have a job and will get my professional designation soon. Unfortunately I've also got a shit ton of medical problems. Meant I had to quit a much more stressful but more rewarding job and that I got mugged (2x) but couldn't fight back since what is a minor injury to others may very likely be fatal to me.
Hopefully I can afford an EPA with my own funds one day.

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there was a lady that was in a coma from a car rash in spain woke up able to speak perfect spanish, so like do that.

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I never did that stuff while I was in college.

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I'd love to have a job, but to be stuck working a part-time minimum wage job after having graduated college and taking on student loan debt, well, at that point I would feel like a bigger failure than I am now. If I continue being a NEET, at least I can always tell myself, "My life can always be better tomorrow." Once I get a job, I will have lost my last bit of hope for life.

The same people that were saying, "Go get a college degree or you'll be a loser working at McDonalds!" are now saying, "Go get a job at McDonalds! What? Are you entitled or some shit? Too good to work at McDonalds?!" It's not that I feel like I'm owed anything; it's just about the cost vs. benefit. 4 years spent at college means 4 years I wasn't working at McDonalds or another minimum wage job. That's 4 years of lost wages. To add on top of that, I, and many other college students, took out student loans because college is supposedly a great investment and you'll make 1 million dollars more in your life and everything will be all sunshine and roses. So 4 years of lost wages + 4 years of student loan debt = a shit-ton of money. If all I get out of it is a worthless piece of paper and nothing else, then can anyone blame me for being a little bit pissed and "entitled"?

Regardless, I hope to get some sort of job soon. Maybe save some money and go teach English in Japan or China. They're not glamorous jobs, but it's a lot better than the situation in America.

I hope no one wasted their time reading this rant, but to anyone who has made it this far, listen well: do not assume college will make any difference in your life. If you do want to go to college, major in either engineering or computer science. That's it. Don't pick any other majors or you'll regret it.

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I have a job washing cars. Which I hate
I have an orientation for another job tomorrow as an usher for an ampitheatre. This is pretty much my least ideal job. I can't imagine talking to people an telling them were to go. I'm gonna try to make it though this orientation and go NEET-mode for the whole weekend.

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Because I can't find a job. Staying inside is nice, but I wouldn't mind being able to buy more figs. But no one is hiring.

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No, I live in a small town. The only taxi in town is just for drunk drivers who need a ride, apparently. And the Wal-Mart doesn't even sell bikes, or I'd be all over that.

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A whole number of reasons. Aside the fact that I don't want a job, never have, and never will, it's extremely unlikely that I could get one. I've actually been forced to try at one point in my life. I handed out what must have been over a hundred resumes, followed up at places repeatedly, went to multiple organizations that are supposed to help you get jobs, and did all that. Guess what? No job. Not something I'm exactly broken up about, but that was years ago and now I'm a 23 year old autist who's never had a job in his life, and, well I doubt I can fake wanting one when I loathe the idea with all of my being.

Plus, I'm taking it easy in my apartment and am still theoretically in university anyway.

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By the way our police department is looking for officers who can speak a second legend fluidly. A college degree or military background is required. Must have prior experience as well.

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>our police department is looking for officers who can speak a second legend fluidly
Yeah, this looks like an emergency.

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We are looking for Spanish speakers to be more specific.

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I'd apply if I was a US citizen

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>second legend

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I have a job, but it's night shift and requires me to press one button and speak to people through a microphone. I can also mute what they're saying if I want.

and I have wifi

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Don't you get paid more for night shift? Also, that job sounds awesome, what is it. Some sort of night door watch?

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no, I don't get paid more.

I'm an x-ray technologist

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Yes let's settle for the scraps the slave masters deign to toss our way, how audacious of us to demand an actual decent standard of living!

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I have a job interview tomorrow. Help me /jp/.

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> A college degree is required.

Fuck you too buddy.

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what company?

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>Job interview
You're not welcome anymore.

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Why should we hire you?

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CVS. I'm going to try and get the night shift so I have to deal with as little people as possible.

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Fucks up your sleep time though

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>he still has job-interviews

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I'm really good at doing the same thing over and over.

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I work at a Japanese market, but the pay is shit.

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I finished my electrician course last december, but haven't done anything aside from fixing shit on my house.

I want to buy a gaming PC and some figures, so I guess I'll start working soon...

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What the hell do you people wear for the interview?

All I have are shorts and white t-shirts. Can I show up like that?

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only if you're overqualified

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The jew interviewing you will laugh at your face if you do this.

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When I was being interviewed by city officials and the department I basically just bought a bunch of fancy looking clothes from Walmart. I wore a simple collar shirt, some slacks and shoes. I guess it helps to fall somewhere between looking casual and really business like.

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Alright /jp/ let's learn how to dress sharp for an interview!

When going for most entry-level positions dressing in business casual should show that you are responsible enough to NOT look like a slob. That means a decent dress shirt (solid colours preferred), tucked into a pair of half decent slacks or dress pants. Shoes aren't terribly important, just make sure you aren't wearing anything garish or dirty.

Hair should be washed and kept neat. Any facial hair should either be trimmed or shaven off entirely. Brush, floss, and gargle with mouthwash just before you go to the interview. Nasty breath WILL cost you a job.

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You need another employee who can do mundane tasks with high quality and low complaints and I need a job that I must keep if I want to eat and stay alive.

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I work retail and some nerdy kid showed up wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt to the interview. They hired him.

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Simple, I hate working

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You are free to live in a homeless shelter.
Employers have no moral obligation to hire you.

>> No.8746618

Depends on the position and even the corporation itself. But always remember, it's much easier to dress down (go semi) if necessary on-site than dress up (somehow make a suit jacket and tie magically appear).

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Because I'm a college student

>> No.8746624

I've applied to at least 10 placed and have gotten nothing. Not sure where else to look.

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That's confusing because aren't they hiring people? Or are they just hiring friends and brown nosers? If they have no moral obligation to give a job to another human being who wants to work with little to no complaints and doesn't go psycho on the other employees or customers(if any), there must be literally no jobs left that they're actually free to cherry pick exactly who they want.

Fuck HR scumbags.

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I'm going to get a job, and instead of being a retard and going through my salary as I make it, I'm going to save every cent possible, retire within a few years, and NEET it up for the rest of my life. It will be glorious!

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This is what kikes actually believe.

THe holohoax wasn't moral obligation either, it was something that needed to be done. No hard feelings, eh yids?

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I have a job but now I miss my NEET days.
To become a NEET again, I'm planning to learn some kind of money-generating activities that can be done from home and require little time (online forex trading interests me the most). Once I can generate enough income to pay my basic needs with it, I'm going to quit my job.

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Because NEET4LYFE.

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>> No.8746702

At the moment, I'm playing poker with other people's money as a job. This ends at the end of March, and will sign up to a temp agency then. I will probably find more backers though and continue playing poker with other people's money with a slightly different plan in time, though.

If any /jp/sie wants to learn to play well, doesn't mind spending hours a day gambling and starting very, very small, I'll back you too! Far much more money in poker than people realise, even though it's less since US got banned from the big sites.

You do have to start very small, learn the game religiously, and be relatively level-headed, though.

>> No.8746713

I tried poker some time ago. Lost the free $50 from pokerstrategy in one month... twice.

I guess poker just isn't for me.

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your image is inferior.

>> No.8746742

I don't know. My advice is to learn the game more, go play on a site that has micro micro stakes to play at, and play the smallest games you can.

Thing is, poker has a massive luck element, and skill only really comes into it after playing thousands of tournaments or hundreds of thoudsands of cash game hands. With a $50 br you have a massive chance to bust if you don't play tiny stakes games.

Like, an good sng player (the tournaments with 6-10 people each etc) can expect a 10% return on average after playing masses and masses, at micro stakes. So, play 5000 $2 sngs, be a good player, make $1000 dollars. This obviously isn't the best way to do it, it's much better to play fewer games higher, but that comes once you're sure you can beat the lower games.

so if you actually like the game, don't give up, but start really small, play with really strict br rules (100 buyins for sngs), and expect to play fucking loads if you want to make any decent returns.

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But my advice for PO's: Tell the truth and be honest. By the time that you are sitting in that room they will know everything about you. They are looking for people who are honest. I am not a fan of polygraph and it really does break you down.

Also get rid of your Facebook and other social media accounts. They will ask for complete access of it.

>> No.8746757


Oh, and say that you are a member at a gym. They really like police candidates who are actively exercising and such.

>> No.8746760

It seems like it would be hard to read tells playing poker online. I would like to play mahjong professionally, but I'm not good enough.

I do pretty well in craps though. Spoiler, always make a come bet with odds if you can afford it. You'll have a lot of money on the table but you'll be making cash on each roll until you crap out on a 7. But you'll make some of that bet back when you crap out too. Outside of counting cards the come bet with odds has the best payooff

>> No.8746804

"Tells" don't really have much place in online poker. It's more about betsizing, telling what type of player the person is, easy to do with HUD software (most of which have month long free trials), and hand ranges.

tbh, go get some hud software, read up as much as you can on preflop play (shoving, raising ranges etc), read up on icm, play a couple thousand turbo sngs, easy money

i'd also discuss hands with /jp/ers to help them learn to play

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I've been trying.

Will translate doujins for $$$

>> No.8746986

>Also get rid of your Facebook and other social media accounts. They will ask for complete access of it.

That's illegal, anon.


>> No.8747000

No one asks for passwords anymore. They ask you to login and tell you to click around facebook while they watch.

>> No.8747020

That's also illegal and a breach of facebook's contract. Not that anyone on /jp/ would have a facebook.

>> No.8747159

>when people find out you're not doing anything with your life, they will automatically despise you, and treat you worse than shit.
well, obviously.

they see you, having fun and being free, while they slave away for 12+ hours per day, wasting their life on something stupid instead of having fun.

they're all jealous as fuck, so they try to destroy your fun for you so that you could be as miserable as them.

>> No.8747202


It is nothing illegal. You must give up your password.

>> No.8747209


If you want a decent job in law enforcement please give up your password.

>> No.8747230

/jp/ I'm so sad. I had a job all lined up in grorious nippon being assistant language teacher and the company even fucking hired me and then they didn't get a contract from the Board of Education so now I don't have a job and my life sucks and I live with my parents and I am a NEET.


>> No.8747255

I'm looking for them, every day. In fact, I should still go look for a job and stop browsing this board.

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Even Aristotle thought you can't think properly unless you have an appropriate amount of leisure time.

>> No.8747266

Now go read your SICP.

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Regardless of what brainwashed normals might say, there is truth in this.

If you are working yourself to death each day, you have no time to think about your station in life, or how badly you are being treated by the rest of the world.

>> No.8747353

unless you do your job in a half assed way without paying attention to it, while you think all the time.

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I've been a NEET for over 10 years now...

I spend as much as 3 month sometimes without even leaving my house..

I haven't been taking proper care of my body as I find myself skinny as fuck, not making much of a good presentation when someone looks to me..

I suffer from OCD, depression, autism and social anxiety; I cannot articulate any phrases or conversations, nor can I even look someone else in the eye.

Anything I learned from High school I long forgot and my resume basically consists of 10 years doing absolutely NOTHING except shitposting, watching chinese cartoons and playing PC games.

Now I really would like to get a job, doing something I like..., maybe be a teacher like I've always dreamed back in my childhood...; getting some money to buy some food, my own house, etc.

But tell me.., in my current state, who would even hire me..?

>> No.8747428

As a NEET, every day is Friday.

You're exhausted, and yet you keep telling yourself that relaxation will come. Work is behind you and a shining period of comfort lies before you. Not forever, though: you'll go back to work eventually, you keep telling yourself. But you're stuck. And you're alone. You go to bed early, have pizza, and wear your pajamas. And you wait for the Saturday that never comes.

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What a nice post...

>> No.8747434

Likely no one, sorry to say.

I wish you good luck in your life whether or not you get a job, though, anon.

>> No.8747577

>Now I really would like to get a job

>> No.8747579

Do you have a family business or family members with very strong connections in fields that interest you? That's probably your best and only hope.

>> No.8747606

I don't know how old you are, but you will basically have to eat shit for 3 years or so to even be considered anywhere.

If you ever want to realise any of that stuff, it's possible, but it'll be hell. You will just have to throw yourself out there. Volunteer somewhere, get used to people again. It's actually relatively easy to talk to people in a professional atmosphere, the topics are clearly defined.
Social stuff is pretty much shitposting as a tripcode user with different subject material.

You'll have to just force yourself to overcome stuff, once you can actually face people, start making plans you know you can actually meet. Volunteer/do temp work until you don't look like total shit to an employer.

Do some adult education course, too, meet new people, add to CV, feel slightly less braindead..

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he wear pijamas

>> No.8747644

Why would you not wear pajamas?

>> No.8747687

learn pure math! a few hundred pages of careful reading and problem solving (proofs/exercises) easily encompasses a graduate degree

generally you want a algebra & analysis (calculus) course, and maybe some number theory, linear algebra, geometry and combinatorics

i like jacobsons' basic algebra I and spivaks' calculus

you can ask questions on places like math.stackexchange

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