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I know I'm probably in the minority here, but who else loves masturbating?

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Why would anyone do such lewd things?

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wtf man. masturbation is fukkin gross :D

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Please don't do this.

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Only kids masturbate. True men fuck bitches up in the ass.

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I haven't masturbated all day /jp/
Give me something to wank to.

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you know what? I like also being watched while masturbate, and masturbate others, males and females.

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Masturbating is for normalfags. Go back to /soc/.

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This reminds me to that one picture of Aya masturbating to Yuyuko masturbating.
If you masturbate to this you just need someone to masturbate to your masturbating

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You can't masturbate others, you know. I don't want to alarm you, but you may have unintentionally engaged in sex.

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It's just me, don't be so scared.

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oh, c'mon you know what I'm meaning. it's really a good sensation holding the warm and hard penis of a friend in your hand, and made him ejaculate.

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Have a Rin masturbating to someone else.

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yeah, masturbating toohoos are cute. keep 'em coming.

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That's a handjob. That might not count as sex anymore. I'm not sure.

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anyone ever masturbate while eating?

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>This reminds me to that one picture of Aya masturbating to Yuyuko masturbating.
If you masturbate to this you just need someone to masturbate to your masturbating.

>My mind.

>Full of fuck. (litterally)

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Really litterally?
I think you should see a doctor then

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I don't have enough hands for that.

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This pic made me lol. What is the source? Some random art by a fan or?

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I sometimes masturbate while drinking tea.

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>Full of fuck. (litterally)

Sure is 16 in here.

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It must feel awesome to write erotic stories and know a bunch of anonymous creepy men are masturbating to your words.

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Yes. But I try not to too often. It's a lot more enjoyable when you hold back.

No. Bad choking hazard.

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The name was in the filename. Don't retype the filename for people. Bad Anon.

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I actually get off on this somewhat

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I am masturbating to the thought of hundreds of other /jp/sies masturbating.

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Fuck off to /a/ you blind faggot.

Too bad someone already gave the source, otherwise you might have maybe considered actually looking for the source on your own for once.

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In before vomit-chan. In before >vomit-chan, I know her name.

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Are women's breasts really that sensitive?

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Don't know. But seeing nipples being tweaked in a picture and I can feel it.

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take it easy

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Around 10 years ago I made a video of myself masturbating and then masturbated to it.

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So are you going to make a video of yourself masturbating to yourself and masturbate to that one day? I think that would be kind of funny.

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I do that all the time.
Suprisingly arousing.

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You filmed yourself masturbating, then 10 years later you masturbated to it? That's a brilliant idea.

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About as sensitive as a male's dick.

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It seems like that, but only if you're attractive enough to yourself. I don't think I could masturbate to myself.

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10 years ago; were you underage then? if so that's hot. i wish i would have done that.

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/jp/ is gay for everyone. Even himself.

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I wish I had a son I could film masturbating. Then I could pass the video down to him after I'm done with it in 10 years.

I'll make a copy

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He could sell this as childporn.
Man that must be really strange, selling childporn of yourself

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I don't think I could say that about myself.

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I wonder if it's illegal to have underage porn of yourself on your computer

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i am teh masturbatØr

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It is. In fact, I know of a few cases in Canada where I live that underage teen girls, whom after taking nude pics of themselves, were arrested and charged with the production and distribution of CP as they were not 18 at the time.

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attention underage future-NEETs: tape yourself now, reap profits when you release the videos later.

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I should have been more clear. Around 10 years ago is when the filming, the masturbation, and the re-masturbation took place. Now that I think about it, it was probably closer to 12-13 years ago.

Making a video of myself masturbating to the video of myself masturbating, and then masturbating to that could have the potential to be some bizarre M.C. Escher-esque experimental film or something.

Also, I would definitely watch that again if I still had it. I have often fantasized about going back in time and fucking myself when I was around that age. I think it would be fun.

If only I had the foresight to make child porn of myself and then sell it...though I wonder what the legal ramifications of that would be.

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To keep this on topic, here is Sanae feeling herself.

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the outcome would probably be the same if authorities ever discovered the material, but in those cases the girls actually DISTRIBUTED the pics/videos.

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this thread is strangely entertaining.

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Law sure is weird. A girl makes a video of herself and distributes it to people who wish to view it. This act obviously has no victim.

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I was the opposite. When I was younger, I masturbated to the fantasy of being fucked by an older me.

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this thread has me fully aroused. i'm going to masturbate to /jp/ talking about masturbating to themselves masturbating.

it's like an epic circlejerk.

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make sure to film and post it later so we can masturbate to it

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You could argue that it encourages the viewers to seek out more underage material that could be resulted from victims

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What a strange turn of events. I myself am actually trying to quit, although I have a feeling it won't work.

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Oh, it's definitely that too.
If I traveled back in time to do anything like this, I would also experience, and have the memory of, an adult sucking my dick and fucking me as a young boy. Which would be awesome.

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yo comrade. Where can I get this?

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It's funny how they both treat pedophilia as something extremely unnatural that only a completely insane person could want to engage in, but also act like anyone could get addicted to it and lose all reason from just being allowed to see one single picture.

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But if you traveled back in time and fucked your younger self, your younger self would get addicted to cock and become completely submissive, meaning that your new future self would never be able to go back in time and fuck the younger you, which would create a time paradox.

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Does cybering while pretending to be a girl count?

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Quit? What possible reason is there to quit? Humans are sexually incompatible with each other. You can experience greater sexual ecstasy alone than you ever could with another person.

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He thinks he can purify himself and do more productive things with his life or something. What a foolish man.

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I don't because I'm afraid I'll break my dick

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This is the single greatest application of the grandfather paradox I have ever seen.

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It is a disease we must stop from spreading, just like homosexualit- Uh, I mean, I fully support gays. Thankfully I have modern society to tell me what's right and what's wrong.

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Feels like a distraction rather than anything good. I'm tired of getting distracted.

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>He thinks he can purify himself and do more productive things with his life or something. What a foolish man

I'm not that guy but I wanna stop too and this is my reason.
Well except that part about doing productive things.
Couldn't care less about that

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this is so true. growing up i thought sex with someone else must be the greatest thing ever but honestly, i have better orgasms by myself.

when i had a gf i wanted to just sit back and masturbate together more often that have penetrative sex but she thought that was weird. boys seem cooler about that sort of thing; i remember when i was younger having races to see who could come the fastest.

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If it doesn't feel good something needs to change. I would suggest purchasing an onahole, a vibrator, and exploring pornography and fantasies that you have not explored yet.
Go younger, go older, go weirder, more perverted, less perverted.

I think a we all experience a feeling of boredom every now and then, though.

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>I know I'm probably in the minority here, but who else loves masturbating?

Just a while ago, I saw a masturbating thread though.

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I already masturbated to tons of strange fetish material, doesn't do anything anymore. Maybe I should try getting one of those thing though. I don't know, I've always enjoyed the feeling of beating someone at something more than masturbation.

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I find it a chore. I do it once in a while just out of obligation, but seriously takes me a couple hours to actually climax because I'm never into it and get distracted and lose my boner quickly. I'll do it maybe once every month or so these days.

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I can't imagine. I average thrice a day.

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that would wear me out both physically and mentally and I'd have to stay in bed for a whole day afterward

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i feel bad for you. i'd put masturbating on par with playing a great new game or eating really good food.

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Have you tried staying away from it for a little while before trying again? For example, telling yourself you won't fap for a month?

Hell, for me, a day or two is enough to remind me how much I love fapping.

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Yeah, I've done that a few times. It's okay, but it's nothing special. I'd rather be doing other things.

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Doing more than just straight up fapping helps too. I already mentioned toys, but you can go even simpler. I personally enjoy edging quite a bit. I don't edge every time, but it's certainly something my repertoire.

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Yeah, I'm pretty tired of edging too admittedly. I don't know.

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Source? iqdb doesn't help.

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No one tell him. It'll be funny.

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Wrong site for doujin page file searches. Try e-hentai. Or ExHentai if you know how to access it.

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thanks. does e-hentai support reverse image search?

>> No.7590184

Found it on exhentai but none of the pages will load. ;_;

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I'm tired of masturbating and it bores me now. It used to take all my willpower to not beat off for two days.......now I can go two weeks without it and tell myself, "Tonight, I'm jerking off." I then end up getting bored, losing my boner and putting my penis away. I've tried jacking off to nearly every perversion and fetish and even just jacked off in the shower to my OWN fantasies. It's all boring and meh to me now.

I actually thought my testosterone levels might have taken a nosedive (I'm 24) but I did not exhibit any of the symptoms such as being tired all the time, loss of erection frequency (I still get morning wood and pop boners throughout the day, I just don't want anything to do with them.) etc etc.

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Maybe you guys just aren't eating properly.

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I've never really eaten properly. I don't know why I don't really feel so great when I do it anymore. Maybe I will get something to assist with masturbation, I don't know.

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Just try radiohead and niku ringo doujins. Dicks, dicks everywhere. You'll never be the same after fapping to a giant testiclejob and a dickgirl plunging her head in a dickgirl's giant smegmafull foreskin.

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Same here.

On a side note, I just masturbated while emptying bottles of water on myself. It's a very weird mixture of guilt and pleasure, enough to get me going even after having masturbated two times (my average is once a day). I think my dick is starting to hurt now.

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I've already fapped to /d/ related stuff. It no longer does anything for me.

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The only problem is the masturbation itself. I only did it because I kind of had the urge and it wouldn't go away, a lot of it is boring to me now. All other activities are unaffected.

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Blank gray page? Try disabling [email protected] on the settings page (it's at the very top).

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If you mean like iqdb then yes. But it's for finding manga, CG and the like. Not generic images.

>if you know how to access it
Apparently not. Short version is:
- Clear browsing history
- Make account on e-hentai forums if you don't have one
- Log in, make sure it remembers
- Go to ExHentai

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You know, when I exhaust all /d/ material, I find myself going back to the basic stuff. I mean REALLY basic stuff.

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Ah, great. Thank you kindly.

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I find my turn-ons change all the time. Last few days it's been amputees.

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Why is Kanako so hot?

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She is and I'm not interested in figuring out why. But I am going to put this back to the topic.

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Try peeing on yourself in the shower.

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I actually haven't masturbated since around October of last year.

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Right...and the pope hasn't molested a boy since last Christmas.

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Don't you have tons of wet dreams if you don't fap?

enjoy your crusty sheets

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i wish i could shave Kanako-sama's pubes with my teeth

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I am trying not to experiment with my own waste, even though pee is sterile. You poisoned my mind now, though, and I'm probably going to try it. What gets me off in my case though, is the fact that I'm using water outside the bathroom and the thought of it and the mess I'm creating. Maybe it's because during my childhood I used to be a very neat and tidy person.

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The diaper catches it all.

>> No.7590385

Try ejaculating on your own face with some clever positioning.

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Wet dreams don't work like that!

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They kinda do though. If you fap regularly, you pretty much won't have wet dreams. If you don't, then you sometimes do.

Strangely I've found it's VERY difficult to pee myself while still wearing clothes. I only tried it once, but I really had to concentrate to make it happen even though I had to pee fairly badly. I guess years upon years of conditioning will do that.

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i like masturbating to HELL and back, it makes my penis feel naizz =/

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Decided to give it a go anyways. Felt mediocre. Oh well.

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I can't fap while standing up

i'm a mediocre Sinbag

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I didn't fap for 3 and a half weeks and no wet dream. What gives?

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Keep waiting. The older you are, the longer it takes.

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Yellow smelly semen.

>> No.7590495

I can barely even pee standing up.

>> No.7590497

Every time I have a dream that might turn sexual it just keeps dragging on and on and I never actually have sex before I wake up.

Forever a virgin in reality and fantasy.

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You like Kurisu or something?

>> No.7590533


Exactly. Delicious Suika half naked-> you must do that before-> you do-> now you must do that-> you do-> this 10 times-> Finally get your hands on her-> alarm clock.

All of my hate.

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Take control. Use imagination and rub it out.

>> No.7590573

That imagination just doesn't compare to dreams though.

The best is sleeping in during the morning and afternoon when you keep waking up every 10 minutes or so only to fall back asleep almost immediately. I keep plunging straight into dreams and I'm somewhat aware of them, it's like virtual reality.

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Yeah but it sounds like your dreams are tremendous cock-teases that don't deliver.

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Do you snifff cat piss before going to sleep?

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Very true. I'm even out right trolled by my dreams sometimes.

>> No.7590651

It probably helps if you've actually had sex before. My dreams never go right.

>> No.7590666


I can lucid dream fairly regularly, and the stimulation is pretty awesome, but I've only managed to orgasm once while still 'asleep'. Normally I wake up what feels like seconds before it'd happen.

It's the most fucking infuriating thing ever.

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That's not true. You just suck a dreaming.

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Don't know. I don't usually get them unless I hold off for more than a week, and then they're always strange and very vague.

On the subject of trolling...

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Fucking this. I fucking know this feel so well. It's ruined my only chance with so many Touhous.

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Im not sure what the reason is, but all of my orgasms used to be kinda slow dribbling, nothing exciting, boring stuff.

The last month or so i've been extremely depressed, not eating much else, malnourished probably. Haven't talked to anybody in weeks. Never stopped masturbating, or have slowed down, pretty much kept the same routine on that.

Since then I CAN FUCKING SHOOT SEMEN A GOOD 5 FEET NOW. I don't understand it, and it scares me a little.. but it is fun to watch.

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I once had the idea to ejaculate on my own face. I masturbated and edged for a long time to maximize my distance all while leaning forward hoping to catch atleast a spurt on the face. Everything was going fine until the last moment when I asked myself if this was really something I wanted to be doing, if I really wanted to have to walk across the hallway into the bathroom to rid my face of semen. I don't know if you've ever had experiences with semen on skin/hair and water, but in those cases it never really comes out without the help of a lot of soap. I decided against it and leaned back. When I came it shot up to my chest. If I hadn't leaned back it definitely would have hit me in the face.

>> No.7592547


i gave this a go once, creamed my face, felt great for about 5 seconds then the sex rush went away and i just felt dirty and guilty.

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... I've never done it. I've never really ever felt the need to.
I'm pretty sure /I'm/ the extreme minority, not you.
>die monster, you don't belong in this world

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