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>>wake up
>>make breakfast, eat it and browse /jp/
>>these threads magically start popping up
>>are you serious.jpg

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You've got what you want.
You're an attention whore, don't you remember?

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They're watching your every move. They know when you wake up now.

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I'm in your house

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>yfw you make these threads yourself because no-one gives two or even one shit about someone who makes shitty, off-topic posts.

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Except sion who is eternally butthurt about Zunbar.
I'm sure you get this a lot, but that's what you get for having your tripcode on.

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>mfw you makes these threads because you are insanely jealous, and angry that noone likes you this much.

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Oh yeah because I knew I'd get stalkers from using a tripcode.

I can't go back to Anon though; I was awful as Anon. In before "but you're still awful anyways with an tripcode".

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Once you attention-whore, you can't go back, we know.

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Good morning Zun-bro.

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>Alicia Melchiott !ALICia.JPo

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>Suigin !YUsuiginy

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Dear, ZUN!bar
I'll have get away from the internets for a while.
So I won't be e-stalking you for the next 8 hours. But, I'm sure someone else will. Take care~

with love

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Remember when Suigon was our superstar instead of those newfags like Sion and Zunbar?
Good times.

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Remember when Mima was our superstar instead of those newfags like Youmu and Sanae?
Good times.

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>ZUN!bar thread

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Remember when autism?
Good times.

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Remember when AoC never was our meido?
Good times.

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What the hell is all this ZUN!bar stuff. Seriously, I was away for a few months and suddenly all you talk about is this.

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Don't worry, I'm not that cheap. I understand you, though. I guess you going back to Anonymous means trying to re-establish your opinions all over again.

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>>means trying to re-establish your opinions all over again

What. You guys overthink the tripcode thing far too much. I'm just here to post anime/game stuff I enjoy.

And I don't post as Anon because Anon posting makes me think of bad stuff like "herp derp epic win trolled lol u mad" and such. No offense; I know you're not like this. But I still want to have nothing to do with that.

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>>that feel when there really is two of you

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Actually there are five of them. So want this thread deleted? I'm sure they will make a new one tho.

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>herp derp epic win trolled lol u mad
Does that mean sion-chan is your alternate ego?

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