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Who is the fastest Touhou?

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Aya, then Marisa.

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Youmu or Aya.

Sakuya and Yukari's irregular movement via time dilation and boundaries don't allow for time to pass, thus their velocity is undefined.

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I am

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no 2hu is faster at shitposting than tokiko

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Definitely Aya or some other tengu since there's no indication whatsoever that Youmu is particularly fast. Spellcards are named after cool things, people ought to stop taking 200 yojana in one slash seriously. Yukari doesn't own a perpetual motion machine and Marisa's asteroid belt isn't a real asteroid belt either.

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Remilia and then Aya and then Hatate.

Remilia is fast as fuck. Prove me wrong.

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Just because the spell is named that way doesn't mean she actually slashes that many times. It's pathetic when people build powerlevel rankings and actually consider that.

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How about you try capturing some Youmu's cards in STB

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Where did the idea that Youmu can move at the speed of sound come from? I don't read dialogue in games and it's strangely specific for fandom shit.

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Illusory Dominance is still much faster than stop-rushing-outside-the-screen-with-aimed-slashes-why-is-this-shit-3-photos-you-fucking-jerk sword

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>Because of Youmu's spellcard "200 Yojana in 1 Slash", she is said to be capable of striking at speeds most would consider physically impossible (200 yojana can be a distance anywhere from 1,320-3,000 kilometers or 825-1,875 statute miles in length). In order to cover that kind of distance in the split-second a typical sword slash takes to execute, she would have to be capable of moving at far beyond hypersonic speed, currently defined as Mach 5 and faster. Her slowest sword slashes have been calculated to move at speeds in excess of Mach 70 (70 times the speed of sound, or 53,200 mph/85,120 km/h at sea level), fast enough to circle the entire Earth at the Equator in less than half an hour, three times the speed required to orbit the Earth (about 17,500 mph or 28,000 km/h), for reference. One doujinshi (Touhou Kaidan Seven #3) went into far too much detail trying to work out the specifics of this, determining that her theoretical top speed was approximately one quarter of the speed of light.

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You really need to ask?

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>Youmu not fast
>Aya specifically states not to be able to follow Youmu's movements with her eyes and had to prepare in advance to capture her on camera

Sure is secondary in here. And this coming from someone who abhors that word.


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*not being able to

It's late, my verb-tense agreement sentence structure is shot.

Also, I'm quoting myself, faggots.

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Ugh, apparently I can't read either. Moving at the speed of sound =/= Cutting sound.

Yeah, good night, /jp/.

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That's why you don't take the names literally.

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Bursts of speed: Youmu
Consistent speed: Aya
Could probably rocket herself so fast she craters into a mountain due to lack of control: Marisa

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Right below that

>She's just a monster cat.
>Don't imagine that anybody can beat me in terms of speed.
>As long as I'm not looking through the viewfinder, I'm the fastest.

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Quick movements isn't the same thing as constant high speed. Youmu's movements on her spells are always quick but in bursts while Aya's survival shows her flying constantly across the screen no stop.

It's simply ZUN's way to translate to danmaku quick sword slashes.

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But that quote of yourself, who were you quoting when you said the thing that you're now quoting?

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Sakuya /thread

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Aya, although Remilia and Fland are probably as fast as her or just a little slower because vampires can move as fast as a tengu.

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Aya, followed by Marisa and then Youmu.

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Yukari. Gaps = Folding time and space.

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speed is distance traveled divided by time taken to get there.

so, infinite speed during time stop.

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However, time is not constant. Black holes, for example, distort the fabric of time. Therefore Yukari would be able to travel the universe where Sakuya might hit a point where she could get stuck herself.

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Yeah, except Sakuya can control space and time.

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Yukari literally rips the fabric of space and time when she gaps. Shes is not bound by time.

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We need to consult a theoretical physicist...

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Wow, that's some crazy stuff.
Aya's still faster.

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If Yukari was that powerful, she would just create her universe like Shinki.
But she isn't.

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But it isn't like Sakuya has unlimited power either. I assume she still ages as normal when time has stopped around her. If she does in fact have the power to indefinitely suspend time, she'd be limited in potential range by her lifespan.

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all you sakuya fags are forgetting that travel during time stop is not equate to infinite velocity.

if time = 0, then distance / time is undefined

as time approaches 0, the limit of the velocity does approach infinity, but it is important to realize that the point at t = 0 does not exist.

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I'm betting she can slow down time around her, too.
Let's say she slowed down time to 1/100000000th of normal. Who's your "fastest" now?
But yeah, this ability is probably at least limited by her ability to expend energy. So it is by no means infinite...although I'm guessing if she can stop time, she can get as close as she wants to 0 as well.

Also Yukari's portals wouldn't count as "speed" - sure, she can displace herself through infinite distances in 0 time, but she isn't physically traveling the distance.
Though I bet she can accelerate herself infinitely using those portals (like using gravity Portal style, in a vacuum) and beat Touhous at speed in that way.

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Yukari vs Time

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sound about right being the bottom two not actually moving fast but having powers that could allow the to be anywhere in an instant

so techinically Aya if where talking about pyshical speed since Youmu can only cut shit fast no move from point a to point b fast


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Sakuya is technically infinitely fast because she is able to FUCK with time, not just stop it.

Last Word "Deflation World" causes the past, present, and future to all manifest at once, turning one knife into an instadeath knifelaser as it occupies all the area it will be traveling instantaneously, thus moving at infinite speed.

But in physical practice of "moving to X place in Y time, without obstructing the flow of time and space as a whole", it is probably Aya.

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lol virgin losers fighting over video game characters

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It must be limited in some way, but certainly not the way you think it is. Scale rather than possibilities, I would imagine.

Sakuya pretty much has a full control over time. She can go either direction at variable speed, and apply it selectively. There's literally nothing in her capabilities that stops her from preventing her own aging.

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Who is the slowest Touhou? Is it Yuuka?

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No it is not.

Yuuka's just taking it easy. She can go fast if she wants to.

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>she'd be limited in potential range by her lifespan.
Even if she was, she could just pull a younger version of herself from the past every time she got old.

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