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ok I got my gamepad working with hisotensoku. it helped a little but I still suck ass. should I use the default cards or pick new ones? I like playing as china, cirno, and marisa.

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Have you never played a fighting game before? Just experiment and find something that works for you.

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The game has a training mode. Use it.

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I've played a bunch but I always sucked ass at them. I tried picking cards that look cool but I have no idea if it's working or not.

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Try using them against someone, see what works for you. Better yet, play with others that use those same characters to see how they use their decks.

I'd be up for some matches, but I don't play Meiling, Cirno, or Marisa.

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do you mean the practice mode or is there a thing that teaches you how to do combos and shit?

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Yeah, first of all, go to the fucking wiki, if you're having questions about technical issues. http://hisouten.koumakan.jp/

Practice Mode all the different moves so you don't spend hours remembering the combination for each one while your enemy hands you your ass. When you feel you have learned most of them, play some games and remember which move to use for every position.

Like I said in another thread, Meiling is MELEE, don't use her like a pussy mage.

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There isn't a Spoonfeeding Mode, sorry.

You don't have to worry about combos yet, you'll both be jumping around so much you won't need them yet.

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This game has some of the easiest combos ever. It has a very basic cancel chain. Basic melee attacks(A button), can cancel into B bullets, which cancel into C bullets, which cancel into specials which cancel into spellcards. You can skip ahead in the chain, but you can't go backwards. You can do basic combos just by following that chain with most characters.

Plus you can just keep hitting A to get a combo then link a special move after it for some decent damage.


Basically, if you can't easily beat the Lunatic AI without standing back and spamming bullets then you're doing something wrong. The game's AI is really bad.

I'm not saying to not use bullets, but learn how to use them since the computer doesn't really defend itself. Bullets are important even for Meiling.

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play real people, learn from them, get better.

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Meiling's rainbow kicks are a miracle of the Universe.

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these are steps #2 and 3.

the first step is to download the file with all the cards unlocked, and then make decks.
The default decks are near useless.

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I'm trying to do some of the combos listed on the english wiki but I'm fucking them up somehow.

>5AAA 2B j.2A j.5C j.66 j.A j.8A
like I try to do this one but the jump is too slow. I don't know if I'm pushing the buttons too slow or if there's something I'm not doing that I should be.

also what does it mean when it says something is 50% limit or whatever?

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I redownloaded the game with swr and this time it had all the cards unlocked. I don't know which ones to use though. is the rainbow kick better than the lunge punch? should I use cards like youmu's sword and china's badge?

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Listen, you can't pull off a combo if you're trying to play Simon Says with the controls. Usually, after you play enough against real people, you familiarize yourself with the moves enough so that basic combos will come out naturally. I had to play tons of games against a friend just to finally do a small combo with only one character and even that came in handy only in specific situations.

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I don't think you understand how bad I am at fighting games. I've played various games for years with friends I don't have anymore and I never got past "mash buttons and hope they link" stage.

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It's time to get past it now. Don't get me wrong, I suck at fighting games too and I speak through experience. Play more matches, the game is forgiving enough to ease that learning curve.

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if I hosted a match, would anybody join?

decent but somewhat rusty tier.

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Yes, but for like 15 minutes at most.

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are these good cards? I like this rainbow fist one but I don't know what to take out for it. is 4 of the super she stole from yun too much?

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I would suggest Searing Red Fist (special) as it's very easy to link from a combo to (and effective) and Chi Sign "Earth Dragon Sky Dragon Kick" (spell) as it is a monster and also easy to pull off.

I made decks for all four styles, Green is default, Red focuses on specials, blue focuses on stronger spells, and yellow is an alternative to default.

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I think that's enough of me getting my ass kicked for now.

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Thanks for the games.

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is that move better than the lunge punch and the axe kick? do you think it's better to have lots of skill cards and a few spell cards or the other way around?

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Fucking Meiling, you're such a goddamn badass. I wish I could play her half as well as I play Alice ;_;

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hooray I beat arcade mode on normal only mashing a little bit. I think I need to learn some blockstrings since I almost lost a couple times once the dumb computer started defending. also what can I hitconfirm this youhou spellcard off of?

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Who chopped her leg off? Or was it simply the speed of her kick?

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I'm not gonna play this until it have a full touhou rooster.
this means never, I know.

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I love this effect. You know, not the Kenshiro "atatatatata" with lots of moving hands, but a single, barely-visible, swift punch or kick.

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Youhou (the big one) combos off default 22 on level 1 and j.2A. Though I wouldn't recommend it. It's really slow and also blockable. The rainbow ball does little less damage but combos off pretty much everything including 2A.

The small youhou is a great anti-air by the way.

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china a shit

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i love using Jaooo~n girl on hisoutensoku but i suck shit against players

what do?

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how the fuck do you beat story mode? it's impossible to get through all the shit on the screen.

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Fucking graze.

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Come at me bro

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Hold D for foc-...GRAZE.

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a soku thread? anyone hosting?

can't BnB tier.

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Are you frustrated?

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Who are you quoting?

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Gradient hair before it was cool

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Elegant training session.

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still can't get this damn youhou to connect

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Protip: Fill your deck with system cards

Also when attacking the enemy, use B bullet

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which ones are good?

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Thats not elegant. She spilled her Mistresses tea. I think thats 30 lashes.

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That's the point of the elegant training. Meiling has to spill a single drop of tea, no more, no less, while Sakuya puts her best effort to keep it from dropping. If Sakuya fails, she apologizes elegantly to the Mistress and prepares another disk of tea; Meilings elegant training is done. If Meiling fails, she gets strapped to the basement's ground naked and hit with iron-tipped whips, then all the fairy maids get to walk on her and piss on her body

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Anybody wanna host to play some games? I'm getting rusty...

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What's the deal with Meiling and rainbows anyway? Is it supposed to represent something? She manipulates Ki alright, but I don't see where the rainbows come in.

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Rainbow dragons. Most Chinese dragons can manipulate weather. A lot of Meiling's spell cards have references to weather phenomena.

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Well, thanks, Hong!

Now I know!

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China is too good to be working in that worthless mansion (and without getting payed at that). There have to be other people who can appreciate her skills and put them to good use.

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kewl thread dudes
i ficking hate poles
scum of europe
amarite lol?!

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