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I'll start.

West Coast US

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West Coast, Advanced Reimu/Chiquita/Youmu; Intermediate Komachi/Slut

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Hosting from Atlanta, GA, USA.
Beware of spinning Yukaris.

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Whyo's this "Chiquita"?

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>> No.733690 (EU)

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Tenshi Hinanawi if you have to be proper about it.

Also, still hosting.

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Unfunny nickname. Not a dragon. Etc.

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So what's the deal with Celestials, again? What are they?

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It's like Angels without wings or Celestials.

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which edition?

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fuck you magister

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Yeah, GGs to you, too.

The powerlevel isn't listed there for nothing.


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Novice Marisa.

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at least you didn't use remi. so I guess I suck but... yah gg...

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check your ports

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Noob Reisen

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Another rabbit?

Sure k...

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lol, I need practice. GG.

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Yay, got completely destroyed! I couldn't even lower your health bar to a half. I had lots of fun though.

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I can't use Remilia anyway. I don't think she's that great.

GGs, KYON. Hosting again.

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Sounds like you are just about my level.

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You will be killed by demons.

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Well, I'll play three matches before taking a nap. West Coast US (California)

Learning Iku, need a dancing partner.

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He certainly seems to be, if he's the one fighting Magister right now.

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Beginner, US West

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East Coast
Intermediate Yuyuko

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Hey Magister, vvav here, the Youmu guy. How do I compare to most other people you've fought? Am I intermediate or low advanced?
I can't play right now, but I'll be able to in a few hours.

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US West

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US West - Intermediate leveled

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So strong I have a hard time beating you. High intermediate at least.

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You seem to walk right into most of his Yukari~n attacks.

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I walk into EVERYBODY'S moves. If I knew how to put up a half decent defense, I'd be a better player.

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I will return someday!

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Sorry about that, gamepad wasn't hooked up. Rehosting.

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Magister, do you use a gamepad?

I use a keyboard, myself. It's the reason I don't use Komachi's 623, despite how good it is.

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Keyboard. I wish I knew how to hook one up.

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Good games, sorry about using Reimu exclusively. I just started yesterday and shes the only person whos moves I know ;P trying to learn Aya at the moment though

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GGs. Nice Reimu!

>> No.734106

Playing a fighting game with a keyboard?!

Haha! That's almost as retarded as playing a FPS with a controller!

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hosting,, US

>> No.734131

sorry whoever was playing me, i think there's something wrong with my connection. rehosting

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At least you don't eat spellcards like I do. I need to start paying attention to what cards my enemy has.

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GGs Xarcm.

>> No.734164

hmm? disconnect? crash? rehosting

>> No.734170

Looks like I still need some practicing. Fun games.

All aboard the night train!

>> No.734180

Sorry, my internet died for a minute there. GGs, anyway.

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West Coast

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Anyone mind explaining what this choice means and what happens when you're sorta in a loading screen for both choices?

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Sorry have to go, Reaper. GGs

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Komachi simply can't get any better. No matter what you do, a single mistake will take away anywhere from 1/5 to 1/3 of your life, while if your opponent fucks up you can't do anywhere near as much. Without the ridiculous combos and ways to guard crush, Komachi is without a doubt the worst character. Slow projectiles that won't go through anything, extremely slow attacks(all of them), long as hell delay after each move..

You're pretty fucked if you try to use Komachi for anything.

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gg fellow random character user

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>> No.734226


Also interested.

>> No.734227


ggs, it was entertaining. RL calls, sorry.

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it's just asking for confirmation. left yes, right no.

if you host, you're waiting for others to join. if you join, you're waiting for others to host (should end by itself if you can't reach them)

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many good games Reisen, I think you won more than I did

gtg now

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A challenger appears.

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might as well play
gosu alice, second day of practice sakuya.

might be a lil late cause going to bathroom right now

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>> No.734252

Weird, that happened twice. Seems Master Spark is so powerful it causes a desync!

Oh well, I had fun. Thanks.

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>> No.734254

what port?

>> No.734256

Yet another Touhou character ruined.

>> No.734260

Haha, no.

Reisen is leagues ahead of Komachi since, you know, she can do something about blocking. She also has better combos, and less shitty projectiles.

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We do what we can.

Because we must.

Or something.


sup duder

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Japan says Komachi is good.

Maybe everyone just sucks here.

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Depends on the matchup. Reisen is better in projectile wars and Komachi is better in melee wars. But without a doubt Komachi and Reisen are the bottom right now.

>> No.734269


Not Komachi's fault you don't know how to use remote mine ghosts.

Play Wong some time - he'll change your mind.

>> No.734270

GGs Yuycow user. I have to go configure my decks a little bit.

>> No.734271

GG. I really liked the synchronization we had going there several times.

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med/low random

>> No.734277

any novices want to host?

>> No.734282

Sure thing.

>> No.734294

You have input c.

You have just been combo'd in the startup frames for 2600 damage!


I'd like to see proof or videos.

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I very much would like to see a pro player use Komachi.

>> No.734305

Maybe you should play a different character, Reaper. The game is still new and fresh and you're already a bitter broken record.

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I like Komachi. I like using Komachi. I can still win against most people as Komachi.

It's just annoying that the only better way to play involves running away and turtling. Of course, the same can be said of every character.

>> No.734317

old foogey you dont have to choose random just because I do

>> No.734318

Oh, and while I'm here, get you ass back to Poosh. 503-tan was sent to band camp and I'm going through Uboa withdrawal.

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I've seen only one player that was better with Komachi than Reaper. However it involved a style of play that I don't think Reaper would like.

>> No.734356


Thanks for the games

>> No.734359

Also, rehosting.

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Nice games, whoever I played. I can't seem to beat anyone without whoring Aya, dammit. No pun intended.

>> No.734365

ggs, rehosting

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>> No.734387

I'm really curious to what these "better combo's" are.

>> No.734420

Christ, I have a lot of work I need to do.

Thanks for the beatdowns. ;\

>> No.734422

The ones that are actually doable and do more damage than even Komachi's most advanced ones.

>> No.734424

GGs, Kilga.

I was kind of expecting Aya.

>> No.734429

I would hardly call those good, but whatever floats your boat.

I'll get around to using Aya once I dedicate enough time to using her and making a proper deck.

>> No.734441

really good games

>> No.734452

sorry for cancelling the fight like that foogie, the food arrived and I'm very hungry. gg though

>> No.734465

You're a better Komachi than I am.

>> No.734477

lol no

I avoid using Komachi against you because I'll just get beaten.


>> No.734479

I saw you use Komachi earlier.

You were better than I could have done, specifically combos.

>> No.734492


>> No.734494


>> No.734498

Hosting once again.
I mostly use Reimu, may switch to Aya, but don't come in looking for much variety.

>> No.734508

Want to back this up with something material? Eg, Mid-screen BnB:
Komachi: 5AA 5B 6C = 2255
Reisen: 5AAA 6B j5A j5B 5B = 1925

>> No.734513

who needs midscreen bnb? graze forever until something hits on corner!!

>> No.734516


>> No.734517

5AAA 6B j5A j6A j5B, even

>> No.734521 ec

>> No.734532

Sorry, that lag was horrible. GG though, nice Aya.

hosting again.

>> No.734536

might as well repost

us west imba alice / nub sakuya

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Sorry for that, Reimu user. orz

>> No.734555

Good luck remembering the inputs for the 1/40 chance you hit someone close enough midscreen for that to even connect.

>> No.734562

remembering the combo is easy. connecting it, you only need to trap with 623's and cross up..

>> No.734585

ggs aki.


rehosting strong opponents onry

>> No.734588

Sure is 'in theory' around here.

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>> No.734615


Have you considered that you're just not that good at this and instead of complaining you should maybe like, work at it?

>> No.734627

Looking for relative newb host to practice my crappy characters on.

>> No.734629

Don't bother. We tried going over this yesterday.

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Any low EU players up for a game against an alicefag?

>> No.734644


Not EU but willing to risk the lag if you can host.

>> No.734651


go go go

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Hosting from Atlanta, GA, USA.
Playing mostly Yukari, but expect some Yuyuko and randoms.

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I could do the same for the corner, but you're just not going to play along are you?

You're wrong about Reisen having better combo's. They're more contrived and do less damage. End of.

>> No.734696

I think he's pretty damn good.

>> No.734709

Haha, no.

>> No.734713

ITT: fags who complains about not being able to make good use of cool characters (mainly Komachi.)

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Still waiting.
Magister or Reaper? I'd like to play some good players.

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Some characters are weaker than other characters. This is a problem that plagues fighting games. We can theorize about blockstrings and combos, but the only way to know if a character is much weaker or not is tourny results.

Speaking of which when is the first notable SWR tourny?

>> No.734736

I certainly fall for things a lot of the time that I shouldn't.

Also, is it just me, or is it only Reimu that gains ridiculous flight ability when it's Sunny?

>> No.734740

Special ability to FLY IN CIRCLES, YEAHHHHH

>> No.734767
Us West Coast

Looking to get owned by a higher level player, but anything is welcome.

>> No.734797

Doesn't work.

>> No.734801

Currently playing.

>> No.734814

GGs but..
Please, please, if you get 5AAAA in the corner with Remilia, don't use a spell card for 2200 total damage when you could just use 5AAAA again for 2800 total damage. If you delay slightly after the final hit of her mashy combo in a corner, you can hit with it again. Other than that, not bad. You didn't let me get off my 5AA 5B 623B BnB once.

>> No.734825

Well I know that I did manage to mess up some some things, but I'm drunk right now.

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GG, sorry for the lag though.

>> No.734833


Whoever joined, good game. Terrible lag though.


>> No.734845

Every time I'm doing good, SUPER ARMOR WEATHER TO THE RESCUE

Curse you, weather..

You'll rue this day, weather.

>> No.734846


Kyon can you host?

>> No.734852

Sorry for the faggotry that last match; I wanted to see if I could even do it correctly, which I couldn't.


>> No.734858


Are there SWR tourneys planned already??

>> No.734859

I'm behind a very crappy router, probably not.

>> No.734864

Rookie-ish, experimenting with a couple of characters.

>> No.734885


In most match ups, super armor weather only makes the person losing..well..lose. You can't hit without getting hit, so whoever has lower life will generally lose. Exceptions would be Suika and Patchy, who have exceptionally high and low damage/second, respectively.

>> No.734890

I think there was already a Japanese one with the demo.

Top four were Aya, Aya, Aya, and Aya lol

>> No.734894 EC.
Break from reading again.

>> No.734896

Aya is top tier. Slut.

>> No.734904


EC? You mean EU? Freakin' slideshow. Worst I've seen. Had trouble picking a character.

>> No.734910

Aya is the Fox of SWR, except better.

>> No.734918

Not when it's Komachi it isn't. Good combos will still mostly hit, whereas even the most basic of her combos will stop at the first or second hit. You're a sitting duck during super armor as Komachi, your best bet is to run like hell and retaliate when you're absolutely sure it's safe.

>> No.734919


Fox would be more like Mei Ling, with IaMP Marisa's beam, except double all her damage, recovery, and priority.

Oh, were you talking about Brawl Fox? Shit sucks.

>> No.734922
US West - Intermediate Yuyuko.

>> No.734925


No, not really. Fox wasn't nearly as far ahead of Shiek as Aya is ahead of Tenshi.

>> No.734927

I find it disheartening that every character I liked and was looking forward to playing, Yukari, Yuyuko and Youmu, I suck at. Big time. Yuyuko is probably the least horrible, but I still can't get anywhere with her.

Meanwhile, others I didn't dislike, but had no particular love for like Remilia, Marisa or Sakuya, I am actually pretty good at.

tldr: how do I not suck at Yuyuko?

>> No.734933

Anyone out there trying to main Tenshi yet? I'm curious.

>> No.734936
random beginner, not horrible

>> No.734939

just counter a lot, she has a lot of strong one hit stuff

>> No.734940

gg. sorry for going easy on you during the middle... was reading stuff on irc

>> No.734942

Magister is pretty damn good with her.

Gives me the most trouble of the characters he uses.

>> No.734944

ggs, wrecked me

>> No.734949
File: 192 KB, 500x500, 1212282272924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I try. But I can't even combo with her. So I stick with creating situations and whoring Aya's 214BC. Man, I suck at fighting games.

>> No.734954


214b/c spam. Yuyuko's bullet coverage is insane and it lets you get in really well. Her C ghosts are fantastic. The 236 laser is great to stop people from just trying to mindless bullet spam you.

The hardest part of playing Yuyuko for me is the new j.A butterfly spin lifts you up.

>> No.734955

Random scrubs are random!

>> No.734956

here, for suikas


this might help a bit

>> No.734959


Hint: Yuyuko is a pretty crappy character because (as Magister said) her 5C has a terrible cast time. If you want to be good at the game, play Youmu or Yukari for a while instead. The characters you said you were good at are easy to pick up, particularly Remilia, while the ones you WANT to play are a bit more awkward to begin with. In other words, play whoever you want, practice will help you more than your character unless you become a tourneyfag.

>> No.734965


Good games. I got really sloppy with Reimu toward the end though.

>> No.734968


>> No.734985


Thanks, I'll get working on that.

>unless you become a tourneyfag.

>> No.734986


Yuyuko...crappy? What?

>> No.734988

Wow, incredibly laggy.


>> No.734991

My connection seems to vary vastly between pretty good and completely terrible. Unfortunately, it's at the terrible end right now. GG?

>> No.735000

GGs whoever I played. Never seen so many Patchy fireballs in my life. Never had to play so many of the exact same repetitive counter in my life either.

>> No.735026
Noob US West, Exclusively Reimu for the time being.

>> No.735036
Us West Coast, Sakuya player.

Its hard to tell if I'm doing good or not, so requesting that someone kicks my ass please.

>> No.735037


>> No.735042


>> No.735044

GG. Very nice Suika game you got going there.

>> No.735047

hmm? disconnect? oh well ggs

>> No.735048

We could tell.

>> No.735049


I've only played 1 Patchy that didn't make me ragequit. I don't usually mind spamming, but it's annoying as hell that it essentially forces any character without a graze attack to spam projectiles back because you invariably get hit by the fireballs if you try to melee.

>> No.735058

Rehosting, looking for someone better than me to kick my ass so I can get better.

>> No.735062

I still wish I could host.

I spent 2-3 hours last night with someones help trying to make it work, and everything should theoretically work, but doesn't.

What's a lazy reaper to do? Don't wanna work, just wanna bang on my drum..

>> No.735064

GGs Captain, your remi sure is annoying.

Also, what can I do with Alice when the no shield weather comes? Nothing I can do without her knockbacks

>> No.735066

>Looking for someone better than me

This is not the right place for such requests.

>> No.735082


Play a new character. Once you can beat most everyone on /jp/ with any character, then you're really in trouble.

>> No.735103

COMRADE, not captain.

I noticed that you got a lot better with your Alice. Her moves are a bit tricky to perform at times and sometimes you didn't measure the length and tried to hit with a distant attack when I was close to your character which gave me a chance to deal more damage.
As for the weather, I usually distant myself from the opponent and try to hit the enemy with the projectiles and graze bullets until it runs out. Also I hate that weather condition so much.

>> No.735105

GENERAL, not captain.

I noticed that you got a lot better with your Alice. Her moves are a bit tricky to perform at times and sometimes you didn't measure the length and tried to hit with a distant attack when I was close to your character which gave me a chance to deal more damage.
As for the weather, I usually distant myself from the opponent and try to hit the enemy with the projectiles and graze bullets until it runs out. Also I hate that weather condition so much.

>> No.735112

I can start playing here on /jp/, if you wish.

Not only am I extremely good-looking, fit, intelligent, and pretty much ZUN's Western equivalent, but I am also an expert at video games, especially the 2D fighters. Over 20 SoCal tourneys won.

>> No.735119

GGs anon, rehosting.

>> No.735124

>> No.735129


>> No.735137

Anyone up?

>> No.735143

Not working for me.

>> No.735147
File: 19 KB, 276x376, 1212284162163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Over 20 SoCal tourneys won.

>> No.735153

Do it faggot. Teach me to stop failing.

>> No.735165


Good games. Though if you're wondering why I kept getting trapped in the corners, you can blame delay. I kept trying to boarder escape and it just plain wouldnt register or would be so delayed it would come out as a dash.

>> No.735171

Right... I think I'm done getting my ass kicked for now.

>> No.735180

FUCK, that was HARD at first. I'm really bad against Yuyukos and freaking 2B 2C. Armando's raped me hard last week, but I think maybe I'd do alright this time, I'm getting used to getting around that.


>> No.735183

gg. A very enjoyable match for my frist netplay

>> No.735184

Hey Magister, you played anyone better than you yet?

>> No.735185


oh u

if it ain't evo then it don't count

>> No.735216

gg newmoves

>> No.735224

GGs. I walk into too many things.

>> No.735234

Jetm reminded me a whole lot of Armando's Yuyuko, with less fan spam. Incredibly difficult, and I kept getting tricked into eating a point-blank Butterfly Spellcard-thing. I should be really thankful they nerfed her fan, but those 2C tracking ghosts that you can't cancel out with danmaku are a fucking terror.

It's like as someone else's power level increases, mine increases as well. The harder you force me to fight, the more I'm surprised that I actually can. About as strong as people I've played on the IRC. GGs, really want to play him again.

>> No.735240

Sorry, have to go.
GGs. Blockstun bullets are BLOCKSTUN

>> No.735254

Oh, and if you meant EVER, then Armando owned me pretty hard with his own Yuyuko before. His Chiquita against my Reimu was a 50/50 deal. I really want to play Mauve or Bell, and I'm sure I'd just have an absolute thrashing from Xeno.


>> No.735269


Is there another SWR community I don't know about? 'Cause I've never heard of any of them.

>> No.735273
Us West Coast
Looking for a challenge (and praying theres no delay this time)

>> No.735275


>> No.735280


>> No.735286


>> No.735299


It's autosaging anyway, you know..../r/ new thread.

>> No.735330


ggs to whoever played me.

>> No.735346

GGs. lol at the Yuyuko x 2 match and the matching swirling fans into double KO.

>> No.735355


>> No.735401

Good games, had fun.

>> No.735404

GGs. Your knifespam is infinitely better than mine. I need to work on it.

>> No.735487

anyone up?

Whoever played me before (like 20 mins ago lol) gg, i posted the response on another thred accidentally lmao.

>> No.735491

GGs Suika, those damn specials are SO ANNOYING OMFG.

>> No.735504

ggs, haha yeah that grab is quite fun

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