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Good Morning /jp/ !

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Selamat pagi!

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Good morning


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Good morning, I really need this thread right now

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It's morning and I still haven't slept. Oh joy.

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Good morning!

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Why did I feel so cheerful after seeing this post?

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Still didn't get any sleep, but what the hell.
Good mornin'.

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There is nothing good about mornings. They are the worst time of the day. How can you celebrate them like this?

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Hello Suigin. Hoping to catch a sunrise? It's not even seven yet.

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That's your opinion man.

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Even if ilias is the main villain, she watches over me, gives me help in my times of need, consoles I in my defeat, and is just generally a really nice person overall. a flip response isn't the answer. >Japan exports their shitty anime like mad for decades, effectively drowning high quality western competition under a deluge of third rate animated shows and creating one of the worst subculture ever.

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That's my opinion man? This is in the public domain. Oh God that's like realta nua malice worm shit right there man.

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You're confusing me.
I need coffee.

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Morning? yeah.

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So it all comes down to the fact that you need more money.

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why must you ruin every morning?

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I, what?
Oh damn it, stop doing that.

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Oh op stop being asspained.

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Another morning, another onion shipment.

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Good mor....

Uh... guys help me solve this dilemma. When someone regularly wakes up no earlier than 1 PM should you tell him "good morning" when he wakes up or "good afternoon"?

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Unfortunately, bad morale is more quickly contagious than good morale. Not sure if this is /M/ or /jp/ but you have a question if I guys can help answer. What about 'none of the above' Suigin? Hello Suigin. You're up bright and early!

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