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So...how exactly does the new touhou work? What's the wireless signal bar at the bottom? Does every character have a special ability (like the ability to warp across the screen) or is it just the Reimus? I was playing as Marisa B and my weapons suddenly changed. What's up with that? Where can I find the scoop on all this stuff?

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Fucking sage for idiot who doesn't know how to play shmups

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She's reproduced? WHAT A SCOOP

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Learn to sage first newfag.

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protip: go to a corner, then press the appropriate directions(down and left for bottom left corner, up and right for upper right corner, etc)

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OP here. I am not a faggot, so I will not be doing this.

You shoot while dodging bullets. What am I missing here except for the little intricate bonuses that I'm asking about? How does my post reveal a lack of knowledge of all shmups?

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I don't think anyone knows yet, but the more you pop shit, the more it goes up.

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