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say /jp/
when you fap do you get it done as fast as possible or take your time?

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Whatever makes me feel the best.

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How does a vampire catch a cold?

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I try to take my time, but alas, whenever I try edging for 20-30 minutes the orgasm just sort of dribbles fort and leaves me with no satisfaction, whereas if I do it in one minute It shoots up to my face and leaves me paralyzed with pleasure.

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i usually take long as HELL, the clean up is pretty quick tho

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I just fondle my dick for hours while browsing random porn, without actually masturbating, until I find something good. Then I fap.

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Is it a troll whenever I read on 4chan that people can't help but masturbate five times a day or something absurd like that? Depending on how well my week is going, the most I can manage is once a day. But usually I go days without having lewd thoughts.

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>But usually I go days without having lewd thoughts.
You sound like the troll to me, anon.

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i do that like once a month on meds, lots and lots of pre-cum
normally it depends - with material it's usually like 1h, without < 10min

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I'm probably the opposite - I try to ready the good material beforehand and skip to the interesting scenes when I'm ready to drop the pants

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Idle hands are the devil's workshop.

Most NEETs and hikkis generally don't have much to do so their thoughts naturally wonder there. When I finally got a job and went back to school I went months without fapping because I simply didn't have time and couldn't get into the mood. An unintentional wet dream every now and then made sure my balls didn't explode.

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I don't think so. I think we are the odd ones out. I'm very similar to you, except I don't have any lewd thoughts unless I want to. Sometimes I can be really absent minded, other times I just want to fap all day. However it seems that these days my max is one per day if I force myself to. It bums me out sometimes since I would like to fap a couple of times in one day when I'm really horny.

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That's normal when you're past puberty.

Most of 4channers aren't. (Most people on /jp/ used to be, but it's getting increasingly more doubtful recently.)

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No choice but to take my time, cumming from anal stimulation only takes a little longer than the normal way of fapping.

Not to mention i need to put on my frilly dress and slutty pantyhoses, and then there is the clean up work needed to be done before play..

But in the end nothing beats that feel~

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That depends if my parents in the same room

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Talking about fapping...

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But I've been like that forever, and I'm not even close to being out of puberty.

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Confirmed for no stamina. I am 26 and I can go about 4 times a day, 2 within the span of 1 hour and the other 2 somewhere along the lines.

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>Confirmed for

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It's not a matter of stamina. I could fap ten times a day if I wanted to, it's not some huge strain on one's body.

It's just a matter of needing/wanting to.

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My average is 3 times a day and I'm 23. It's a definite need for me. I can't go for long without getting hard, it's like I'm 14 again. I don't know why my libido is so strong, but I seriously wish it wasn't.

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I do it in the amount of time I want to do it. sometimes it is a quickie and some times I like to draw it out by edging and finding the right video or picture for my man milk to explode on.

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I can easily go 4 or 5 if I have nothing to do that day. Though, if I get distracted (ie - playing a game or working on a personal project), I can go days because I just stop thinking about it.

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For me, it just hurts to fap so soon. My dick gets all sensitive. If I force myself to cum, the semen is all watery anyway.

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