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Let's have a thread about how great Yukari is.

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oh rebis

your works can't be translated fast enough.

Nor is your love of 3.5 dungeons and dragons weird as all.

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Yukari really makes me laugh sometimes.

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Look! Yukari's boobs!

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For example, she has a maid that's a female werefox or something and it has NINE tails!
That's like three times three.

The werefox also has big boobs and a motherly aura to her, so you can blame Freud for liking her and never feel bad about she actually being a beast and people calling you a furry.

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It's true.

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Her werefox maid also has a pet cat with two tails. But it's a bit retarded and a green hat. Seriously, who the hell uses green hats? Thaa's lame as hell.

Just ignore it.

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What a rare, splendid sight.

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Oh, and have I talked about Yukari's powers? Because she has the most ambiguous power ever, but when you stretch words it becomes the most powerful power ever.
Basically she can control the gap/distance/quantity/whateverwhoeverfeelslikeshecando as she pleases.

Basically, let's say she's going to fight the strongest being ever, right?
Nope, she just manipulated the gap/distance/difference/etc between what a strongest being and the weakest being and she just goes to sleep because she actually never leaves her bed.

Or let's say she wants to eat teriyaki flavored poptarts. Well I don't know where they make those but she just opens a portal to the supermarket where they sell them and she shoves her arm in that portal and pulls out the box of teriyaki flavored poptarts and eats them because she can.

Or even lets say she grows tired of her life as a cartoon on a shitty game for neets. She just opens a portal to the realm of doujins and fucks a few touhous before opening a portal to real life where she spends some time in a lucky guy's dream pleasuring themselves before going back to the game world to sleep again.
She's like the flash but more ambiguous.

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Too much lewdness today. Must refrain for the night.

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Yukari is the best toohoo, no contest.

I wish I was her grandson.

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What for?

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old hag

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Wrong room

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