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Don't say such horrible things you dark hearted miko.

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You have MEDDLED with the primal forces of NATURE, Ms. Kochiya, and I won't HAVE IT!

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You're not implying anything lewd, are you?

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Last I checked, shinto had no official commandments.

Indeed, if you ever get the urge to terrorise your sister with a dead pony, feel free.

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Typical greedy Raymoo, this is why i do all my wishing at the Moriya shrine.
They give gladly give you what you want for free, and all they want back is a little faith.

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Would the gods approve or disapprove of fucking Reimu on top of the donation box?

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Typical greedy Raymoo, this is why i do all my wishing at the Moriya shrine.
They gladly give you what you want for free, and all they want back is a little faith.

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It's simpler when you can give your faith directly to the gods

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Raise your hand if you've read that as "Fap Fap"

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>Miracles are something that you yourself invoke.
>Without any effort, and by simply waiting for them, miracles will not occur.

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Fuck off, that's too much effort.

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This is why your god is so angry with you, Reimu.

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easy to say when you have the fucking power to make miracles

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Oh, ye of little faith...

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Come to think of it, who is this unnamed and unseen god running the Hakurei shrine?

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Yes, of course a miracle will not occur if we don't do anything. Which doesn't make it a fucking miracle at all anymore, dumb bitch!

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The triune god of Ant, Fang, and You.

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Uncle Rupee

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I hope he never says. Reimu should forever be a lazy Miko running a joke of a shrine that's somehow still the most critical place in Gensokyo.

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Its ZUN.

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Its ZUN.

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Going to go with these as being equally likely and not in any way mutually exclusive.

Shinto seems to have a god hiding behind every corner.

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It's not a miracle if we have to do the work to execute it.

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It's not a miracle if you suck my cock, dude.

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He is always watching. As if his spirit is with Reimu where as his body is out in the real world. He also cannot age.

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But ZUN is the Hakurei shrine kannushi

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Watching? He has regular meetings with the management.

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Even the goddess serve ZUN. ZUN is the only true god in gensokyo.

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I thought it no longer had a god, but maybe that was said mockingly and I just interpreted it as being literal.

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Byakuren either sensed the god or was trolling the living hell out of Reimu (or both). So I think there is one.

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There is one, but who or what it is will probably never be revealed.

Mima and Konngara have been suggested but ruled out for various reasons.

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No, no, no. You have to put effort into making a miracle happen, not into doing whatever the miracle will do.

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Ugh reimu has the worst hair.

I want to give her a haircut in her sleep. Then she'd be perfect.

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You have to put yourself in the right position if you want to have any hope of catching the miracle-ball.

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It really depends on the artist drawing her.

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Yuuka described ZUN as a Transcended being. I sill think ZUN is Reimus god.

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I like it because it seems very country-girlish. She seems down to earth, with oily and slightly messy hair. Nothing too neat, and yet still organized by accessories. It makes her feel more human than any of the other characters to me.

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I like Makoto's Reimu hair. It looks like she doesn't wash it much.

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Faith doesn't come free, followers need to donate for the gods to receive faith.

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As the creator of the Touhou franchise, I refuse to believe ZUN being anything less than a creator deity on the same rank of certain deities from monotheistic religions, as far as gensokyo is concerned.

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That sounds blasphemous. Faith is given when you have your hopes set on the benevolence of a deity, not attending service or placing money inside a donations box.

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Idiots, shrines' gods subsist on donations which gather faith.

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That's the way it is, Sanae and her ancestors didn't have to deal with youkai so they got easy donators, however followers started decreasing during Sanae's turn so they had to escape to Gensokyo where faith gathering was a bit easier, sure enough, they built a second shrine at the base of the mountain to appeal to villagers, something the first Hakurei never thought of doing and instead did the exact opposite by being close to the youkai forest.

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Go away slutbag, your corrupting the pure Touhous with your presence.

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Reimu may be unsuccesful but at least she's the purest Touhou of all, and doesn't trade her body for faith.

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you can't be serious

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But Reimu isn't lazy, she's never failed to do her job, and she befriends youkai, that's why they come over to her place so often.

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She is.

Suika and Komachi said so.

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Yeah right

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I agree, though purity does not exactly mean coldness.

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Why everyone hates Raymoo?

Be nicer to her you bullies

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Cause she beat their favourite characters, and more recently because of her ''effortless trashing'' of Marisa in dei shirou's wrestling touhou series which cause a huuge shitstorm that still causes hate even today.

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What a whore!
First she demands money to save you and now that she noticed that wont work she is trying to tempt us with her naughty parts!

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Ugh, don't bring that shit up. I'm in a good mood.

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too lewd

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/jp/ is true hipsters even more so than /v/. Although everyone knows this already.

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not lewd enough faggot, more armipits kudasai

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You consider the armpit to be a naughty part? Strange how you're the one who actually noticed that without any previous mention. You want it badly

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You call me a hipster and I'll rip your tongue out. Consult KoJ about that shit with his faggy strawberry drinks from Starbucks.

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Insanely erotic

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Raymoo-pits just dont do it for me.
They need to be more sexual and well trained in the fine arts of pitjobs.

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>That sideboob grab

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Slut pits don't do shit for me. Reimus queen of armpits is the only armpits good enough.

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Reimu isn't looking for attention with her pits. That's just how she dresses. It may even be functional. And yet, it's extremely erotic. Her antisocial attitude only increases this tension.

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Have you prayed to ZUN today /jp/?

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I never get the whole armpit thing. In pictures like these I'm a lot more turned on by the sarashi.

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How so?

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Could be the wrong word, but I mean the way she doesn't reciprocate well with people or seek much personal attention.

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She befriends every (named) being that she whips up, they come constantly to her shrine for parties.

If anything is left doubting about her attitude, see her MoF A ending, my jaw sure dropped when I first watched it. It's on youtube by the way.

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Her attitude is what makes her so attractive to many of gensokyos inhabitants.
She just wants to relax and be at peace. I'm sure she doesn't mind company all the time(marisa) as long as they aren't fucking around.

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Pits hijack.

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I really love how touhou has ingrained the idea of this kind of outfit as a shrine maiden outfit. If someone showed up wearing a more realistic one, they'd probably be seen as strange.

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Not to mention plenty of mikos being college kids as opposed to twelve year olds.

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