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Whatcha doin'?

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browsing /jp/ at 4:20 am

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Guild Wars, why Cirno?

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Eatin' chocolate

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Drinking tea.

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Reporting everything.

In multiple simultaneous universes.

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Getting ready for bed.

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Hating people who don't care I hate them and being bored

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Fucking you're Touhou.

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Go back to Fairy Wars, I need you to help me beat route B2.

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Reading a shit ton of yuri I just torrented.

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About to go to bed within an hour or two, in the mean time nothing of interest but I am curious if we will see a demonbane torrent sometime this week.

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wondering where the fuck my hat ended up

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Caressing my balls

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I am going to sleep right now...

I am too tired.

Good night /jp/

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>Reporting in Gensokyo.

Jesus fucking Christ.

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Getting drunk, you know, nothing but the usual.

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Was playing Treasure of the Rudras awhile ago, now on jaypee...

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Stalling before starting up Empire Total War again.

Inevitably it will crash my whole PC and I'll have to restart again.

I'll swear and complain and tell the game how shitty it is but I'll always come back for more.

N-not because I like it or anything...I just bought it already and I may as well, y'know, finish the campaign at least once. Just to get my money's worth, that's all.

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Scared as fuck of beacoming a hikimori in a few months.

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>Reporting in Gensokyo

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You don't become a hikikomori. You are born a hikikomori.

I'm being a hikikomori

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Procrastinating. What else?

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being cute

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Wishing I didn't suck so much

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Holy shit I actually did it. Now I get to play the extra.

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stalking a girl on facebook and fapping to her pictures

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Being lazy.

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Just got up to speed on Steins;Gate anime, then proceeded to spoil myself about the plot on wikipedia.

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Finishing a glass of peppermint soda and then going to bed because I have work in the morning.

Also contemplating what I'm going to make in my new whiskey barrel.

Oh and re-reading Fate Stay Night for the hell of it because I found it on a flash drive under my bed.

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Wondering what to do next.

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If only... ;_;

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Same thing as every other day.

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About to make something explode furiously.

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This almost never happens, but I feel a little lonely right now.

I don't even want to comment on this blog thread being here in /jp/.

I'm going to take a short nap until it goes away.

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The full game is out?

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So far I am very impressed with the Fairy Wars Extra. Not even getting mad when I die unlike the other extras. May actually play this all day tomorrow.

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Contemplating emigrating out of my shithole of a country, browsing /jp/ at 5.10 in the morning, about to go to sleep.

... feels like I've done this every night for a while.

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I can't verify because of my shit internet, but the trial size was smaller than the link below.


Password is: vnsharing.net

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I woke up a few minutes ago, so trying not ot fall asleep.

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Trying to get a hold of an Economics paper due Friday. I have an idea of what I want to write it on and have found some good sources, but just have no idea how to organize my paper or start.

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Reporting this thread.

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Playing Touhoumon Lunatic version.

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Playing Touhoumon Insane version.

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Why would you do that?

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Because he's insane.

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Because I like long games. I'm just wondering how long it'll take me to beat it. I'm at 14 hours so far with one badge, about to get 2nd.

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I'd like to try it, but it feels too much like a grind fest, and for some reason I can't really get into grinding anymore.

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guild wars is fucking dead

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I really hope Necros will be good as minion masters in GW2.

Minion masters are such a hard class to come by in MMOs. At all, even; forget well-done minion master classes in good games. You're lucky enough if the option is even there to begin with.

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If you want a long game that isn't 90% grind try Touhoumon World Link.

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I thought I'd hate it too, but it's not that bad.
When I found out there were other versions, I immediately decided to jump onto an easier one, but came back to insane after finding out it had the best quality. The others kinda suck in comparison, but they are easier. I'm kinda wondering when the enemies'll hit lv 100. 2nd gym is in the high 50's.

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I went Death Bomber and Spiteful Spirit spam on my Necro, fuck Minion mastering, I'll let the heroes do that.

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I see. I had a few troubles with the normal versions early game in all honesty, so insane would just destroy me.

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Minion masters are shit in GWs anyway- there's no way you can micro your minions, they seem so lackluster, and even in hardmode you're better off just playing discordway or sabway. Minions are purely there for summon minions to fuel necrocheeses with energy. This is just one reason why the game sucks now, and in a sense always has.

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I guess. I mean, you can be a nuke thrower in pretty much every game out there, so it's hard for me to resist minion mastery when the option finally presents itself.

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Actually, they added better minion support recently to where the Necro can actually target minions easier.

Regardless, most people are just waiting for GW2, which will hopefully be this time next year.

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Wow, thanks for letting me know about that, definitely picking it up.

Well, it is mostly just grinding. The battles do get tougher, as everybody anywhere can and will heal their touhous in the red back to full health, every time. So you have to get strategic with your moves. Or you could grind more and kill them in 2-3 hits.

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tbh spiteful spirit sucks, discord is the only decent elite in PvE, and LT, CE, LC, PoD, SB, IV, WoD and TF, plus situationally BiP, OoV, OoA and
OoB are the only PvP-used elites. Basically, death magic is stupidly underpowered, incredibly lackluster and understandably underused. Even deathspike died out from toomz about a year ago.

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The problem was that it felt not so strategic. Tenshi in one of the games had some 120 power bullshit move while I had 60 power moves at best. It all came down to luck rather than strategy for me, it was really annoying.

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Minion targeting isn't the problem- the problem is there's no way you can force your summons onto a target- they just decide to be thick as shit and attack that warrior with a billion armor charging into your midline. This is why I dropped guild wars in favour of league of legends and starcraft- you have much, MUCH more control over these games, and even with the dependence on your team in league of legends, the amount of control that one player has on the game is enough to have significant prevalence, but only if you pick a balanced, well-rounded, non-gimmicky champ. No bloodspike. Yes, I'm looking at you vlad, you fucking whore.

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>the best quality

Wait, does it use updated sprites?

I didn't like World Link. The hacker did a good job branching out and doing something different but a lot of it felt really tacked on. Plus his English is horrendous.

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There's some fun in that though, I think, because then you yourself have to be the rapier or lance who through your own actions makes up for the dumbfuckery of your minions. They can make up the battle line, but you have to be the artillery or cavalry that punches holes where they're needed and guide the osmosis of your minions with how you support them.

It was like that in Rome Total War with the wardogs. Once you loosed them, you had no control over where they went, but their upkeep was so insanely cheap that you could afford to outnumber your enemies by at least 3-5 to 1 at all times. You would need a few units of horsemen standing by ready to kill off routing enemies or charge in at an enemy where things weren't going like they should have, but that was it. Other than that, the swarm pretty much handles most of the fight on its own, and you yourself just make a few surgical corrections here and there. I think it's a fun playing style.

Not that I wouldn't mind better minion control, but I don't mind the control drawbacks typically associated with the playstyle. It's just part of the territory the way I see it.

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Yeah, luck is a big factor.
First ones.
>Plus his English is horrendous.
I just know that'll bug the shit out of me.

How was it "tacked on"?

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>First ones.

Well, this just one example, but around the beginning of the game you get Miku from a random trainer you bump into out of no where. It's the most random shit ever. Miku also has Arceus' base stats, 120 across the board.

I quit soon after that.

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Eating cookies.

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As expected of Sudo-sama.

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Seems that there are some newer ones mixed in though.
http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Touhoudex/Sakuya for example, EX Sakuya's sprite is different.

Yeah the Miku thing does sound tacked on. I'll still give it a try, but I'll probably stick with insane.

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