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I just saw the Asian Giant Hornet death on 1000 ways to die. Has anyone here actually seen one of these things in real life? I'd be freaked out if I saw one. It says that they mostly live in the rural mountains of Japan, so you probably won't see any in the crowded cities.

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What does this have to do with otaku culture?

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Otakus like Japan, and giant hornets live in Japan, duh.

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/jp/ - bee culture

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Horny Otaku

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sup Hibachi

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Most of us are a different type of "otaku". I, myself, I'm not even interested in Japan, their shit or their culture. I just keep visiting this board out of boredom and nostalgia.

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Hory Shet!

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Seen European hornets. Biggest one was maybe 2/3 that size, if even that.
Still big enough for me, thank you very much.

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Um, I'm moving to the rural mountains of northern Japan in 12 days...

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bring bug spray

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Saw several of these fuckers when I was in Japan on study abroad. One of my friends lives pretty far out in the country, and her dad had this farm thing. They were feeding them shrimp (I guess they eat just about anything they can fit in their horrible jaws) in order to follow them and find out where they were living. My god it was horrifying.

Sorry for the shit quality of this pic.

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Enjoy your Asian Giant Hornets.

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No, I've never seen a Giant Hornet, only regular ones like this.

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This thread is bugging me.

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12 days?


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Nature has evolved a natural defense against giant hornets - covering them in bees.

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Stopped watching after the 2nd video.

Barbarians need back to ancient times where people enjoy watching public executions and gladiators.

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>Ask a JET that's gonna get stung by giant fucking hornet ass barbs anything

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What makes you think that "modern" man is nothing more than a paleolitic man with better gadgets?

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I'm surprised bugfights is still in operation. It's interesting to see survival adaptations in play, but the fact that it's staged for entertainment makes it unwatchable....I'm cool with other people thinking it's entertaining though.

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Don't forget the loli baboon rape.

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If there's one thing I have an irrational fear of, its bees.
And hornets are bees *100.

That monstrosity though...
I've only had nightmares about bees that large.
If one of those things landed on me I would completely lose my shit, both figuratively and literally.

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The fossil record.

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Take away all technology from a child at birth. Deny him education, language and any sort of civilized behavior.

What you get is a very stupid feral child. This is what humans truly are.

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>Deny humans civilization and they become uncivilized

More breaking news at 10. Most animals learn from their parents, denying them that would usually result in death or an animal that can't operate at their species 'normal' levels.

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Big form Hibachi gives me a half chub

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No, that's not the point. The point is, humans, after all those millennia of technological advancement, are still emotion-driven creatures. Wars still happen because people let their primal emotions overtake them. Corporate bigwigs and politicians want to get to the top so they can fuck more. The list goes on.

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>Chimpanzees and mandrills, both in fact ferocious and very powerful species of primate: "made drunk by wine and inflamed by the odor of females of their kind, were loosed upon girls whose genitals had been drenched with the urine of female chimps and mandrills." The victims were often virgins and not infrequently young children. One spectacle is said to have included "a hundred tiny blonde girls being raped simultaneously by a horde of baboons."

So says Wikipedia of course.

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3D bugs aren't moe at all

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After all these years I can still feel disgusted at mankind.
Well done.

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On Rome?

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Well then you won't actually be there until after orientation. Our pre departure orientation is 12 days away, we won't be in Japan yet.

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Jumping spiders are pretty cute.

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>The most explicit recorded incidents of public sex involving humans and animals activity are associated with the murderous sadism, torture and rape of the Roman games and circus, in which it is estimated that several hundreds of thousands died.
I geso, man
eh, just take easy, this is ancient history.

If you could see me right now I'd have a huge shit-eating grin.

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Our PDO is in 11 days, departure/arrival in 12.
But if you wanna be a picky shit, I'll be in the rural mountains in 15 days.

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I saw one in one of my university classrooms,
but it was dead.

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The only good thing about this desert is the large number of mojimoji jumping spiders. Although they get considerably larger here than anywhere else I'v'e seen them...

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I'd shit myself if I saw any one of these bugs out in the wild.

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Yeah I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight. Fuck bugs.

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I know where I'll be traveling first once I build a time machine.

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oh god what

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