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Since the other thread is now on auto-sage. West Coast US (California)

I yearn for a dancing partner.

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alright swedish. prepare for fun. waiting for finish

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In during sloppy sweep-picking and girly vibrato.

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Herman Li vs. Aya, who is faster?

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how do I connect?

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alright maybe next time, gotta go somewhere. shouldn't be playing someone who is just learning the game swedish...

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I'm finished, better hurry before someone claims me for another dance. West Coast US (California)

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I don't think it'll work but..
can anyone try this?

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I didn't want to quit on him, if a beginner wants to fight me that's fine. Otherwise, I would never get a match in #iamp.

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back for more thrashings

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US West - Intermediate leveled.

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Anyone explain please how Skillcards work.
Do they substitute old moves after activation only ?

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Skill cards activate the certain skill when you use them. If it's a skill you already have active, it levels it up, if it's different, it changes to that skill.

You always start with the same default skills, you have to use the alt skill cards if you want to change.

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I guess I should start telling my power levels now. West Coast US (California)

Intermediate Rookie Iku, LET'S TANGO!

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Thank you Anon.

And one more question, what does this strange red sphere do that Reisen summons around her?

It seems entirely useless.

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GG, sorry I gotta go early but that was a fun game
( and a first win for my rabbit)

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when you enemy is inside the red circle, the enemy bullet will never hit you

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Come on give a first timer a bash !

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Ok, thats pretty cool.

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Rehosting because I just discovered that you can dash through bullets.

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there also a violet field which, which will make all you illusion bullet become real if your enemy is in the circle

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>I just discovered that you can dash through bullets.

That name is indeed well-deserved.

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GGs Yakk

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his pic makes up for that

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That wasn't a game.

That was rape ;_;

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Hats off to you man, that was some of the best games I've had. GGs

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Ahh, I hate playing against Youmus. GGs, rehosting.

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My Reisen sucks.

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Well the beginning was pretty much even.

>> No.729790 Nooby European wants a bash.

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Goddamn are you fucking hard to hit, especially when you spam fireballs

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I need to play someone of this skill level. My ego is hurt.

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GGs, I'm glad I finally beat someone!

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Yeah ggs
I'm just raging a bit because need more practice

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Yeah ggs
I'm just raging a bit because I need more practice

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GGs Kirisame

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GGs random anon.

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So does that mean you lost your title?

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Hosting from Atlanta, GA, USA.
Playing a little of everyone, but mostly Yukari and Yuyuko.

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I don't think it was a title match but he's welcome to issue a formal challenge if he'd like to make it official.

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What the HELL is this Komachi (Reaper) doing? He's been gone for the past 8 minutes. I'm uploading this screenshot and he STILL isn't back for us to finish this intense match.

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I told you my Komachi was top tier.

Plan C: Tire out your opponent by being AFK for 3 hours.

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komachi, garbage, etc.

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OK, NOW he just came back.

What a way to end a close match.

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He's lulling you into a false sense of security. Get ready for NICE BOAT when you least expect it.

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Komachi is top tier. Japan agreed, don't bother them about it.

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Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry.

I got called off right in the middle, I was pretty ALGHSAAGYHLSV about it, I'm surprised you waited.

Can't believe I got killed so quickly after that, too.

Was pretty fun, even though, as usual, I had no tactic and just relied on 'dodge and try and hit them in the face when I can'.

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Europe Beginner

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You know, I'd host a game, but I've tried literally every single thing possible to be able to host a game, and it ain't happening.

Really annoying after spending like 2-3 hours trying everything possible, too.

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It was enough to make me nervous. My bullets were always ignored and I ate Komachi j.2A to the face all the damn time.

You need to stop doing that. I eventually wised up and starting j.6A'ing you in the face with Iku scarf. Same thing with you 66A, it's punishable if blocked, and you take an automatic Iku BnB 2200 damage combo. And trying to dash to me after getting pushed back by your Komachi 5AAAA, I knew you were going to do that so I get a free Drill Punch on you.

You're very easy to read. Once I knew your 2-3 tactics, I tried to punish you whenever possible, and that's how I won the majority of the matches.

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Thank you, good sir, for the lovely maulings. GGs

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GGs Ketone
3:3 we're pretty much even.

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Scythe pull in is just 6a, the spinning longish range swing is just 5a from far enough.

Also, yeah, I just use whatever I can to get close. Don't have much choice in that regard short of dashing/dropping on them with a nice scythe spin on their head. I also let go of guard on drills to the face I KNEW were coming, for no real reason. I need to stop doing that.

While I generally dislike using Komachi's projectiles, I got a few nice hits in with them in those matches. I should probably look into them more. Was pretty fun, and you're pretty good at Iku(Though I think you're the only one I've played).

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A question for you iku players. How do you manage to bait people into her spell cards when most of the powerful ones require the opponent to be directly above you?

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AAA combo and use it at the right time, thats what I did. Don't know if it's the best way to do it.

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also go to practice mode, press f2 for full spell card deck and try it out, sometimes you need to reset it with f3 when you run out of cards.

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Sorry I but phone rang after second h GG anyways.matc

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Sorry I but phone rang after second match GG anyways.

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After a wallslam, particularly after a corner 5AAA combo, tends to work.

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West Coast US 7500

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Is there a way to make the cpu fight back in practice mode like in other fighting games?

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Can't read moon, but some settings made him jump, block etc. I think there is such a setting but don't know where, sorry.

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We can only dream of a patch. Both China's and a Practice CPU.

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and some serious fixes, like reimu and tenshi corner HAX

>> No.730225

Sorry for laming with Reisen LasOr PewPew Hax.

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European Newbie hostin now.

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Internet fucked up.


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no prob. I felt like I was kinda spamming also, brand new to the game too

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You should not just stand in the corner and thwor knives, you become a easy target like that.

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Komachi is ridiculously cheap.

>> No.730295

..How is Komachi ridiculously cheap, now?

>> No.730305

Central US

>> No.730306

Sorry, too much lag.

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Yeah GG anyways.

>> No.730312

You didn't even you use a single projectile throughout the goddam match. Komachi's melee is retardedly fast, and it's impossible to do a single goddam thing against her. Fuck, I almost threw the fucking controller at the moniter.

Because you kicked my ass.

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>Komachi's melee is retardedly fast

>> No.730318

Europe Newb

>> No.730323

Komachi sucks cocks in hell ^___^

>> No.730328

u s and a

playin that suika maybe others

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I wouldn't say Komachi is terribly cheap, but she does have a few neat tricks. For example, you can chain her 6[A] into two of her most powerful supers (One swaps your lifebar with you're opponents lifebar on hit, the other automatically cuts their current lifebar down to half of what it is when hit)

>> No.730338

I've tried her projectiles. It only comes out against people who are knocked down or with extremely slow projectiles. Otherwise.. Well, you get your ass beaten to a bloody pulp and lose 1/3 of your life. Komachi's melee is actually very slow compared to most everyone elses. I actually can't think of anyone slower. MAYBE Yuyuko.

Besides, you want a 'can't do anything'? Play someone on the same level as Magister. Komachi actually has a hell of a lot of punishable moves, and by 'hell of a lot', I mean 'almost all'. If she were really anywhere close to broken, more people would use her. She wouldn't be on the same level of 'people playing as' as Iku and Reisen.

>> No.730345

Rehosting. Had to change my decks a bit.

>> No.730353

hay guys wut if people hax ur IP?

>> No.730356

It's funny because it's true!

Yeah, I only JUST saw that on the wiki. Can't believe I never figured that it'd be chainable into that. Didn't take into account how supers ignore delay. Of course, landing a fully charged 6a at the correct range is.. Almost impossible, and extremely uncommon.

>> No.730361

GGs Newmoves and Amuse.

>> No.730369

>If she were really anywhere close to broken, more people would use her
fucking stupid logic.

>> No.730370

ggs i got alot of cards

>> No.730376

It happens pretty often in fighters really. That's why you get so many people begging for tiers.

>> No.730390

I like to spam 623c followed by 22b just to piss people off.

>> No.730397

For Komachi, I like flying away and then doing 22B over and over and over.

>> No.730399

..No, not really. That's pretty sound logic.

Also, her combo into Poor fate/Change fate isn't working for me. Hm.

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no, no it isn't

fighting games don't work that way. there's always tier, there will always be tier, and most of the time the most overpowered chars are the least played

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OP here.

Don't use them, they're trash. Coming from someone who's maining Iku, here's my deck.

These cards should be in your deck at the minimum:

- 4x Fish Sign 「Dragon Fish Drill」
- 3x Lightning Sign 「Electricity of the Dragon Palace」
- 2x Spine Sign 「Thunder Cloud Spine Fish」

Those are her bread and butter spellcards. Fish Sign is useful for cornered opponents who try to retaliate or escape after a blockstring, and does good damage after a 5AA + spellcard. Lightning Sign can be used as a reversal, and also works as a spellcard combo anywhere by doing 5AA + spellcard. Spine Sign is just to scare the shit out of your opponents and make them fly away; in the meantime, catch them with her air melee or trap them into blocking it in a corner. The thing will gaurdcrush pretty darn fast.

I also recommend using her skillcards. 2x of Anger of the Dragon God and Shining Rice Planting of the Dragon God each (both are very useful and better than her default special moves). That way, you'll have a 1/5 chance of encountering these skillcards and using them right off the bat quickly.

>> No.730445

"Also, her combo into Poor fate/Change fate isn't working for me. Hm"

Heh, I'm actually the one who wrote it on the wiki. I can try demonstrating it in match. I tested it out on a number of characters, and it usually lands, but the input seems fairly quick.

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Oh, it was just the stage. Silly me.


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GGs. Your undead zombie is a raep, I can't beat her even with ZUN armor on.

>> No.730460

so random xD

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My miko, or your witch? I can't tell who raeped more?

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rehost that please

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Thanks for the tips. I seem to unlock the guard counter cards for the life of me but I'll try a similar deck and see how it goes.

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Thanks for the tips. I can't seem to unlock the guard counter cards for the life of me but I'll try a similar deck and see how it goes.

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GGs man. Quite a Komachi you have there.

>> No.730511

GG any Idea how to beat that bullet spam of patch ?
Cant get an attack landed before you keep on firing up my ass .

>> No.730520

If you're a good Komachi, want a mirror match or two?

I could stand to learn some things, I'm sure.

>> No.730524

Use Remi and time your 66B/C's perfectly. Best way.

>> No.730525

not sure as ugonde but the sword one has a nasty spell reflection move

>> No.730536

anyone know how to fix suikas autocombo against non cornered opponents? should i just be using 5aa 6a instead?

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>> No.730569


>> No.730578


>> No.730586

Anyone here knows what Reisens non damaging spellcards do ?

I tried everything but nothing seems to happen.

Also the strange red circle from her 626a does kind of nothing.

>> No.730601

But she's my main and I love her dearly =(

>> No.730605

Enemy bullets autograze you if you're both within the red circle and I think the green one makes your illusionary bullets real.

>> No.730617

Thanks, allthough the altograze stuff doesnt seem to work for me.

>> No.730620

Also I think the one where she drinks something boosts her offence and defence for a short time. Some anons were discussing them in a previous thread but I wasn't paying much attention so I could be wrong.

>> No.730622

Reisen will fade in and out when the red circle's properties are in effect if that's any help. I'm pretty sure both of you have to be inside the circle.

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>> No.730628

Reisen has (at least) two green spell cards.
One sends out some strange gas from your position on the ground which lasts some time.
The other one lets her swallow some stuff.

Both do not make yout illusional bullets real.
Thats a lie.

>> No.730634

The green gas saps enemy health sloooooowly

>> No.730635

"GGs man. Quite a Komachi you have there."

Thank you.

Ok, I can only assume the person I was just playing a moment ago there was Lazy Reaper. My apologies for that, I'm in the middle of a thunderstorm right now, and apparently my apartment lost all power momentarily.

I'm rehosting.

>> No.730640

Anyone else think that most of Reisen's abilites are completely useless and again that bunny is only good for her sex appeal?
Meh, even that sex appeal isn't that good anymore, since we have Komachi that outclasses her in every category

Useless bunny is useless

>> No.730644


Your post is nothing but lies!

>> No.730646

I think she is sexier now. But yeah, useless bunny only good for sex appeal.

>> No.730647

Reisen being the worst of the worst is pretty much an understood.

>> No.730648

Yeah, was me.

Turned once again into a 'defense versus offense' situation, something I lose almost every time.

>> No.730650

Witness the truth!
Not only is SWR Reisen flat, she doesn't have her sexy jacket either!

>> No.730651

5aa 5b 236b hits everyone midscreen.

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I didn't mean to lie and was just repeating what others said in one of the earlier threads.

Anyway I decided to get to the bottom of it and went to ask the wiki guys. They said that the fog one is a poison that damages enemies that are on the ground and it can be stacked with itself. The one where she eats something buffs her damage for a short time.

>> No.730656


Yes, but as soon as they patch her jacket in she will jump from shit tier to god tier.

>> No.730657

I liek my Reisen I just want to know what this strange drug is she takes...

>> No.730659

Thats a reliable Anon.

>> No.730660

"Yeah, was me.

Turned once again into a 'defense versus offense' situation, something I lose almost every time."

The super-armor weather j.2A was new to me. Didn't think that'd be so effective.

Komachi's 5C is so much fun. Like tiny, deadly aerial mines.

>> No.730662

Reisen is better without it. Also, who would wear a jacket in the middle of fucking summer?

>> No.730667

Dilicious Bunnygirl wants to play.

>> No.730669


>Reisen is better without it.

Your heresy is unforgivable. Die a thousand deaths!

>> No.730673

>>Komachi's 5C is so much fun. Like tiny, deadly aerial mines.

It's one of the best 5Cs in the game.

Her teleport is awesome as well. Though the 22B version seems to have less delay overall than 22C?

>> No.730676

22B has less delay and more recovery, 22C has more delay and less recovery.

>> No.730678

B version has short delay on start-up, long recovery.
C is opposite.

>> No.730686

White shirts in summer are a good thing. I can only imagine a hot, steamy, sweaty Reisen wearing her white cotton shirt with an unbuttoned part after all that fighting at the end of the day.

>> No.730700

So Reisen is considered the worst?

Guess I know what I'm gonna be maining then.

>> No.730706

Go for it. Nothing's better than beating people with the "worst" character in a game.

>> No.730710

I just usually main the least played one.
Because I like to feel special
I try to be special

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But the China patch isn't complete yet...

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>> No.730747

Can't hit you GG
also: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW don'T know what to press cause everythings so slow !!!

>> No.730755

GGs Patchu. Matches with you are always fun.

>> No.730762


>> No.730763

Hello there
Who is up for a match?

>> No.730769

europe fine for you ?

>> No.730770
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>> No.730771

european looser

>> No.730773

i have no nose but i must smell poop

>> No.730777

I can't connect to you
Are you hosting?

>> No.730787

Location: Hawaii

EU enter at your own peril.

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File: 447 KB, 640x480, 1212228879266.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 136 KB, 320x240, 1212228897776.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.730796
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>> No.730798

No 5 for you

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>> No.730822


GG good Alice !

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>Mugen > SWR

>> No.730827

ggs, rehosting.

>> No.730828

Internet fucked up, hosting again.

>> No.730840

Too late :|

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>> No.730880

Anyone knows what Reisens skillcard does that changes the colour of her 262B into purple ?

>> No.730894

My kung-fu is still too weak

>> No.730896

My kung-fu is still too weak

>> No.730898


>> No.730904
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That is the one that makes your fake bullets real, wiki guy confirmed.

>> No.730921

what move shoots the fake bullets? 22b?

>> No.730936


>> No.730950 EU

>> No.730953

but they do damage don't they?

>> No.730961


>> No.730974


>> No.730975

Where did all the players worse than I go?
[╯◕з ◕]╯╧╧

>> No.730978
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The outer bullets are fake in 5C for certain. There may be other moves with fakes but I'm afraid that I don't know as I'm not a reisen player. Try expirimenting in practice mode. They're slightly transparent and travel through opponents without causing damage.

>> No.730991

Whoever connected. Sorry a bit too laggy.

>> No.730992

All of her bullets have a real shots (ones that do damage), which are in the middle of each set, and the surrounding bullets are fakes (transparent). Using that bubble thing, if I understand correctly, will make ALL of her bullets real shots.

>> No.730993

Fun games, and some of them were ridiculously close(Like that one Aya match). Can't believe I lost that Youmu one so badly. I really wish Komachi's 2c would pop Myon, I mean, Myon's a spirit, right? Right?

Leaving because its' 4:15 in the morning here, and I probably should get some sleep.

>> No.731004

Honestly, I was doing terribly for over half of those. Why, I have no idea, but when I can tell I'm doing bad, I know I'm doing bad.

Regardless, your Komachi is pretty damned strong. Probably one of the strongest ones I've seen so far on /jp/. GGs

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>I really wish Komachi's 2c would pop Myon
You're a terrible person.

>> No.731009

If you've seen any other good Komachi players, do tell.

The only other one I've seen is >>730445.

>> No.731014



>> No.731019

Hosting again

>> No.731034

Got 20 minutes or so to burn. First to 3 wins!

>> No.731046



>> No.731061


>> No.731063

GG, RfH. Fucking blowout with 10 minutes to spare...

>> No.731122 (EU)

>> No.731155

Nice games, although I was completely outclasses here
Man, where are all the bad players?

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5B and other variants of that attack, the semi-transparent ones are fake. 5C and 6C appear to have fake shots, but the circle doesn't work on them as far as I can make out.

Some Anon mentioned 22B/22C but all the bullets in these are real, just fired from a fake Reisen

Her 5B will do 1.5k+ damage if you get someone in the kisser with it in the purple circle. I love that thing.

>> No.731211

I've been playing Reisen exclusively. I would like to see her doing a bit more damage, but she has a full bag of tricks. Anytime I've lost I've put it down to my own suckage.

She doesn't look in the same league as Reimu, Remi or Drill Bitch, but that's more to do with them being cheap.

tl;dr - Not as bad as people make out. Just lacking cheesy shit.

>> No.731223

However the purple circle seems to go against those other skill cards of hers that make her shoot single large black bullet instead of fakes. Which set of skill cards do you think is better?

>> No.731227

Nice Aya you got there
Nice indeed

>> No.731233

Hehe thanks. :P
And you also should choose a chara you can fight with.

>> No.731235

At this early point weak = difficult to play and little else. She may well settle in the top tiers once people start mastering characters.

>> No.731236
File: 14 KB, 443x524, 1212239398411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hai guise,let's play danmaku fightan game.
Newfag,EUrofag,default port is for niggers.

>> No.731250

Actually none of the skill cards replace an ability with fake bullets afaik. The black bullet replaces 236BC, which is by default a single real bullet.

>> No.731258

Oh my mistake. I was confusing that with 5C because of the similarity between the sprites.

>> No.731260


>> No.731263

It is *dancing*!

>> No.731271

Sorry but it's kinda lagging.

>> No.731275
File: 14 KB, 443x524, sakuyakey_06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not for me.


>> No.731289

Well, could be because i download something right now.

>> No.731294

Autosaging already?

>> No.731324

New thread.

>> No.731377


>> No.731390

God it feels like this game's input buffer is 2 seconds long.
I'm pressing buttons but nothing happens! Or something happens but it's the wrong move.

>> No.731418

This probably on page 8 by now, but FYI I tried in practice and the shield does work with 5C (and similar) like it should. The 'fake' bullets are quite weak so it isn't as dramatic as 5B (and similar). Note that being in the shield to start with breaks some combinations, like her midscreen BnB.

I admit I'm far frmo the greatest player, but the quoted poster said she was useless. I'd just like her damage up a bit as the effort/reward is kind of sucky. Ex:

Reisen: 5AAA j.2B j.5A j.6A j.5B | 1925 damage.
Tenshi: 5AA 2B 5C 623C | 2885 damage.

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