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Which is your favorite /jp/?

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no socks

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None. I like to run my hands through bare feet.

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D or C

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All of the above but I prefer ankle and crew. As long as they have socks on.

Bare feet are disgusting.

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I'm not picky, but I'd have to say that the higher the sock, the better. Ankle socks should be banned.

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I want nothing. Bare legs to feel with my hands and face.

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B, for sure.

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Where's the stockings option?

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On 2D? Tough one.. I like them all. Some types go better with some clothes and bodies than others, but I couldn't pick a favorite.

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Everything above D is great, but A is my favorite.

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A. My boner is rising already.

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Thigh highs.

Only sluts would dare show their legs in such an an unfeminine manner.

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A > D = C = bare > B > shit > * > E > F

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It depends on the girl or /jp/sie and what else is wearing.

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A, B or E

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Is there even any other possible answer than thigh-high?

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pantyhose master race

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Depends on the rest of the clothing, but usually A or E.

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Thighhigh or nothing. Why would you even do it if it won't go all the way in.

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F is lame (only acceptable with frilled rims)
Everything else is good
A and D are the best ones

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Wrong Keion you baka

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B to C. A is too high for me.

Of course, on myself, I enjoy wearing D. Something's nice about a nice big pair of socks.

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from B to A. Anything below that is not my taste.

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Also, enjoy

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All are fine as long as it's the girl I like wearing them.

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B is my favorite but A or C are awesome too.

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f makes my dik hard

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What kind of slut would wear ankle socks? Or, even worse, go barefoot?

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I wear thigh highs, but they're kinda cliche. Every crossdresser wears thigh highs.

I'll wear any kind I guess. I do like thigh highs though, for the whole slutty look.

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wow, ur so hardcore and different. a**hole.

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I've come to realize that miniskirt and thigh-highs are really, really slutty. These days I automatically label all zettai ryouiki wearers whores that deepthroat so well that they also lick the balls when they reach the bottom.

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It makes me sad knowing that my Momiji figure wears a D. It's so unbecoming of her.

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To label women "whores" is redundant.

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I prefer thigh boots

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You say that like it's a bad thing.

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It's a bad thing when I imagine my pure, cutesy anime girls doing it.

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Either A or no socks. B is acceptable in certain cases, but everything else a shit.

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Mini-skirts are the norm in 2D so there is no reason to think of them as slutty.

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Ah, I see.

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Go back to Gaia, Jessica.

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A for sure.

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>no pantyhose with seetrough panties and nightwear
op given opsions are acceptable if it has certain underwear garterbelts

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I wore C in elementary school when I would play soccer. Itchy and smelly as fuck after practice. I don't understand how people can stand them. E droops down throughout the day, so F is best.

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A all day err day

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A oh god A A A A A A A A A A A A

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Top tier - B
Ok tier - A/C

Shit tier - F

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I read this as
> I wrote C in elementary school when I would play soccer.

You seemed pretty hardcore for a minute there.

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A, B, E or no socks.

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A is absolutely useless without graduating to the S-grade.

An A-rank without the twintails and tsundere personality is a travesty.

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tsundere + twintail + thigh high + striped panty and preferably blonde is my fetish

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A >>>>>> B >>>>>> D >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> C, E F

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A, only A, the others are just... meh

and there goes my fetish again

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zettai ryouiki

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A or B, or none at all.

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A and drill hair.

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>Look for a picture of Ruri to demonstrate how the shorter varieties of socks can be perfect
>There are almost no pictures of Ruri in socks

You thigh high bastards are ruining the diversification of erotica.

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a, c d, e, f and G.

Also OP is a faGGot for not including stockings, because stockings are the best.

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A or B,
and S works fine also

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thigh high or die, faggots

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christiananime long skirts.

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long legs + A

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Tights are better than all of those.

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Try that with a "B"

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But B is inferior to A

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A plz!

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Give me pants any day.

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Can't handle a real woman?

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don't you mean

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We had this discussion already.
Perfect spot is between A and B. But I like pretty much anything BUT E.

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A > Full > None at all > Else.

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D and just a little lower, but not to the point of E.
And they gotta be white!

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A is the best. BCD are annoying to wear and EF is usually not even visible.

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A > B > C > D > E > F
This ordering is pretty obvious,
are you guys blind?

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Y'all sick bastards for not choosing B>F>A>E>C>D

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Although Pantyhose are also good.

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I prefer full-body socks

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A, B, E (the frilly ones)
The others are disgusting.

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Some company should make ones for hikis, perfect comfort all day long, just design would have to be changed to make it look less retarded.

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But hikkis don't care what they look like

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Do you think anyone would buy one if it were heated like a heating blanket? And instead of being open at the bottom it would be sealed off, or maybe have a zipper or something so you could close it. It'd be powered by either USB or plug.

>> No.8272104

Possibly but what happens if you accidentally spill something while wearing it. It would have to be powered by a power socket, usb doesn't give enough power but that doesn't matter, I mean, the power cable would be detachable and its not like you need to stay heated walking around, the heat trapped in will be sufficient for any required movement. An zipper so you can piss or take a dump would also be useful so you could keep warm.

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