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Do you like the smell of socks?

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No. Feet are gross.

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Dont care for the smell of the socks myself, i do like the smell of the sluts though.

That delicious aroma of sweat, cigarettes and semen~

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Don't get me started again. I just came about 5 times.

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No, but whatever floats your boat Anon.

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Those socks are repulsive

I can understand you having a sock/foot fetish, but it looks like they literally went outside and walked in bare socks for two hours.

If you wear shoes, how do you even get your socks that dirty? That doesn't make any sense. Black?

They must have disgusting hygenical habits.

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>understanding a fetish
You should probably stop trying.

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I prefer stinky sweaty barefeet over socks but socks can be nice too~

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>Do you like the smell of cocks?

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sweaty balls > cocks

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I like it as it's humiliating. Somewhat rare aspect in femdom eroge though in my opinion.

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Without a doubt the best smell in the world.

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I really hate your bullshit dick sucking threads, but I gotta agree, sweaty balls and penis smell pretty great.
Having a fap while smelling your ballsweat is a quick way to have a eye rolling in the back of your head orgasm.

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No worries! this is why i got a trip.
Now even you can filter me~

That said 90% of these "saten image+ suck my cock, dude" replies are not me, nor do i actually start those threads.

I will admit i shitpost in them though.

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