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So /jp/, Uhh... I think my thread just got deleted by mistake, so here we go again.

Since this is the Japanese culture board and these are Japanese instruments, I figured it would be better to ask here than in /int/.

I currently play the violin and have played the guitar before and have a modicum of skill with both, and I want to learn how to play the shamisen.

The only problem is that most (authentic, e.g. tsugaru) shamisen I can find are around $400, and I'm not entirely willing to spend $400 on something I might not even enjoy playing.
There are the Okinawan kankara shamisen, or sanshin, which are basically the same instrument, but these have tin cans as the dou instead of drums.

In terms of learning how to play the shamisen, if I get a kankara sanshin (which, mercifully, cost only around $125) and decide I like it, will there be a great difference in sound or playing between the kankara sanshin and a regular shamisen?

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wrong board

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>here we go again.


Delete your thread.

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>Bumping every 4 seconds on /jp/
..Reported for obvious trolling.

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This isnt japanese culture, its otaku culture.

You'd be better off in /mu/ or /int/

/jp/ is for NEETs shutin's and directionless pedos who all love 2d girls (or traps) over real girls. also, this board is slow as hell, dont be a shithead and bump every 5 seconds, your thread didn't even make it off the first page.

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LOL what da fuck is this weboo shit?

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looool what a fuckin weeaboo

when was the last time you got laid? LMAO

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