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We... we need you.....

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It's amazing how one single dedicated autistic person can just shit up a board to their liking without anyone being able to do anything about it.

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wait did Meido quit or something?

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I have made my life goal to find Squiddy and fucking kill him.

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But you can. Go bump
and >>7916744

Do it.

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T-this is now a Saten-san general thread!

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I heard she resigned.

Hopefully just rumors.

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AoC quit like half a year ago.

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I wonder how much autism would be required to singlehandedly make /jp/ a good place again.

Like, start by making a few really good threads, then reply to those threads, samefagging with yourself to create some really good discussion, and just keep on doing it until people see that /jp/ is actually a really good place and that it's worth having good discussions here.

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Meido come here!
Unless you still want to delete trap threads, then go to...somewhere hot >:3

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>Delete trap thread
>Leave everything else
Worst maid ever.

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But /jp/ is actually a really good place, and it is worth having good discussions here. I don't have to samefag just to prove that.

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Hey, I'm autismic too. If you make a good thread, I'll be sure to respond to it. Now we're two. Anyone else?

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Count me in.
That makes three. I think that's just about everyone.

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I can't think of any ideas for a good thread to make, though.

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I can be a part-time autist but I simply spend my free time reading old threads then coming back the next day and reading those again with new replies and so forth.

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Me either.
I guess it can't be helped. We were doomed from the start.

Maybe if we all nokosage we can talk in threads not on the first page, eluding the shitposters.

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...who made all the meido drawings?

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I'd like to know this as well, I like em

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When in doubt, obscure Touhou thread with a mildly lewd image of her.

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Probably AoC himself.

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Most were made by some guy on the drawthreads. I don't know what became of him, but he sure managed to make her smexy as HELL

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Meido help us

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suck meidick dude

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That's really a bother, because I doubt there is any Meido futa. There is some basic Rule 34 I haven't saved, but I don't remember any futa. And that's sad.

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I don't think it's that hard to make them stay away from our threads, most shitposting happens by them making shitty threads and inviting other shitposters into said threads.

The main problem is actually making good threads and getting enough people to post in the good threads to actually make it worthwhile. The latter being most difficult, because good discussion take much more time to produce than just spouting some memes.

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Meido... If you come back, I will give you the most pleasurable oral sex you've ever had~

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We have enough people to post on /jp/, hell, more than enough in fact. I know, because I keep seeing people I thought had stopped posting day after day. If you don't see them, it's because they're lurking while waiting for someone else to initiate a thread.

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Lets hope they all stay in /a/.

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Jesus christ

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We still have a lot of good posters around here.

Unfortunately most of them are just lurking because it's really demoralising to see most of the pages full of awful threads.

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/jp/ does have a huge population of lurkers.
I feel bad for them right now.

Endlessly refreshing the front page with no good threads to read, forever hoping a good one pops up and people discuss in it. They are truly suffering.

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AoC is never coming back.

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AoC is always here.

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I'm never coming back because of you.

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Would you come back for me instead?

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What did I tell you.
AoC is always here. He lurks constantly and reads every thread that has anything to do with him.

Not that I'm criticizing. I do the same thing.

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Exactly, that's when you make or bump a thread yourself. Honestly, it's not very hard.

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From the very beginning, I've always had the impression that the best posters are typically the shyest ones, who are too afraid of making their own threads because they might be judged harshly, or their thread might fail.

Shitposters, on the other hand, frequently prove themselves to have absolutely no social delicateness, so they obviously scream the loudest by definition.

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It's not that they're "shy", they just make a thread only when they have something they find good to post.

If you ask me, I can at least make those slow, mediocre fodder threads you reply from time to time when you're bored.

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I lurk a bit, post now and then. It's a more balanced way, otherwise it would be nothing but frustration at both the userbase and moderation.

I'm on the same A-san boat. I would like to go back, if only to update those goddamn tools, but moot won't take me. Or anyone that has already left. It's for the best in the long run, who wants to keep this poisonous emotional attachment to the boards?

Hey doppelganger. How is it going?

Actually, I just got here on my periodic "meido" search. It like to keep tabs on the public opinion for the new janitor(s?), as part of that unhealthy attachment I just can't break. I want the moderation line to remain as good as it can be, and I sincerely hope they don't burn themselves out.

As for the topic, my opinion remains the same. It's better to have a balanced moderation coming periodically than constant action. And that the biggest threats wouldn't be a big deal if the augmented their interface. There's no good reason to not use it except the idea that janitors must remain powerless and inefficient. It makes no sense, get a few volunteers to care and put their all into a thankless job that has no visible effect, and still treat them as an enemy. That always bothered me to tell the truth, even more than putting the workload of a few hundred people on the shoulders of a handful overworked guys.

Hard to remain optimistic, as usual, but I still can't leave. Still plenty of islands of content and beyond the ones using the board as their playground, the userbase is still insightful and with good taste. That remains a quality hard to find elsewhere.

If you found this and read it entirely, thanks.

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