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One of you is 1000 years old. Argument invalidated.

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But not biologically. I'm sure once we discover stasis, fucking a 300-year-old 6-year-old won't make you any less of a pedophile.

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3d != 2d
how new are you?

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Marisa and Reimu are teens already.

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It's okay.
You just have to tell us if you want some touhou hentai.

Alternatively, I can highly recommend gelbooru or, if you speak japanese, pixiv.

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I've been here all year.

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More like adults
It's been 10 years since EoSD, now.

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I recommend you go read some ZUN interviews uniformed person.

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I don't buy doujins, thus, I don't support anybody. Honestly, why would you pay to import porn?

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She's lived for a thousand years, though. This is what the age of consent is about; knowing when you're ready and not getting tricked into it.

Stasis is not an apt comparison.

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omployong rool tomo

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Maybe kids should stop being so sexy.

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Marisa is not a kid. That means I'm completely free to fap to her as much as I want.

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Same goes for Sakuya.

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