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What's it like to kiss a boy?

>> No.8085439

Stick your tongue into an electric socket.

It doesn't feel like that.

>> No.8085440

Before or after you suck his cock?

>> No.8085443

>she used to be pure and happy
>one day she lost her virginity
>after that she became a huge unclean whore bitch with a massive ego

This is just like real life

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>> No.8085468

Like a warm bag of sand.
And the other, like a warm bag of sand and semen.

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/jp/'s first kiss.

>> No.8085538

I got kissed on the cheek by a slutty girl in my last year of Highschool.

First and only kiss ever, with 2 years having been passed.

It was also my first and only hug as well. Boo.

>> No.8085539

this looks pretty REAL DEAL

tired of all the disney babby shit these days

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