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Which touhou make the best sandwich?

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Fatchouli has a lot of experience with sandwiches

But Sakuya's job is to make sandwiches

I'm gonna go with the fatty.

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Mystia, because she tastes like chicken.

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That one youkai that lives in a bucket.

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Probably Sakuya.

Also Okuu's sandwiches are dangerous because of radiation.

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Sakuya's sandwiches are dangerous because of blood born disease and daggers. I think ill risk the radiation.

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>Also Okuu's sandwiches are dangerous because of radiation.

I'd still be tempted to eat a bit if she made it for me with love, and stood there handing it to me with a loving but worried expression.

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...And then you die a week later. She chops your corpse into cubes, fries them, and makes another sandwich out of it and feeds it to the next victim.

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The chief, of course.

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Okuu would never do such a thing.

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Arguably there are worse, or at least less spectacular ways to go than as radioactive garlic salami.

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Sakuya is one of the few touhous that has experience preparing western foods, so I'll go with her.

God help her if she doesn't slice the tomatoes thick enough though.

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There are a million better ways to go!

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Just imagine the bowl of eggs as a picnic basket full of sandwiches she made out of love for a date.

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Those toes look absolutely suckable

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I agree with you wholeheartedly, but I don't argue with the logic of Bernard Montgomery.

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