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Reimu's feet in your face

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Reimu a face

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Which one, /jp/?

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My foot up Raymoo's ass.

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Cirno feet sound nice since they give out free frozen frogs.

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Sakuya, after cleaning the entire Scarlet mansion, peels off her sweaty socks and presses her feet up against your cheeks. They smell like a mixture of sweat and violet skin lotion.

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I prefer legs.
And that pic is delicious.

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Cirno because her feet is colder than Reimu's, that makes her feet less likely to accumulate dirt, now look at Reimu, she has probably stepped on that soil countless times and the sweat and pus is most likely reaching critical levels.

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Cirno because her feet is colder than Reimu's, that makes her feet less likely to accumulate dirt, now look at Reimu, she has probably stepped on that soil countless times with her bare feet the sweat and pus between her toes is most likely reaching critical levels.

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Feet thread.

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>bare feet

Reimu uses sandals, Cirno resides and plays on a lake all day long, feet and filthy water don't mix very nicely if you know what happens next.

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There is a cat rubbing his head on Reimu feet, I don't think that is very hygienic.

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Best threads on /jp/.

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The fact that a cat and a crow tengu are attracted to her feet means that they must smell nice.

There's also a hot spring on the back of Reimu's shrine, it cleans impurities of any being that enters there, like humanoid cats.

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Okuu seems flustered that I asked her to stick her feet in my face...

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But you can't deny that Chilluno's feet are better...!!

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That filename.


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I want to tie Cirno to a pole, put a frypan at her feet and lit fire under it.

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My dick smells of dry cum all day and my cats and dogs still rush into my crotch to sniff it, what is considered nice for them may not be considered nice for we humans.

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Oh dear.

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Are you saying that Aya and Orin are attracted to the smell of cum?

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Don't compare your filthy animals to mythological animals like the crow tengu which reek of sensorial purity.

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That is just a random crow that belongs to a random tengu, and the cat is just a random cat, I doubt the cat is Orin.

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Don't compare your filthy animals to mythological creatures like the crow tengu which reek of sensorial purity.

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It's a line from the TF2 Okuu voice pack.

...Hey, I can't just go around giving my feet pics generic filenames...

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Why are feet so lewd and slutty?

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The crow is Aya, notice the hat, Reimu C's bad SA ending shows that she can turn into a crow herself, just like most animal youkai. That cat is most certainly Orin for Reimu did not have a cat until SA where Orin stays at her shrine.

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Aya's crow wear a hat too? I thought Aya's crow wore a hat too. Looks like I was wrong, oh well, I guess that changes everything.

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Aya's can turn herself into a crow? I thought that was her pet crow, but it looks like her crows don't wear hats. Looks like I was wrong, oh well, I guess that changes everything.

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Indeed, now less talking and more feet posting.

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That just makes >>8045568
response even more accurate, since Orin and Aya are crazy for cum.

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They seem so mundane and unimportant that when attention is paid, a level of embarrassment and shame is brought on.

And on the other side, using them as a means to impose dominance brings on the same feelings as well only turned onto someone else.
Feet are very interesting body parts.

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Japanese people are so weak, how can they get drunk with little bottles of a drink with low percentages of alcool like sake?

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Which toohou has the sweatiest feet

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That's not a human, tengu are known for having high resistance when drinking, she must've drank a hell of a lot to actually get drunk.

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I like pictures in transition.
Sorry for the not-quite feet

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Always wearing boots.

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Smelly Patchery~

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Probably Okuu. One of her feet is encased in that foot of fission all the time.

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I only see 2 small bottles in that picture.

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come to think of it, I don't see tenshi's feet that much...

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Who knows how many more there are on the surroundings?

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Probably not many since Japanese people are weak to alcohol.

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That guy just told you she is a TENGU, Jesus Christ do you have the memory of a goldfish?

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But she's not human.

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No thank you. But if you have any Crino in stock, ill take 2.

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Everyday Cirno feet. :9

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I'd have Cirno dip her toes in my drinks to cool them. Better than ice cubes.

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I need better pictures of Suika legs

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Yuyuko's feet smell reeeeallly bad

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Feet mixed with sake.

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Too bad that none of these girls will ever exist. Enjoy masturbating to cartoons.

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So much for not fapping tonight.

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You know that'd kill you right?

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Alcohol in your butt? Wouldn't the alcohol just disinfect whatever bacteria there is and basically give you a clean colon?

>> No.8046149


You're liver won't filter it and you'll die.

>> No.8046150

It would get absorbed in the mucous membranes in there and bypasses the liver. This kills the human.

>> No.8046151

Alcohol poisoning. Your body can't take that much that directly.
Someone's trussed up the grim reaper to die.

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But at least you will die with a relatively clean colon though!

>> No.8046159

Would be better if that was poop, but that's just me.

>> No.8046160

...and no mention at all about the drastically increased absorption rate allowed by colon walls..

>> No.8046161

How much everclear should I take anally to get nice and drunk, but not die.

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probably like a teaspoon or even half that

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Too low.

Though it couldn't hurt to start there and 'dose up' to find the appropriate amount.

Alcohol is absorbed much quicker rectally, but it isn't 'enhancing' the effects.

I would think noncarbonated, undistilled products would be better than high proof alcohol, due to its hygroscopic nature, which can easily cause cellular damage.

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Stop bumping this poor thread, we had some discussions it was funny, now it is over, move on.

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It's a feet thread, not a discussion thread.

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Come on /jp/ I want some wallpapers, your feet pictures are small ass resolutions.
Where are those 1920x1080?

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What the hell, a feet thread without a single picture from Kuro suto? Why are you so green nowadays, /jp/?

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I don't like feet very much, specially 3D feet, disgusting.

But sometimes...

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You are missing out.

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This is one of those sometimes for me.

Got a source?

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Okuu has such cute feet in right there, I like how the artist textured them.

>> No.8048574

I love her face, too.

She's just dying to stick 'em right in your face.

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File: 1.20 MB, 1217x1618, 0ee93c41078b3fc275e9755f4928b69a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who SOCKS here

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I would lick those feet for forty-five minutes and expect nothing in return.

>> No.8048751

>Enjoy your food poisoning.

Probably you will, if you like those feet you probably have a diarrhea fetish.

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Aya/Momi foot doujin?!

...sauce plz?

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Filthy old hag.

>> No.8048838

I do have a scat fetish thank you for noticing~

Yukari must have the most delicious feet my mere sinsack mind possibly fathom.

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>Yukari feet

>> No.8048907

liking feets at all

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Tojiko's feet

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>Yukari feet

>liking feet period

>> No.8048939

yo, i love yukari, but not feet

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File: 1.23 MB, 1153x1600, reimuyukari1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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...why, why feet are so sexual and beautiful?

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Because they cross over our private parts nerves and some of us associate it to be sexual, not that it is a bad thing.

>> No.8049883

It's the shape,
the truly beautiful shape,
I can only appreciate feet with good legs though

>> No.8049888


>> No.8049892

I've read somewhere that's related to fertility, as the quantity of female hormones regulates the feet shape and size.

>> No.8050644

>> No.8050657

Possible source?

>> No.8051295

Legs I guess.

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