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Tonight, I'm going to fantasize about Alice making this pose and then crawling into bed with me.

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and me putting my dikc into her mouth

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That's some lewd fantasizing. Wouldn't you rather just cuddle with her instead?

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What's with metafags authentically engaging in and saging the same threads they post in?

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Last night when I was in bed I started imagining masturbating and I got a boner.

I don't know why, but whenever I get boners laying down in bed it always feels like I'm going to cum right away.

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Reported for trying to derail a thread.

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What do you think we'd be doing in bed?

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Alice is lewd.

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With her pajamas on right?

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Yeah, you apply strongly to that question.

In the name of 2hu i demand you go back to the board from which you came

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I just want to cum inside her.

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I did it, everyone. Thanks.

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why would you like a friendless loser.

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I like Alice with her clothes on.

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Gee I have no idea.

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>see thread
>google alice's theme cause its good
>marisa's is in the window, why not
>look at comments

One time, I saw a broom and got on it, I played this music, ran around the house with me pretending´╗┐ to be a witch. Every time someone asked me what I was doing so I said,"I'm a witch ze." lol!

kittengirly22 1 week ago

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I don't want to be associated with creatures like that. Shame Alice is basically a secondary chew toy. They know nothing about her.

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Also Alice's PC-98 themes were good. And I suppose IaMP's rendition of her PC-era one is passable.

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Everybody do.

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Why would you even expect anything out of youtube comments?

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But why would you say this while abusing greentext which pretty much puts you on the same level as kittengirly22?

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what? that pose is shit. or is that the point?

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I like mine better.

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I like 2012 better.

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I wish they'd buff alice a bit in soku. everyone shoots down shanghai with ease, c takes forever to execute and alice cant melee for shit. Stupid useless puppeteer.

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>Stupid useless puppeteer.

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I imagine stuff like this too. Soft pajamas with a nice smell, and spooning for warmth under the covers.

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Bump test.

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who am I quoting?

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>who am I quoting?

the person you quoted?

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Same person that listened to the alice song. So I was looking at old PC98 music, and came across this

Obviously this led me to 'that' video which surprisingly I guess I have never seen before. I watched it and don't see why the viralness was so big, there are much better PVs out there...Also this comment on the front page just because.

One of´╗┐ the best anime ever seen! m (_ _) m

1addictedgamer1 2 days ago

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Alice being shitty is the punishment you get for playing such a scrubby game.

Come on down to #IaMP @ irc.mizuumi.net when you're ready to play a real game.

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UPDATE: Thought about Alice blowing on her coffee and looking outside at the rain for most of today.

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What about blowing on your coffee while looking at a naked Alice who crawled into your bed?

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Not a bad idea for the remainder of today or for tomorrow. Thanks.

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Why isn't the coffee spilling out onto her at that angle?

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I keep my mattress at an angle because I have severe acid reflux. I can only assume that gentleman did the same.

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That looks like a female fingernail.

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>not taking care of and polishing your fingernails
Get out of /jp/.

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UPDATE: Planning on contemplating on the nape of Alice's neck tonight. Wish me luck.

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Good luck anon!

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why are yo such a marica.

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I read nape as rape. Scary...

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Seeing as this is sort of an Alice thread I guess I'll ask here.

Why is Alice always given a really high voice in flash videos? I've always imagined her as having a really normal voice that's neither too high nor too low.

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The Fanon is fucking retarded that's why. What they've done to Alice is unforgivable.

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Honestly I've not seen a thread in /jp/ about the "my power is 1337 times higher than you" Alice.
It's either shipping fagotry, ronery or sexualization.

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autists are quite good at making overly accurate estimates

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It's just case Japan giving anything that seems cute a high pitched voice.

But anyways, does anyone still have the Alice/Not
Alice Pics? Including the Rozen Maiden version.

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