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Does /jp/ sometimes have "nightmares" about Touhou?

Does it make you sad that you have Touhou dream and it wasn't happy and nice dream but was something that you would like to forget even if it was related to thing that you love?

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I don't really have nightmares. Although one time Flandre attacked and killed someone that was getting me to crossdress by throwing bouncing laser spears. That was kind of weird.

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I dreamt of Medicine Raping me. I think it was because of some pic which depicts the same thing. I'm not into dolljoints and I couldn't care less about that doll, so it was not pleasant. Still, it was a wet dream that included rape.

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I think I had a dream about Utsuho once. I honestly can't even remember.

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I had a dream that Yuyuko turned me into a ghost slave and she lived happily ever after.


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One time I had a dream that I was a nameless stage 1 fairy and the heroines had to keep going through stage 1 because they failed on the boss. The game nor the boss were ever mentioned, but I was always shot down, only to relive it moments later.

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I'm not typing out the whole story so I'll just keep it short.

Basically it was half nightmare and half normal. I was being chased around by a little girl with a big hat then when she caught up to me she kicked me, I fell over and rolled a little to right. . . Anyway tldr, the floor was cake and the girl in the hat was actually Jason Voorhees.

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My nightmare was that I was training at shrine-church to become something related to religions (just like Reimu is Miko) and later I had to exterminate some unnamed youkai.

Terrible nightmare.

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I lived in a hut with sanae, she kept flying me up into the sky and dropping me to the ground.

by the end, I was sitting rolling up dog shit inside a carrier bag that I think I was going to sell, or something, while the staff of the only shop I go to were wandering about questioning the shit stains everywhere that I kept trying to clean up with water all the while sanae kept on bullying me.

I still love her, though

this was last nights dream. I got really scared before I went to bed because I thought I was going to have a dream about falling.

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last night I dreamt about my left eye.
it was made of different mobile layers of membranous tissue, and it was very complicated coordinate them to let the pupil open.
it was cool. no it's not touhou related.
actually, I prefer nightmares than dreams. I mean...oh well, goodnight.

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Had my first Touhou related dream a few days ago. I don't think involving myself with Touhou 8 hours a day is very good for my mental health.

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I don't remember a single dream about touhous, nightmares or not. This makes me sad.

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It's fine. For some reason it doesn't affect me very strongly. I want more cool, in depth dreams with nice stories like some of you guys but mine are more like short clips that switch to the next clip after a minute. I usually only see a character for about five seconds and it makes me sad.

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well, lately I dream about 4chan.
I mean, with the posts, the j-list ads etc.
can it be time for me to stop browsing a little in your opinion?

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Once, I dreamt of Gensoko.

My feet were numb to the aches of the trail, and my scuffed boots dragged in the dust. My eyes lingered on the unending track before me, not the scenery. I'd lost interest in that long ago, and ever since I just... walked.

My eyes might have dulled, but my hearing had not. In the woods by the trailside I heard sly movement, furtive rustling.

My worn boots ground to a halt, and I stood, head bowed, waiting.

From the trees exploded something I can't begin to describe; something between a man and a toothed trapezoid, ugly as fuck and baying for my blood. The Colt leapt from the leather and spoke, six reports blending into one as my thumb worked the single-action hammer as naturally as snapping my fingers.

The thing had scarcely bumped my shins, struck and dead, when another sprang from behind. The second sixgun smashed into its side as I spun and drew, already in grabbing distance.

I don't remember much of the dream after that. More gunfire. Roars, snarls. I remember looking into the glowing eyes of a humanoid shadow, my empty revolvers discarded at its feet. The meager light danced on the blade of my bowie as I angled and finessed it, inviting the fucker to make his move, but he didn't look at it, just kept looking into my eyes, and that's when I knew this one was going to be tough.

It was only three weeks after I had that dream that I realized where it had taken place, and that it was in Gensokyo. Freaked me out good.

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