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I turned 25 today.

I am unemployed and live at my parents house in the middle of nowhere and spent the day the same as I spend every other day: refreshing /jp/ and /a/ and gelbooru looking for cute anime and touhou pictures. My parents got me a card and were the only people that remembered my birthday.

The card said: "You probably think you are something special because it is your birthday, but the truth is you are special to us everyday."

I figure this is the same way that Yukari and Ran feel about Chen.

I would like to have a Yakumo thread, especially Ran.

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Obligatory "how?"

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Happy birthday, our friend!

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How is that obligatory?
It's her ass

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It could be that is just because her ass is so big that it is spread all over her panties when she lies down over it.

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>"You probably think you are something special because it is your birthday, but the truth is you are special to us everyday."

Arararara! What a sweet birthday card!

Don't let being a NEET make you feel worthless - you're not! Hope you have a great birthday!

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You'd be special to me too, If i knew you anyway.

You should find a way to put yourself "out there" a little more. Maybe we'd already be friends by now..

Sorry it's not Ran or anything, but hey. This probably tops any Ran image in existance.

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But think about it. Three dimensionally.

Unless it's some of weird full-front transitional panty thong someone invented.

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it's time to kill yourself

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Or maybe her ass is so big and tight that all panties become thongs.

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I just realized I'm going to turn 25 this year too...

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Sounds like my 25th birthday

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Yes, it sucks that now that you hear the word "mid-twenties" you automatically think of yourself. I feel so old, like everything that I should have done already should have already happened.

If I had something that I honestly had an interest in going to school for or working at it would be easy, but it sucks not having any real interest that could lead to comfortable employment even though I have a degree in computers but always quit every job I get out of boredom at sitting at a desk.

I live in a farming area and the nearest college is a small branch. I kind of wish the whole family would just sell everything and we could all move closer to a city so we could all have more job opportunities.

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i brutally raped and killed Chen while my nigger slave held a gun to Yukari and Ran's head and made them watch and if they made a noise i would cut off Ran's tails one by one until they stopped and finally i raped Yukari until her heart burst from my massive cock thrusting in and out of her ass. "Yeah i had her awake for the full 2 hours." then i made Ran suck on her dead body and lick her vagina and lick out the cum of the swollen, bloody anus. then i slowly inserted a dagger into Ran's abdomen until i hit her aorta and she died of bleeding, then i fucked that body too. Also secretly Chen is a trap, my nigger slave cut off the penis, then it was all good.

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I love Ran so much. I wish I could be Chen so that she would wrap her arms and tails around me and tell me how cute I am...

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I'll be 30 next month. Two days ago I saw a "For Rent" sign outside an apartment building near the place where I work. I called up the landlord and inquired, asked the price and if I could see the place. It was expensive, but doable. He said the tenant was still there and that he'd call me back. I told my parents about it, that I might move out, I even told a few people at work that I was looking at a place.

I know, however, that I'm not going anywhere. I deleted the landlord's number from my phone, and if he does call, I won't call him back. No one really cares about what I do here at home. I pay my parents rent so they don't care too much. Here I have free money to buy things that I like, out there I have barely enough to eat. I know that I could make it out there, I just don't want to. I can't do it.

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Happy birthday, my friend.

Please enjoy this

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I was really worried at first. My imagination started acting up while I was reading your post and I thought it was going to say: You probably think you are something special because it is your birthday, but the truth is you are a worthless, mooching, selfish boy.

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This thread reminds me that it's going to be my first birthday since I became a NEET.

I just hope my parents ignore me. I just want to be alone on my birthday.

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Happy fucking birthday... next thing you know, you'll be 35 and homeless.

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Don't say that. In 10 years time all of us will already be in Gensokyo. Unless you're talking about being homeless in Gensokyo, which would make it fine, I guess.

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Gensokyo wouldn't have as much issue with land and laws of owning it I would hope, so building a house and having a home would perhaps be easier.

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I meant being homeless as in living inside trees or caves or wherever lesser youkais like to live. though now that I think about it I'm not sure if that counts as being homeless.

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Thank you. I was looking for this pic.

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Being "homeless" may hold a different definition if you're living outside societies and as such by your self and for your self.

I'd personally would want something that's at least furnished, even if it means making it myself

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I wish Yellow Zebra would focus more on their music instead. Their older materials used to be somewhat good.

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Happy birthday OP!

I have an idea. Do you have a Ran folder, OP? How many images do you have?

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Is talking fast part of the comedy or is it to deter filthy gaijin who try to get in on it? I assume it is the latter. The same with that other comedy show I forget the name but this girl in the picture was in it.

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It's part of the comedy. It's like their version of Abbot and Costello kind of. Manzai is pretty old, but I don't know if they too it from us, or vice versa.

If you search on youtube you can find lots of real-world examples. I don't know how popular the style is today.

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So many Rans around me


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Come with me if you want to mofu.

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Having loving parents it's a blessing, hope you are treating them with respect. Also, show them you love them back too.

Don't distance from your family bro, in the end they are the only ones who truly care for you.

Enjoy your loved ones everyday, OP.

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awwww yeah subtitled

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5 years until wizardry OP, you can do it.

Then you can turn your house into howl's moving castle and live wherever the fuck you want.

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I thought it was 40

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