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Hey /jp/!
Everyone else gets a thread. Can I have one too?

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Your Momiji just gave birth to 3 adorable Momijis. Congratulations!

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If it can wash out the bad aftertaste associated with Momiji lately, sure.

Then again, I'm running a cold with sore throat and all and not really tasting anything that should be described right now.

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Git wil sun, Helen!

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What's been wrong with Momiji lately?

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Come to think of it, there was a week-long Momiji thread last time I was properly ill too. In the middle of the pudding crisis.
Maybe I can create some kind of holistic cure if all else fails. Ehum...

"Momiji has a fever, and the only cure is..."


You don't know? The whole RP mess?
Then maybe best to let the sleeping dragons lie.

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I miss Momiji-chan ;_;

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But the rest of /jp/ hates me, so I had no choice but to leave.

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lewd momiji's this thread has been ruined.

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In any case, the RPer is gone now.

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They don't appreciate your virtue and beauty.

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Was Satori not enough of a demonstration for you?

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It's not lewd. It's a fever.

Come to think of it, do dogs catch colds?

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"...tender Sapphism?"

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Beats proofreading kognitive science essays by mail while running a 40 degrees celsius fever.

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For one thing, it helps you sweat like HELL. Sweating always helps with fever.

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activities that generate more heat? With a fever?

There's also an issue with contagions.

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her clothing is lewd

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This whole thread is boner central.
This post is the epicentre.

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It pains me to see that you see Momiji like that.

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Why, thank you, I'm always trying my best.

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I'm tired of seeing lewdness being shunned. It's 100% natural. If you're asexual then that's fine. Even the most beautiful and pure touhou are prone to these feelings...

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That's one thing, but its not supposed to be a center of attention all the time.

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Don't know for sure. Ever since being memetically damaged for life after watching Voyager as a child, I tend to turn the heat up a lot when I get sick, the idea being that it would "maintain" the fever at a temperature where it actually does something. Which it probably doesn't.

And anyways, dogs have higher body temperature than humans. Know a lot of people use their dogs to keep warm. At least in houses where dogs are allowed on the couch.

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Fine, but you need energy for fighting the fever off, not trying to pleasure yourself. I would imagine the sense is deadened anyways.

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Then post some non-lewd AyaxMomiji yuri.

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Don't have to view it that way.
Just imagine that just because Momiji is a disciplined professional, it doesn't mean that she lacks emotions and has no life.
Just imagine her giggling and playfully wrestling you down without effort, tail swishing and ears standing right up. All perfectly innocently and playfully.
Then she bites your chin just to show who's boss around the house. Just in case.

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Lewd touhou is lame, lewd anything else i can enjoy but touhou just no.

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Why does it have to be yuri? I don't go for pairings, sorry.

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I meant "turning up the heat" as in turning up the dial on the radiator a notch.
It's hard to pleasure yourself when every breath feels like an alcoholic dragon.

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I'm thankful I don't get sick often. I don't like heat at all. Its fall and I find myself turning the AC when its 22 in my room.

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You make the best stories.

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Just cover your neck like you'd do if you wanted to go out in the snow and take a nap like that. That usually does wonders for me.

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I don't like how it ended.
Too abrupt.
Good characterization, though.

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Hmm... you've aroused my curiosity.

How do you get rid of the sad panda again?

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I forgot.

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Register on ehentai, take the login credentials cookie and change it to exhentai.

That's what I did. I think.

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... this is going to be a very complicated panda to get rid of, is it?

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Hang on.

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Hmm, I'm having trouble finding where Firefox cookies are kept. Maybe I should go bug /g/.

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Not that I think of, there are cookie editor extensions for Firefox and Chrome as far as I know, it wasn't hard for me.

but then, setting up a fuuka archiver for /c/ and gelbooru on my computer wasn't either. I know there are instructions somewhere as well.

I read that as Hong on, this mildly distresses me.

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the last time I did it I had to use a cookie editor addon
took all of five minutes

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so, what happened to the saged posts? stuff is disappearing from other boards too.

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Um... thanks?

Still find it embarassing I can't get a plain nagware cookie editor working as I'd like it, though.
Going to blame the cold.

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If I can remember correctly

Its create an account on ehentai, take the member ID cookie, and change it to a cookie for exhentai, then set the expiration date for something ridiculous.

Might be wrong. The extension I use will open up cookies that the site you're on uses.

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You're probably right. Seems to be something with the editor I'm using.

Maybe I should switch to Firefox.

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Used IE since 1997.


>Are you still thinking about when you were told that dogs stink when they get wet?

It was only a matter of time.

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We can always count on you.
Keep up the good job, and thanks for all your hard work.

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Thank Zun, a decent Momiji thread, haven't seen one of these in weeks.

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May it not be the last.

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Well thats the hard way.

You could just clear all your cookies, log in to e-hentai, and then open exhentai.

You keep seeing the panda because it remembers you trying to visit while not logged into e-hentai.

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I wonder if there's something on those lines, but ero instead.

Because when Aya found her naked pictures on Momiji's, I was kinda expecting some sex there.

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>Everyone else gets a thread.

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-1 respect.

Too bad you turned out like those faggy hipster guys on TVTropes and Shrinemaiden.

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I laughed pretty hard.

>> No.7927917

I'm just kidding, of course. It's not like there's enough pictures of Orange to warrant a thread anyways.


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What are you talking about, theres plenty of pictures of Orange

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What would you do if you were Aya in this situation?

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I wouldn't stop him
He seems pretty tough, but still
Maybe a bit kind

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What? He looks like trouble. Momiji's clearly scared of him.

>> No.7928474

Just misunderstood
You can see it in his eyes
He doesn't mean harm

>> No.7928483

He's a white wolf just like Momiji. Wouldn't she be a better judge of if he's bad news than you?

>> No.7928487

I can't say for sure
Momiji might be flustered
But he's not a threat

>> No.7928499

Momiji's tail is in the way. He's just lifting it so he can sniff her butt and get to know her better.

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Kinda slowpoke but meh
>Create account on _e-hentai_ forums
>Log in, make sure it remembers you
>Go to exhentai.org
>If sad panda, clear browser history, try again from step 2.

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Y-yeah, of course. He's a nice guy, really. Nothing to...worry about...

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Even if amusing, that's not nice.

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That's not true at all, probably.

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Something feels off when you got three people in a room, two of who are wolf people, and the only guy is the one who's most of a bitch.

Much prefer the gruff Bromiji, if that is the only option.

>> No.7929588

> Everyone else gets a thread. Can I have one too?

No, but you can have this
*grabs a dick*

>> No.7929631

Is it just me, or she became much more popular after Ace Attorney style doujin?

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After what?

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Ah, yes.

Maybe. Haven't played. Haven't linked them together. Figured there were just lots of people who like wolves.

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I love Momiji because Chen is off limits.

Lewd Chen pics = burning in hell
Lewd Momiji = feelsgoodman.jpg

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>Chen is off limits.
You don't know what she does with those cats everyday.

>> No.7929805

Eh... What? Chocolate is poison for dogs, right?

>> No.7932583

This makes me distressed
Remembered copypasta
Leaves me with bad taste

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>> No.7932608

This image hurts me
Imagining what happens
Is too depressing

>> No.7932622

Someone should come up with a new one. Maybe less gory, Momiji feels uncomfortable but you comfort her and she struggles through the discomfort to satisfy you because she loves you?

>> No.7932626

Relax. Momiji's a lot bigger than a dog; it'd take a huge amount of chocolate to do any damage to her.

>> No.7932632

That's a good idea. Go pitch it to /tp/.

>> No.7932641

I'd write if I could
But I'm hardly a poet
I tried to roleplay.
Are enough to unsettle
Any true lover

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Grrrglgrgh! Lrglrrglgglr! GllllrrLLL!

>> No.7932676

Stocks are my fetish
It's one of my favourites
But I don't like this

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Don't worry, Aya will surely save her from this fiendishly delicious predicament.

>> No.7932703

Call me what you want
But I can't say I trust her
Would you not agree?

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Not really, but I don't think she'd leave her friend/accomplice to die.

>> No.7932719

Their relationship
The biggest uncertainty
We don't know for sure

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Either way, I still think she would. It might be a "nobody bully's that bitch but me!" kind of deal, or it might not, but Tengu are a very social people. Even a friendless outcast like Aya would abandon a comrade in need.

>> No.7932737 [DELETED] 

If it was hidden
Even from Aya's sharp eyes
Would she have no hope?

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Either way, I still think she would. It might be a "nobody bullies her but me!" kind of deal, or it might not, but Tengu are a very social people. Even a friendless outcast like Aya wouldn't abandon a comrade in need.

>> No.7932741

If it was hidden
Even from Aya's sharp eyes
Would she have no hope?

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>If it was hidden
>Even from Aya's sharp eyes
Heh. Good luck.

>> No.7932760

Then we will have to move to garlic.

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