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Which Touhou would you watch football with IRL?

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that one

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I don't watch football. also, hi mod: you know, if you delete a bad thread starting to get fun, the posters will simply start a new thread. let those threads be, as long as we the people are having fun it means those threads have a right to stay.

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you could get drunk as HELL and cunt punt sanae until she starts crying

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that is what the HELL i'd do with her IRL

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shes gotta know her place like HELL

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Even though I am a BR - Huehue, carnaval, bunda, caipirinha!!

I don't like football...

But I would put up with it for Chillno...!

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Way to make people think that all BRs are annoying retards.

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that feel when you cant watch sports because its boring as HELL.

i think the only sports i enjoyed was some basketball videogame.

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Sports are dildoes.
I wouldn't mind taking Reisen to the range, though.

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>Roll Tide

I think I've seen everything on /jp/ now.

>Which Touhou would you watch football with IRL?

I guess Mokou.

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You bastard [email protected]^#&!

I am a beautiful and proud Brazilian!

Don't misunderstand me!!

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Ask /sp/

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watching sports is boring as HELL, i'd much rather play it myself than watching others have fun

good call

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hey kog, are you going for 7888888 later tonight??

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yeah that game was fun as HELL

i couldnt play them myself because id be afraid id get hurt really bad. like the ball hitting my face really hard.
and i got tired fast as HELL so i could only play for like 5 minutes

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← → A B B A, before a match starts.
Still remember this.

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It's... going better than this one?


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To protect my beloved friends I will do anyth-

Wait a second.

Why am I answering you this?!
I am not KoG.

Also, my name is not Brian.

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There are apparently a good number of alabamafags on /jp/.

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You must mean White Ren.

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Well, there's a good number of White Rens on /jp/ too.

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Omega Sudo needs quints. What creature would require squints?

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With Marisa. Because she'll start teasing me when I'm concentrated on the action.

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Red pants + white shirt = BAMA fan.

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whyt squidy needs sixts

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She could use her gap hax to fuck up the opposing teams plays. Going for a touchdown? Gap a foot out and trip him up. Field-goal? Gap the ball out of mid-air on the other side of the field.

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considering that cirno, alice, and yamaxanadu are the only three Touhou characters in kog's games, you're not doing a very good job hiding yourself there kog

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i know that feel and it feels like HELL, when i used to play sports all the balls (no homo) were attracted to my head (no homo)

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which touhou baby bottle would you suck if you could suck a touhou baby bottle?

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i had this black male friend once and he always bugged me to play basketball with him, i always felt bad when i told him no. probably saved myself from a bunch of pain like HELL though

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Why is this giving me a boner? This pic isn't erotic at all, fuck!

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it's supposed to be her breast milk

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What do you have against my favorite Touhous...?!

That just means KoG has good taste!

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i think he wants you to abandon them touhous so he can take them for himself

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I knew it!

I am not letting anyone get near my Touhous!

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>KoG takes Cirno's 9s

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stop it yugioh i dont have any cards left

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None. Football is boring.

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Feels like HELL...

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How does it feel to be the cancer killing /jp/?

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fuck off faggot there is nothing wrong with taking it easy

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they sure as HELL aren't, troll

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Come on anon. Let's not stoop to his level.

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Θεέ μου τι

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Thank you very much.

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this thread is why daytime /jp//British nighttime /jp/ sucks

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Gee, I sure hope KoG doesn't get 1111 in this thread!

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I demand KoG to edit himself and Cirno into an episode of this.

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american footbal is the worst niche sport..!

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It's time for more yuri

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This thread is cool as HELL

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Wow, this thread is fucking shit.

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But it's getting beautiful now~

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>not shit

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RIP Aya Shameimaru is my Girlfriend, the Lions actually look good this year.

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sure is /a/ ITT

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Indeed, and he's enjoying it greatly.
Shame he doesn't post any more, but what can ya do.

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>Aya Shameimaru is my Girlfriend
I kind of miss that guy. Maybe he posts anonymously now. Let's see if he will show up comes Christmas.

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Nah, I don't believe he is.
You could ask him, at any rate, on his Formspring.

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