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Can someone tell me what's so great about BOOF? A lot of people claim that he is the best and most awesome tripfag on 4chan, but all I see is a shitposter, and a boring one at that.

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Eternal Summer

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Who is Boof?

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Nothing, obnoxious and annoying. Supposedly a rich faggot too, as per usual only the other shit trip fags will praise his name.

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All tripfags must dream about getting a thread made about them someday.

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Boof astroturfs. That's his secret. Now delete this thread.

And yes, he's a shitposter.

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Because he is AWEsomEEEE.

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Or, at least, all tripfags dream of getting the courage to post about themselves.

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Are you MMO buddies with him?

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Boof may even be OP. That's how pathetic he is.

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Oh /jp/, you so tsun.

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