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/jp/ appreciation thread.
I love you guys

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Fuck you.

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religion thread.

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Fuck you

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You just made Remi cry.

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I love /jp/ too. But not like that. Because that would be lewd.

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go fuck yourself in the ass.

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Which /jp/ would you fuck?

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None, because that's too lewd. We could all just be great friends.

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Eat shit, moralfag.

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White Ren

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unless there is a dick tucked between those legs, fuck you.

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I'd fuck every last one... with a birdmissle.

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Show me your love, /jp/.
It's okay, I won't tell anyone.

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My love isn't meant to be shown so openly though. It must be spread silently.

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Best of both worlds.

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This is the greatest thing ever.

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Thanks. Based on the image you posted, I'd take great pleasure in knowing you, but sadly no one shares my peculiar interests.


You said it.

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Im not into little girls.

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Stop lying to yourself.

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flat is fleautiful

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I prefer mature women.

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You're disgusting. Pervert.

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This picture is really lewd.
I blush whenever someone posts it.

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This is what you actually wanted to say.

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I can't be helped

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Yukari loves /jp/!

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What a cute little boy!

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I love /jp/ most when they don't post lewd pictures

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You are a faggot. FUCK OFF.

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I approve that post

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Disagreeing with both of you. But you're welcome to think like that.

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Dont be so rude!

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We don't like moralfags here. Problem?

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We don't like underage b& here either.

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>underage b&
>can be tolerant unlike certain whiny fucks
Who's the underage b& now?

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I see since you can't argue you just bitch and call people older and wiser than you "underage". Fine by me, it still doesn't change a fact you are a filthy scum.

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Kuma panties? Don't we love them?

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Except you are clearly underaged. I'd guess 16 or 17.

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Add 10 and you'll be actually right. But then again, what am I doing replying to troll? I'd be better off posting lewd pictures of religion intends.

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Add 10 and you'll be actually right. But then again, what am I doing replying to a troll? I'd be better off posting lewd pictures of religion intends.

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How about we ignore the dumb troll?

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>You are a faggot. FUCK OFF.
>We don't like moralfags here. Problem?
That's not what you call tolerant, kid. I don't even care what you post, but your style clearly identifies you.

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I love /jp/ too. In some ways it's not as good as a was a year or 2 ago, but I still love it. /jp/ is still the best English speaking internet community IMO.

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No lewd thoughts anon-san!

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I can't have lewd thoughts while staring at your club hand

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Yet another example of a fantastic /jp/ thread.

Congratulations all of you.

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I agree. It's the best thread on /jp/ right now. Shows how shitty /jp/ has become.

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sorz im late [as HELL] for the best thread this forum has :]

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