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What's Yukari's favorite store?


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No, no, no.
It's obviously The GAP.

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Toys r us

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That doesn't even make any sense

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Stay punny /jp/

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Fine she likes to do all of her shopping at the dollar store.

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Yukari (best Toho) General

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Still not making any sense, bro.

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What does Yuuka do when she serves the tea?
Overflowers the cup.

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Marisa saw the pirate ship heading toward Japan. She decided to stop it with her magic, so she flew on over, and thought she should stop it without killing the pirates if possible. She flew around the top of the ship, and realized that she could probably stop their movement if she destroyed the mast. But what if they had backup rowers? So she snuck in and went down inside the ship, and she saw a huge stockpile of gunpowder, and some flints beside it. If she sparked the gunpowder she could destroy the whole ship, but that would kill all the pirates.

But as the ship approached the port, she knew she had to make her choice now.

Mast, or spark.

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What is Nitori's favorite drink?
A kappa cucumber tea

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What does Letty do when winter is here ?

she make some cool ice cream

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I am, Literally insanae.

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Sakuya was dusting, and Remilia ordered her to dust out the clock tower. Sakuya was like "no way, that tower is just way too dusty! I'm not going to dust it!" And Remilia was like "yeah you are going to dust it, or you're fired!" And Sakuya said "then how about a duel to settle this? If you win, I'll dust the clock tower. And if I win I don't have to." And Remilia accepted the terms of the duel.

Needless to say,Sakuya cleaned Remilia's clock.

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Yes it does, she is actually very cheap person that does not like to spend that much. She told me herself yesterday on the phone.

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What the flying fuck is that

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i bet the title of the book was
"the lusty human maid"

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Are you implying that I'm a cheapskate?
I mean, you're totally right and all, but still, you don't go around calling people "cheap".
Is Yukarin gonna have to slap a bitch?

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Roleplaying again son? That's not good.

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i don't even get most of these like HELL

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What ever happened to boof? I miss him.

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Yukari would be sad as fuck if she came to the SF Bay Area. They're closing a good 75% of the Borders around here.

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He died, one day when he was out playing with his guns naked in the woods again something happened and he shot himself and died.

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Only see him posting in Cosmic Break threads.

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Whoa, man, chill out. You need to take it easy.
Make a few puns. Have some pudding. Listen to some smooth jazz.

Speaking of music, do you know what Suwako's favorite kind of music is?

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What does Reimu like to do after finishing eating a peach?

She likes the pit to be licked.

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Why did Hina have to go to the bathroom?

To take a shit

Because she is a shitty touhou

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Why is a Touhou like a writing desk?

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Why was he naked?

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but hina is one of the best touhous.

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that's the joke

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Steer clear from Yutanpo, youngster.
That boy likes Sanae.

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he's one of "those" fans, then.

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Hot topic of course... How do you think she expresses her scene self?

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This is BOOF we're talking about. Sometimes it's best not to question his motives.

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Please stop posting Hina, she disgusts me.

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hentay..? What the a HELL?

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His name's Entei.

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well im stuid for forgetting spell his name right

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Why would you need to spend money when you can just gap in anything you want?ANYTHING

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that gets boring after a while..

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Because if I did that all the time, I'd never hear the end of it from Ran. "YUKARI YOU SHOULDN'T STEAL THINGS IT'S BAD BLAH BLAH BLAH".
Also, I do believe in rewarding people for services rendered, among other things. If a waiter is kind and courteous when serving you at a restaurant, you are more likely to give them a good tip, no? Conversely, if a convenience store clerk is lazy and inattentive, I would have no remorse about stealing something right out from under his or her nose.
So, when I DO gap things in, I usually leave a ryo or two behind as payment.
While we're discussing the topic of theft, I do have a confession to make...
You ever had a pair of socks that you threw into the washer or dryer one day, and then after you get your wash out, one of the socks is missing? And you can't find it anywhere?

That was me.

As I side note, I have quite the sock collection now.

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>As I side note, I have quite the sock collection now
Oh god, why is the idea of Yukari having a collection of missing socks so hilarious

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That strangely gave me the idea that Yukari stole all my Game Boy games. I used to have a ton of them, for some reason the only one left is god damn Toy Story 2, which I didn't even like that much.

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Ran is always asking me where the hell all of these socks came from.
I tell her I knitted them. Of course, she doesn't believe me, because I don't knit. She's pretty much given up on getting me to stop, though.
Yeah, I played the games a bit on my legally acquired Gameboy Color before I took them, and decided that Toy Story 2 was too shitty, so I left it.

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At least now I know. I still miss my old Pokemon Crystal game though, I was 9 away from catching them all.

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I never got to play that one much. It was amusing for a while, but then it got caught up in a danmaku duel...
If it's any consolation, my Gameboy was also completely melted in the process.

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But Yukari is 7 years old!

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