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Why do you guys love Touhou so much if you all fucking suck at it?

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Why do you love trolling so much if you fucking suck at it?

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I would rather play something I have to play a few times to get done rather than something I play once and complete within a few hours.

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I'm a fag.

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How can you believe in evolution if it's just a theory (a geuss)?

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It's a game that has beaten me. It doesn't happen very often. Also the character designs are teh sex.

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Touhou isn't even hard.

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How can you believe in psychology if it's just a fraud (a freud)?

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I don't play Touhou. I'm a poser.

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Touhou is for masturbating, I play better games like DOJ.

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unless you spent under 10 hours shmups total you aren't impressing anyone.

op; i don't love touhou and i spend my time playing better games since playing against ai is wasting my time and uninteresting after 40 minutes. i'm not even that bad, i just don't know the patterns on some of the most difficult cards and get walled a lot when i play for 20 minutes.

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Its a good game plain and simple.

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Are you implying games are only fun if one is skilled at them, OP?

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Sucking at something, be that Touhou or anything else, means that doing it properly is challenging, and some of us enjoy challenge. It's not "I enjoy it despite the difficulty", it's "I enjoy it because of the difficulty". Perhaps some casual gamers have trouble understanding this.

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I may not be the best, but there is something magical about the way I get shot at by little girls. Some of them induce massive amounts of anal pain when I die to a easy spellcard. Then, after successfully trouncing them, I can then look at their beautiful pictures on sites like Danbooru.

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>casual gamers

The original "secondary fan". Just as stupid as its more /jp/-relevant counterpart, too.

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>and some of us enjoy challenge.

That's why I stopped Starcraft2 even if i were a good player because I played Broodwar. I'm skilled at Starcraft2 but I don't get any fun out of it...

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Nah you're just a bad player.

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>unless you spent under 10 hours shmups total you aren't impressing anyone.
I don't think someone who has never played a shmup could do a perfect clear of MS hard mode in 10 hours.

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I'm a masochist.

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