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1812 Overture>Every piece Beethoven ever wrote

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Heil dem Führer

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Spare me your Teutonic bullshit.

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Also, why would you use Latin to defend Beethoven?
With Berlioz or Verdi I can see exactly why,
but not for a Deutschlander.

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1812 is good, but nothing special. I feel the same about Beethoven though. Now Schubert, that's something else. Also, tchaikovsky and Prokofiev.

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The 1812 is by Tchaikovsky

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Dvořák=Brahms > your shit

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ZUN > Haydn

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Jun Ishikawa&Hirokazu Ando > Motoi Sakuraba > Yasunori Mitsuda > ZUN > Koji Kondo >Uematsu (then) > no-hopers > Uematsu (whatever the fuck he does today) > Anonymous NEET

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Hugo Wolf>All others.

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OP is a fag.

Beethovan rules.

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Tchaikovsky was a poofter.

Schubert ist mein Favorit.

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suck my cock dude

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No Daisuke Ishiwatari?

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ITT: Overrated shit

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That's just more Teutonic bullshit coming from a barbaric Germanophile.

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daisuke ishiwatari is god-tier
he can't be on any list

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Motoi Sakuraba > Yasunori Mitsuda > Uematsu (then)
Bitch please. I love the other two too, but come on.

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too much hit/miss from Uematsu, sadly. I love the other two for consistency.

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Well, I'll give you that much.

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Clearly Shostakovich is the superior composer.

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Whoever did WorldEndDominator, MirageCoordinator, GoldenSlaughter and LastEndConducter is better than any being that has ever lived.
Was that zts, or am I confused?

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I ain't even mad. Plebs gonna pleb about composer rankings.

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Let's just all calm down, see reason and agree that Chopin was the greatest composer who ever lived.

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zts indeed. Dat dreamenddischarger.
Also, thanks to you I found this.

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The entire Umineko BGM team is amazing. Those that you called are great, I agree, but you're missing HANE, far, Towering Cloud in Summer, #STRIP, and that one with BELIEVING ONESELF TO BE PERFECT IS....OFTEN THE SIGN OF A DELUSIONAL MIND

The bgm was what saved Umineko.

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Satie, Ravel, and Elgar here. Can we join this ranking fight?

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You mean system0:
I disagree with you. Umineko wasn't saved by the music, because it wasn't saved. I still adore the first episodes, but the solution and everything pertaining to that are retardedly disappointing.
Still, I repeat, I love the first episodes, and I love the music.
witch in gold cenba is just perfect for establishing the mood.
I can still feel the desolation and melancholy of the island, even after being slapped with that shitty ending.

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I give you a B. maybe B+.

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1812 is one of the shittiest most entry level pieces of classical you can get. Tchaikovsky himself thought it was shit.
>"very loud and noisy, but [without] artistic merit, because I wrote it without warmth and without love"

You could have picked his 6th Symphony but nope, had to be a faggot.

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Marche Slave > 1812 Overture

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I like the 1812 Overture because its cannon.
I do not like the Ludwig van Wank.

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sounds like fan wank, lol

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