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What part of Touhou fanon are you most guilty of promoting?

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hime-sama as neet/hikki

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Calling Meiling "China". When playing Hisoutensoku or discussing her in EoSD/StB, it's easier to type than Meiling.

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Mokou x Kaguya
I blame Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth for making it seem like a funny tsundere relationship.

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Gratuitous lesbianism, mildly sadistic Yuuka.

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>making it seem


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This for sure, I've fapped to Kaguya x Mokou so many times it's inseparable from the canon to me.

Also Sakuya being a lolicon.

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Slut Sanae, but only as a byproduct of my mass sexualization. It's nothing personal.

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Yuugi's status as oni royalty.

Just once called her "mountain queen" in jest, in reference to Ibsen's mountain king, and the name sort of stuck.

Sure, the deva are oni of great power and a sort of legendary heroes, but they are not formal royalty.

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I like it when they poop. Accepting another girls shit is the purest expression of love. It's mostly Marisa/Reimu but China/Cirno, Remilia/Sakuya and Patchouli/Sakuya also work.

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Is Flanfly canon or fanon? lol

wasn't really where I though this thread was going. Whatever, shut up.

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It's canon that Flan can really make a mess in the SDM when she wants to, but I don't think she wants to escape so much as she's an extreme shut-in.

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She's sort of like nuclear weapons. She might be a constant threat and source of concern, but she's really only dangerous if you push all the right buttons in the right order.

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>nuclear weapons

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Oh yes, that too.

Due to repeatedly underestimating the power of reverse psychology, somehow ended up promoting the idea of Okuu being dumb as a rock.

She's not.

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Yeah I have no clue where fans got that idea from. She certainly doesn't sound dumb in any of her canon text.

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She actually seems retarded in Hisoutensoku.

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So does everyone else.

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Because Orin called her a birdbrain.

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Eeaah, might not want to say that around here, judging from the 2 latest Okuu threads, the posters there are dead focused on a extreme-dumb-Okuu view.

Each interpretation to their own, though if you squeeze canon fully you'll just see she has concussion-based short-term amnesia, i.e: knock her and she won't remember the last thing she did like a hangover, she isn't ''dumb'' per se though.

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As a certain Oppenheimer proved, it actually is easy to be smart even when you are become death, the destroyer of worlds.

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Oh, that's right, she was knocked down shortly afterwards everytime she's been shown not to remember something clearly (Kanako's appearance and fighting with Sanae).

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Muscular Yuugi.

But most people just consider that canon these days.
So success!

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yuugi = hokuto-worthy buff and beastly ass kicker (not too far from the truth really)
rumia = animalistic cannibal
letty = fat

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>not too far from the truth really

Well, being an oni and liking fighting does not mean you have to be a buff mutant.

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She's bigger and more athletic than the rest. That's about it. Not sure where the idea of her being over two metres tall came from.
Not that I ever minded.

Not sure if anyone takes the idea that Rumia was once a grue seriously.

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Large-breasted Touhous.

Despite it technically not being canon, there is a significant number of people that can't survive in this world without them.
...I'm sure of this.

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>Not sure if anyone takes Rumia seriously.


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Everyone is gay in Gensokyo.

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Petophile mom

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The dumb Okuu thing came from her being a birdbrain.

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Arghh, my two least favorite things in Yakumo fanon are CH(E^n)N and nosebleeds.
Why must you do this to me?

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And mainly those:

- Momizi liking Aya.
- Momizi not being able to control her canine instincts.
- Masochist Tenshi.
- Shikieiki nagging everyone.
- Alice being tsundere.
- Rinnosuke being heterosexual.

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Don't forget Momiji having personality

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Oh, I already do that with Koa.

Fuck what ZUN said about her being mischievous, I like my little devil adorable and clumsy.

Farewell, /jp/.

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Weak digestive track Satori.

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lol sanae is slutty as HELL xD

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Tokiko being a child of Keine/Rinnosuke.

Literally the only fanon thing I like.

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Alice is actually kinda tsundere, in that she verbally spars with Marisa all through IN but actually likes her (at least as a friend) and even sleeps over at her house in one of the bad endings.
That and the instruction manual for IaMP labels her one on the hud explanation page in the manual, similar to how they labled Cirno an idiot.

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Buront hangs around Gensokyo.
Mystia runs her eel stand out of benevolence, not trying to trick humans.
Mokou does odd jobs for the human village.
Ran really, really adores Chen.
Momiji and Aya are good friends (when Momiji isn't on duty).
Yuka runs a farm.

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All the flat characters have giant tats and all the big boobed characters have DFC

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Yuuka actually says she enjoys teasing people in PoFV, and her profile says she loves "rubbing people the wrong way"
Take that as you will

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*her profile in PMiSS
Either way saying she's a little sadistic isn't too far off.
She isn't a random psycho killer though. She only gets violent if you look like you'll make an interesting fight or if you mess with her flowers and piss her off.

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I wouldn't mind Yuugi being taller than me, that way I don't have to worry about being poked by her horn when we hug

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>Buront hangs around Gensokyo.
You need to fuck off.

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Kanako = Best Mom Ever
Ran = Best Mom Ever
Yuuka = Best Mom Ever
Tewi = Sexualized bunny

Kanako+Yuuka+Yukari+Eirin+Yuyuko+Hijiri = Forever 17.

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Aww, that's cute.
I just like tall girls period. But I like your reason better.

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I think he has good chemistry with the Gensokyo residents.

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Mama Satori and babby Okuu.

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No, that's just the way Gensokyo works, the misunderstanding of this is what led IOSYS to spread that disease.

ZUN said in PCB that no matter how harsh the dialogue may seem, the girls will always know they're just playing with each other, this is also evident with Reimu having everyone she beats up as a friend.

She's just a bully, PoFV shows she has actually a good morality for the better of Gensokyo and even acts mother-ish to Komachi.

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I can't really think of anything no matter how hard I try. Some of the things I promote I'm not sure of.

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The pairings. All of them. Especially the lesbian ones.

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Ran x Yukari
Momiji and Aya getting along.

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what about tokiko lmao

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>The pairings. All of them.
>Especially all of them.

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Very this.

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So, verbally sparring with people you like isn't normal...?

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Koko is a cock goblin.

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Koko is a Knob goblin.

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yuuka making bread.

I'm that guy that posts those.

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Touhou as fap material

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