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Does anyone here want to live in Gensokyo and hang out with Touhous for reasons other than fucking them?

As an example, Meiling would make a good sparring partner.

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I just want a new life somewhere. Even if I get eaten by youkai on the first day, so be it.

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wh 2h fk

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I'd rather hang out with Bern in the Sea of Fragments/Kakera/Parallel Worlds.

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Everyone sounds so friendly.
I've always wanted to take an apprentice profession, and that's not something people do anymore. Maybe Eirin or Patchouli will take me in? Come to think of it, I could teach nitori a few things about modern industrial electronics too. Something tells me they're still at steam power, so relay logic would be a neat thing to start her on.

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Yeah, sure, "hang out".

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would any touhou be able to turn me into a touhou so i can fuck myself

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I don't even care about fucking

I just want to be taken in by any cool youkai (preferably Yuyuko, Yukari, Remilia) and be their underling/servant or something.

Give my life some purpose

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>Meiling would make a good sparring partner.
Yep, this. Add in Alice teaching magical control of dolls and Pache teaching magic and it's perfect.

>I just want a new life somewhere. Even if I get eaten by youkai on the first day, so be it.

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I would never do something as vile as fuck a Touhou. I would just want to spend my days taking it easy at Hakurei Shrine. I hope Reimu doesn't mind a freeloader.

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But Aya and Hatate have cameras.

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I want to make dresses for the faeries. Nothing naughty, though

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I want to live in Gensokyou to achieve the things that are denied to me on this realm.

I wish to be strong. I wish to go on fantastical adventures full of magic and wonder. I wish to be somebody of importance with tons of friends, and at the end of the day just sit down with them and have a cup of tea or some booze.

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I would end up as Bern's bitch and like it. That's my definition of that term.

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I want to drink with Yuugi and Suika.

I also want to live with Rinnosuke and work in his shop. I could tell him what all his useless outside world knick knacks do. Then we can hope that someone actually comes to the shop to buy something and chase away Marisa together. But secretly I might give her stuff when Rinnosuke isn't looking.

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Hang out with Nitori, build computers.
Spend a shitton of time in the SDM library, get tea, talk about magic.
Fuck off to the bamboo forest and listen to 1000 year old stories and tales.

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Why does anyone think the Kappa have a good grasp of technology? They might be the most advanced, but the most technologically advanced thing that they had made is akin to one of those waving tube men you see at car dealerships.

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Modern science has yet to produce an acceptable invisibility cloak.

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Nitori was wearing blue, hiding in a river, and Reimu/Marisa was just too stupid to actually spot her.

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If they can harness electricity, it won't be very difficult to create computers from that point.
Glass jar capacitors and some welded tungsten transistors are all it takes to go from there into magnetic relays and such.

As they have the strongest foundation on the subject, I don't see why I would bother with someone who not only has no interest as they have magic, but doesn't even have slight knowledge in the field.

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Modern science that you know about.

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>Become Eirin's student
>Learn how to cure every disease, ever.

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Look up metamaterials.

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What if the doctor is the one causing the sickness?

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What am I supposed to find?

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I can only open the door for you, Neo. You have to walk through.

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Doctor, doctor, give me the news
I've got a bad case of lovin' you!

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I would never attempt to corrupt a pure Touhou. I believe that Gensokyo would be interesting place to live, however, and would like to mingle with the natives every once in a while. Romantic relationships might be interesting, but love must come before sexual impulses, and that idea I would abide by.

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>The most technologically advanced thing that they had made is akin to one of those waving tube men you see at car dealerships.
You shut your hole, those things are awesome.

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What would you do if one of the Touhous (not necessarily your favorite) took a liking to you? Would you actually deny them, considering most of them would be able to kill you in interesting ways?

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The only naughty thing I'd do is fuck the sit out of that purple hair rabbit. Other than that, I play the big brother role. I'd love to spend some time with Cirno and goof off. If they can teach me magic or grant immortality or a longer life span, I'd train my body and mind for centuries.

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Or just ask Yukari for eternal youth and immortality...although you'd either have to catch her in a good mood or become really close friends with her so she would acknowledge it.

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I always wondered this.

What would you do /jp/ if a Touhou, not your favorite but one that you simply know and have no strong feelings for be them bad or negative, one you have a completely neutral feeling towards, took a romantic interest in you?

How would you respond?

Let's say that your favorite Touhou currently has no strong feelings for you either way.

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Depending on their personality, you don't particularly get a choice

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>fuck the sit out of that purple hair rabbit

So you would fuck her so hard she wouldn't be able to sit down properly?

I like it.

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I would hold out for my true love touhou. Why would I bend for the first girl who shows interest in me? Who am I, Gohan?

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Nope but it would be really hard to not accept them

and we'll i don't mind getting eaten, squashed, sauteed, or sliced.

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It really depends on who it is. Some would be able to take heartbreak better than others. Some like Marisa, Patchouli, and Alice would probably either take it in stride or simply not care that much. If it was someone like Reisen, you'd end up breaking her heart and probably be rattled with guilt.

Someone like Flandre or Cirno, whose maturity level is...well, lacking, would probably outright kill you out of anger and frustration because they don't know how to deal with that kind of answer.

Then there's Yukari. She MIGHT be fine with it, but you would fear for your life at every corner simply because she can change her emotions on a whim and could decide to make your life hell just because.

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It's more like, if you were to deny them (and no doubt some people would deny Touhou romantic interest), how would you go about it?

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"I.... I understand Anonymous.... I'm just a stupid fairy anyway...."

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You people are despicable.

You would defile your love with something as vulgar as sex? How selfish can you be? Sure, you'll sate your animal lust, but she will become increasingly lewd each time you defile her.

Is that worth it to you? You would spoil her innocence to satisfy your lewd urges? Show some self-control. Sex has no place in a loving relationship. True love is about holding hands, spending time together, and hugs.

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Thank you!

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Touhou threads have been really off lately.

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Except we ARE talking about true love involving Touhous. Get out.

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Yukari? More like passive-aggressive retribution from hell.

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What? I'd just ignore them, they'd leave me alone after a while. Girls are very fickle, not to mention ones at their mental age.
I'd become a suitor for my love, even if I have to die trying. I've already made it to gensokyo in this scenario, but that really doesn't mean anything to me as I'd fall into the same ruts that have been ingrained in my being.
Gensokyo would just be a small chance given to me, and I'd go all or nothing with it.

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I like this idea. If Eirin made some kind addictive drug, we could distribute it all over Gensokyo, getting both human and youkai hooked. That's when we raise the price. Eirin could start Gensokyo's first pharmaceutical conglomerate, like Pfizer or Merck.

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Kind of hard to ignore some of them who would go full passive-aggressive bitch on you...with magical powers.

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I disagree. I think she would make me lewd each time she defiles me. But I do agree that love is not about sexual relations. Besides, I'm not a good love interest anyway, I would lose to any other /jp/er here. All I want to do anyway is hang out with my favorite touhous and join in their shenanigans. Or anything to give me some purpose in life.

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>Even if I have to die trying

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Why does /jp/ talk about eroge if they don't like lewdness?

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We play nukige for THE PLOT.

>> No.8196203

No one faps to eroge here, that's something the Japanese audience enjoys.
We read for the plot.

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Thanks, i needed that

now that i think about it, it's good that i am 3D and can't reach her cause i'm a natural defiler and i won't get to defile my favorite touhou with my horrible presence.

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Yeah. Mokou is pretty awesome.
She strikes me as the kind of super-elite that'd work with maybe one other person.
I'd like to team up with her and exterminate youkai with her as a duo at night.

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I want to be with keine, cause there'd be a lot I could learn.

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Would any of you create archives of each Touhou, and then kill all the youkai ones for a healthier and safer gensokyo?
Youkai Identification For Felling.

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I would give anything to just hang out at the Hakurei Shrine, I could be Reimu's little helper. Cleaning with her, making her tea after a long day's work...Hanging out with Aunt Marisa when she comes to visit.

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>Youkai Identification For Felling

Stay out of Gensokyo, furfag. The only place that welcomes your kind is HELL.

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I thought it'd be funny to post it.

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Same here. The Moriya Shrine is fine too.

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"You think you've got what it takes, fool?"
God, that would be awesome.

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Moriya shrine sounds a lot nicer actually. I can have two sisters and a mom, there. I do feel kind of sad for Reimu though, she must get lonely, she doesn't even have internet.

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I avert my eyes whenever a lewd scene appears.

I simply enjoy the feeling of falling in love. They're also great for making me feel like I'm not alone. Why would I need friends when I have hundreds of 2D women that are waiting for me to fall in love with them?

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Wouldn't mind being a pet. Might even get a collar to so other youkai know who I belong to and to keep their hands off

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I've got this running fantasy of living at the Moriya Shrine and Sanae falling for me and eventually becoming a priest. So yes.

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I want to meet Lady Mima.

I'll study under her, working hard so that I may be able to use magic/danmaku. From my study I will craft a shield danmaku made to reflect bullets. I will train my skills until I can either obtain the Hourai elixir or become a youkai. With my now extended lifespan, I'll start a bodyguard business, protecting the travelers of Gensokyo. Occasionally I'll start incidents just to get more customers. The money made will be donated to a certain shrine where a certain evil spirit resides.


I would try to answer her feelings. If my love cannot reach someone, then maybe I am just chasing the wrong dream. I can come to love another but only if their feelings are true, not just the whim of an irresponsible being. My heart may change but I cannot change the heart of another.

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If I went to Gensokyo I would quietly sabotage people's romantic ambitions until I was discovered and expelled. I am a jealous person.

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>Implying sanae doesn't fall for each shown cock to her.

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Please excuse my ignorance, but how do I learn enough about Touhous so I can fall in love with them as well?

I've tried to play the game, but I'm so terrible at that sort of thing that I didn't see much of the story or characters. Is there a Touhou game that isn't a shooting game that I could try? Maybe an RPG or VN?

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Satori has tons and tons of pets, but what she really needs is a...well, not a servent, but...a handyman. Just someone to help hold the house together, you know?

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I'm still getting a collar. She can negotiate terms from there

>> No.8196338

Funny you should mention that, because she's on fence between slut and not in my fantasy.

>> No.8196339


You're not willing to go through the gruesome challenges?
You don't deserve the pleasure to love them.

>> No.8196348

Officially there is an Arkanoid clone and two fighting games.

Fan made games of every genre exist.

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Go back underground, Parsee.

>> No.8196368

You'd be a perfect match with Parsee. The two of you can angst and envy everyone else together. That'd be so sweet and cute~

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Here, try watching this fanmade series of cute videos.


>> No.8196391

Yeah, that was floating on my mind.

That sounds almost like the setup for a romantic comedy. Two envious second-stringers set out on a mission to make Gensokyo a barren place, and fail hilariously. But while trying to banish love from the rest of the world...

But actually, I detest romantic comedies.

Some sort of hilariously depressive black comedy probably fits us both better anyway.

>> No.8196393

I'd like to lead Reisen in a reconquista of the moon

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Feels like one of those situations that will end in a brawl between the person and parsee with a swift transition into lovemaking

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Whenever I read a story like that I feel awkward and uncomfortable.

We probably wouldn't fight anyway due to lack of things to envy each other for. Maybe a little on my side.

Oh, I'm jealous as all fuck of whoever she's talking to right now.

And not just because I have a memory like a sieve.

>> No.8196437

But she's talking to you, anon. How does that make you feel?

>> No.8196458

Something like "the feeling of wanting to hide a blushing face."

... maybe we would get along.

>> No.8196483

i'd like to do something like this. i have this fantasy about being Flan's butler. i can see her being kind and shy whenever i make her meals, bring her tea, etc. and then snapping and almost murdering me whenever i mess up. not that i'd get sexual gratification out of it, i just think it'd be an awesome life. i don't even care that i would probably end up getting killed and eaten

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I agree. She's a good girl, and needs some companionship

>> No.8196514

I'd gather 5-7 girls and start an incident, forcing Reimu, Marisa or some others to hunt me down. Meanwhile ZUN will get a new idea for the next game.

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I feel that this needs to be posted.

>> No.8196541

I'd pretty much just want to hang out in the underground and drink myself to literal death with the oni. Maybe live long enough to get into the sack with Yuugi only to discover I have severe whiskey dick.

Man, even in fantasies shit turns out badly for me.

>> No.8196550

I can't find the source on this. Google keeps giving me origins of Zarathustrian Parsis.

>> No.8196567

(C78) [Forever and ever... (Eisen)] YugiParu Hon R

That page has almost nothing to do with the rest of the doujin, fyi.

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File: 11 KB, 150x117, thu_7bdf668d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well one can never have one too many Parsee doujins. Thanks.

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I would end up befriending Meiling, asking her to teach me whatever martial arts she knows and visiting her on a regular basis to practice, eventually becoming infatuated with her.

After reaching a certain level of skill, we would end up making friendly gambles on matches, but handicapped so that I actually have a chance to win (something like I have to land 5 successful blows within a certain time limit or doing a certain technique), otherwise she would win every bet. Then she decides she's going to fight in earnest for once, but if I land a single blow on her she'll have sex with me.

She eventually lets me win and then proves to me that my body is indeed NOT ready.

>> No.8196583

it's not very satisfying if she lets you win

>> No.8196587

I hope you're a worthy opponent for my beloved imouto JAOOO~N girl.

>> No.8196597


I wouldn't know that she let me win. She just tells me after she's done ravaging me. Either that or I just strike her before the fight begins and tell her to keep her word. Either way, sex with an accomplished martial artist would be an arduous endeavor, to say the least.

>> No.8196623

Live with Marisa and help her organize her shit.

>> No.8196670

I'd be fine just chilling in the human village, maybe help Keine out with some lessons, and then dying peacefully and then just chilling out in the netherworld and visiting Hakugyokurou

>> No.8196677


Thats whats nice about Gensokyo. Dying aint really that bad of a thing.

Unless you're a total bastard of course.

>> No.8196871

You'd have to fight me for that position, anon

>> No.8196900

Not that guy, but have at you!

>> No.8196964

How are you going to hang out with your Touhou pals when you're a white blob that can't speak or touch anything? Stay alive.

>> No.8197103

I just want to get to Moriya shrine and live there with three of them. It's a fantasy, so it'll work somehow.

>> No.8197578

The last one of these threads, I said I'd marry Kogasa, but having about a couple weeks to think about that, I've realized I can't make up my mind. Alice, Kogasa, Nitori, they all appeal to me.

(fantasy marriages aside)

I think when I'd get to Gensokyo, I'd see if I could maybe start a delivery service, dropping off goods, and supplies via helicopter. Maybe give some of the more major locations a radio so I'd know what people would need.

(laugh all you want, it's amazing what I think of when I'm bored)

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I want to lounge around in my underpants with Satori, not really doing anything.

It is my dream.

>> No.8197625

If I could make a tavern/inn around a 5 minute walk away from the human village and be mildly sucessful, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I'd meet some Touhous that would at least check the place out. Even more would be seen at festivals, which I would have liquor at.

>> No.8197631

Also I think I'd set up my home/helipad/warehouse somewhere in or near Youkai Mountain.

Got Tengu overwatch, and Kappa mechanics.

>> No.8197640



Over my dead body first.

>> No.8197675

They would rape and eat you on the spot.

Remember the lake full of human blood?

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>> No.8197716

So what would your home look like, or would you move in with your waifu?

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I want to go around Gensokyo and give all of them hugs.

Then I'll find 2hu of no note and eat their liver to gain their powers and better assure my safety in this task..

>> No.8197742

You mean the one in Makai?
The one in a completely seperated area from Gensokyo?

>> No.8197755

Fucking them? yokai will rape YOU to death on you first night. The Hakurei shrine is not safe either, Reimu can't keep yokai from entering and kill you when she is looking away. Marisa's hut is probably deserted and she doesn't give much of a fuck.
You could maybe ask Sanae for help if you swear to be Kanako's slave forever, but you'd never reach the top of the mountain alive anyway.
Your only hope is stumbling upon the human village.

>> No.8197788

>Over my dead body first.

Alright then, there's nothing to have at..

I guess I win.

>> No.8197791

I would like to learn a shitload of magic and become immortal or be able to get really old in one way or another. Then I would try to play a part in/start an incident and get acquainted to my favorite touhous. After that I would spend my time having fun. Pretty much the normal stuff anyone would do, and I wouldn't even mind a job.

>> No.8197794

I would do multi track drifting with my waifus.

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I would love to spend my days at Hakurei Shrine with Reimu. I could help her sweep the leaves and keep the place clean, and help her get some donations, and in the meantime, keep her company. Maybe if an incident would occur, I could tag along and help her out, though I don't know how much good I will be. I would be able to take it easy and get probably meet a lot of the other Touhous that visit the the Shrine.

I wish it would happen. ;_;

>> No.8197854

Eirin, duh, if I don't get to be inmortal, I can get to live easily a thousand years.

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