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Have you pleasured your prostate lately /jp/?


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I'm sick for 2 days already haven't fapped during that time,
I'm just waiting to get better and have a great fap orgy

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No, but I came three times in three hours, something I don't do that often.

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Don't use Lynx/Axe shower gel as lube. It burns horribly.

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>Shower gel
Jesus Christ...

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Weak, come back when you can do 3 times in 30 minutes.

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I would but idk how to

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fapped once before I showered, though it was forced so I didn't really feel shit

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Google it! Don't be a lazy nerd.

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Too early and far too lewd for this to be on the front page.

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That feel when your penis engine limit breaks and you come 6 times in 20 minutes

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Prostate massage is so fucking awesome, but I feel so gay afterwards

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It's not gay if you're fantasizing about cute girls with giant futa dicks.

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Only men can feel anal pleasure, nothing gay about it.

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Dont women feel it also? but in a different way?

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Particularly productive days for me is if I do more than once in a day. To think I was able to climax more than once when I was fucking 8, and I've fallen to stopping after one and even skipping days.

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Pleasuring your prostate or autofellatio, which is more attractive to you?

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I used to use soap to masturbate because I was too ashamed to do it outside of the shower.

I remember all of those times that my penis would get so irritated and sore that I could barely pee without feeling like I was urinating fire. I don't think my penis has ever really recovered. I still can't masturbate without lube.

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Use saliva, dude

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I've used moisturizing lotion for the times I've done it. Recently I've read the back of the bottle, and it says "for external use only".

Have I done anything wrong here? What should I be using for lube instead.

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Thanks for reminding me OP, I'll have to do that tonight.

I wonder which toy I'll end up using.

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The problem with using lotion is that it gets absorbed into the skin. Using a water-based personal lubricant should allow you to fap longer while using less lube.

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Olive oil master race here. It doesn't slide a lot, but the friction is just enough so it doesn't hurt and it feels awesome.

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What are you, Italian?

Don't tell me japs use Soy Sauce...

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I hope not. Hey, it's cheap over here, plus it's not acidic enough to irritate my skin.

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I'd just be worried how it goes into your ponos, but hey, if it doesn't get irritated after you piss and you feel fine, you must be doing something right yeah?

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I fap with my eyes closed in bathroom, and imagine that my waifu is giving me a handjob at a public bathroom. I cum loads and it feels too great.

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Would you still masturbate daily if there was proof that it triples the risk of suffering prostate cancer?

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was for

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What is the best onahole and where can I buy it???
I want something hi tech that will wreck my cock from all angles and make me cum in a couple seconds.

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I tried to pleasure my prostate a couple of times, but I always end up getting something part-way into my ass and then feeling really uncomfortable. And I can't find my prostate with my fingers. It does nothing for me.


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cutfags errywhere. I save on lube at least.

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I'm uncut, I use the lube for anal masturbation.

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any kind of anal play for me is near to painful, so I do without. I don't have much of a libido, so a quick fap once every few days does me fine.

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I tried a couple times, but I just don't feel anything.

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Last time I decided to really find it so I got a glove, lube and went all the way. I found that little hard ribbed nut and touched it a couple of times. Did not like it. Can't even describe it, it just felt unpleasant. I did something wrong?
Also, how to clean your colon from the lube?

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Wouldn't a couple of dumps take care of that by itself?

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It always seems like a great idea when you're horny, until you're finished cumming all over yourself with something deep in your ass and the orgasm wears off and you feel super extremely gross.
But you do it again when you are alone~

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that's not your prostate, that's cancer

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I'm too tired to. Haven't slept in 48 hours. I can't wait till tomorrow.

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I am cut so when I masturbate to avoid using lube and making noise I squeeze my penis really hard.

I've been doing it for a long time now and I have to squeeze my penis harder and harder to get the same effects and I can barely feel by penis anymore, it hurts when I get an erection and I can't pee.

So I haven't masturbated in two days hoping to try and bring my penis back to life, but it still hurts and I want to masturbate so bad.

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Use your ass Luke

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Look up "death grip syndrome." It might be relevant to your condition.

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I don't fap

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Thanks anon I will fix this and be back to fapping three times a day like normal. I love you guys.

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I do it while thinking of you, my love.

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I'm quite paranoid and I'm afraid that lube will seep out in my underwear on its own or with a fart. Any tips?

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Try using rectifier on him.

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Anyone else grease their armpits with vegetable oil before they fap so they can speed up their arm movements?

It's great.

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Buy a strap-on and put it on your dakimakura, now you dont have to worry about the entire "gay" feeling as you are clearly being pleasured by your waifu and that is perfectly straight.

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Why in almost every thread on /jp/ we are talking about masturbation?

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Because we're healthy. Are you a woman? or an underage kid?

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ma nigga

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I know there are exceptions but you can count on the majority of /jp/ being a bit below average health.

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I just... have a girlfriend

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I'm not the only one that does this? Huh.

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that was a low blow, now get the fuck out normalfag

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I managed to chafe myself yesterday. Burns like hell and lotion doesn't really help.

Considering opening the portal.

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And? Is a girlfriend supposedly some sort of alternative to masturbation?

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If I had a girlfriend who could fuck me enough to diminish my ability to fap, I'd kill and eat her to adsorb her strength. Same goes to you, you sexually confused shitposters! My hunger knows no gender!

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Phew, ok that was a tough one.

I just got off to being cold. I went in the bathtub and just started pouring cold water all over myself. The anguish of the freezing water all over me, the feeling of trembling while jerking off was strange, yet intoxicating. I even peed myself before orgasming. Even though it's a bitch after you finish and come to your senses, it's self-torture I recommend.

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I had a prostate orgasm 4 days ago. It was lovely. I would do it more often but it is a lot of effort really and I'm running low on lube.

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I did just now actually. It took many tries over the course of a few months, but I finally found my prostate. It was much deeper than I ever thought, no wonder gay people are obsessed with long penises. I have massive hands and my five and a half inch finger just poked it.
I get off mostly to the feeling of penetrating my rectum rather than prostate anyways.

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Me too. I love the feeling of getting filled up.

All jokes aside, it would probably feel awesome to get fucked and feel someone cum inside.

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I hate masturbating. It feels more like chore than anything else.

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My older brother is married, as sex regularly with his wife and still faps every day.

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1. Female here, I can explain why some women experience anal pleasure. I'd like to emphasise -some- in that sentence since all women are different. Basically, when there's something in my ass, although i can start off as being painful (even with lubricants) the pain causes endorphins to be released (which are released during sex anyway) so that is why anal feels "good". Being anally penetrated causes my vagina to contract uncontrollably which means... my boyfriend likes to DP me by putting something in one hole while fucking the other, he says it makes my vagina tighter than ever.

Secondly, although we have been dating for about 5 years, we both masturbate as much as we have sex with eachother (sometimes mutually, sometimes alone). Honestly masturbation has a completely different sensation and emotional feeling to sex, it allows you to live out different fantasies and for a woman, sex with a sex toy is different to getting fucked by a dick (and I am not saying one is better than the other- they are just different). For instance if my boyfriend is busy or not at home, or I am really tired (since we have energetic sex) I will masturbate.

Sex = energetic, mutual emotional satisfaction, exciting, fun
Masturbation = relaxing, self-satisfying, can fantasize about 2d girls instead of being fucked by a guy

Also, not a troll, feel free to fap to my post if you find it sexy although frankly I am just trying to explain things from a female POV

Also see the part about "fantasizing about 2d girls" if you are wondering why I lurk /jp/

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Masturbation thread
>61 posts omitted
NEET thread
>locked after 12 posts

Fuck you /jp/, I liked that thread.

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Thanks for ruining the thread.

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>Female here
>4 paragraph rationalisation for being a whore

Go away.

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ur gay

>> No.8219310

suck my cock dude

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Nobody talked about sex. Kindly delete your post.

>> No.8219313

go away

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Instant shitstorm.

People did ask what anal is like/why for a female.

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And then there's this fucker.

>> No.8219321

>hurrf durrf not a troll ima gurl you can fap to this post but dont hit on me silly boys

Yeah, great, if you wanted to completely derail the thread, this was the most efficient way alright. In case that wasn't your intention though, delete this abortion of a post immediately.

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I fingered my asshole last night. I put a condom over my index and middle fingers and used some lube. I had a pretty intense orgasm. My hips were literally moving on their own.

>> No.8219324

Anal stimulation != anal sex

Nobody cares about how you spend time with your boyfriend

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Someone asks what anal is like for a female, receives truthful answer, sudden outrage!

Also, the mention of sex was to show that masturbation is sometimes superior.

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>Also, the mention of sex was to show that masturbation is sometimes superior.

No, it was to attention whore and project your normalfaggotry. Seriously, delete your post, you fucked this up enough.

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Why are you surprised? No, seriously?

>> No.8219343


> It was much deeper than I ever thought

How deep was it? Was it like I GOTTA FLAWLESSLY MANEUVER PAST ALL THESE WALLS deep or Bakemonogatari deep?

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You dont need a deep dive mission to find it.

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This is scary. I don't want to do this.

>> No.8219361

Yes you do you slutty little whore.

>> No.8219362

I'm never satisfied after prostate fiddling, the orgasm just sort of dribbles out. There's no ecstasy or power.

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A lot of males over the age of 40 has had another man stick his finger up their bums.
There is nothing scary about it.

Its perfectly normal.

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Sorry to tell you this but... Not only is you finger smelly, you are now a raging homo.

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It is more subtle waves of orgasm. Sometimes though it results in a mind-blowing orgasm.

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Are there any fleshlights/onaholes that can replicate having sex with an animal?

Even if there a catgirl-style fleshlight or something.

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Go back to whatever board you came from.

>> No.8219377

Post another pack of those hypnosis files.

>> No.8219378

There is that furry website that sells dragon and dog vaginas.

>> No.8219385

>you are now a raging homo.
No... No... That's not true... THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!

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Can I have a name or a link or something?

>> No.8219420

I dont know what you have seen me post before so i will just upload the ones i have on MF.

>> No.8219441

could you also give us the pictures you posted two/three months ago that you took at the glory holes?
the ones with the penises..
i need those as i did not save them the first time!

>> No.8219442

I enjoy good old fashion jerking just fine, prostrate is better but too much hard work.

>> No.8219494

The 4 links in the gloryhole thread with the fresh baked one and MiscGroup2.

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File: 232 KB, 512x512, V.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, just download both of these.
I had to move the files around to make them fit into the under 200mb limit of MF.
It is possible that you have most of them if not all already.


As for those pictures i have mentioned that i find them a bit too personal to post/upload again.

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I sure have.

>> No.8219678

What kind of hypnosis is it?

>> No.8219680

I've always wanted to try out the prostate thing but every time I try to do things alone without prior experience it always ends horribly and I don't know if I'm willing to take the risk. I also have no lube or anything that could help me out. Feels pretty bad man.

>> No.8219700

At the very least I hope your asses are clean before you do this.


>> No.8219706

not saten but, it involves penises and all sorts of other lewd things.

>> No.8219735

Penis Gay or Penis Straight?

>> No.8219740

Both. Most of them ends up being about slurping in one way or another.

>> No.8219743

Is there any bestiality on there?

>> No.8219761


>> No.8219772

Well that's unfortunate.

>> No.8219799

From today's adventures in masturbation:
I was experimenting with self-bondage for some time now. Today, I just bound my legs tightly at the ankles, just below, and just above the knees with a single length of rope. I fapped as planned, with my legs extended.
Then, since like unwrapping all that right away felt like a waste, I just shifted to sitting position and went on /jp/. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that the unnatural for me position, sitting all girly-like with my legs closed and my balls on my thighs, turned out to feel really good. And not lewd kind of good that I get from the bondage - just really, really comfortable.
The more you learn!

>> No.8219841


I don't think there is anything girly about crossing your legs or putting your balls on top of your thighs. I do it all the time since I live in the tropics and it gets so hot that my balls just sag all the time.

>> No.8219870

Not crossed.
Knees together, ankles together, back straight.
Hell, I can't even sit like that normally without exerting a conscious effort.

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