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Do you ever stop to think about collecting lewd images about how it only matters for the hour you spend masturbating out of the others of the day, and realizing you spend more time collecting than using?

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still less time than you waste maintaining a relationship

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I never fap to 2D and yet I collect lewd images of it constantly...

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I'm not even using them, I am just collecting. I normally fap to something on fakku or exhentai

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collecting = using

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It's worth it.

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I collect more nonlewd than lewd. It's hard to find tasteful pieces. Gets too rude too fast

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They feel good to look at, fap or not.

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I barely ever look at any of the images I save, lewd or not.

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Why are people always posting Yakumo-dono lewd? I do not like that and no I do not masturbate period I do have some lewd images though only because the art is nice. I do not post them on /jp/ though because they do not belong here

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i only fap to 3d traps, yet i have 300+ gb of lewd images/doujins. i dont even have any 3d trap related material saved to my computer.

what the hell is wrong with me guys?

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>3d traps
Wow buddy, you're pretty gay.

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>Why are people always posting Yakumo-dono lewd?

Maybe you need glasses.

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I get a better feeling of completion through collecting than I do masturbating to it.

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I fap to it while collecting it. Every once and awhile I actually want to dig up one of the images I collected it, and it is all worth it.

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I put all the lewd images into a tab group, and then I masturbate to them a few times before closing the group and starting again.

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but i save

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I do to, but I save the groups/windows for latter use.

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I masturbate while collecting them. Does that count? I think I enjoy collecting and downloading them more than "using" them.

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This. I rarely look at them after I've saved them.

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I just added OP's pic to my collection.

So lewd.

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This. But when I do I feel glad I took the time to save them.

The closest I'll ever be to Gensokyo...

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