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Rest in peace Eirin

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Deep in the core of my heart, I know one day she will come back and strike Sanae down and take her rightful place as player 3. And it will be the best day ever.

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...and then you wake up in your shit/piss stained floor.

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RIP Pad-kun.

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Is that before or after the return of Mima?

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It'll be in the same game. In fact it will turn out Sanae is Mima who did the whole miko thing to fuck with Reimu.
Yuuka will also be playable again and Reimu will have to fly around on Genji. Mima's free and it's time to conquer Gensokyo. Yuuka wants to stop her because she knows she'd just stomp all over her flowers. Mima is stage 6 boss, and Reincarnation is still her theme.

Don't even think about doubting me.

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Sanae will get her own spin off game like 12.8 but with time freeze instead of Ice.

just you wait.

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oh shit, I didn't mean that.
but now that I think about it, It's more likely.

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But what happened to Marisa?

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She'll get a game where she runs around worlds collecting stars.

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Marisa is still player 2. Despite the fact that Mima, she still holds Reimu as a dear friend and helps save the world because it's what a super cool hero would do.

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Y'all forgot that Mima became friends with Reimu around LLS-MS since her grudge memories faded away.

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