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Care to explain why you consider Sanae to be a better Youkai Jesus than Byakuren?

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What are you talking about, Jesus is 100%, even the yokai version.

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Well, the Jesus part is pretty obvious, her being a grand-grand-granddaughter of a god and all. I don't know about the Youkai, though.

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No, that's a quote, see, Sanae is shouting "YOUKAI JESUS". She's calling Byakuren out to fight because she's a psychopath who hates peace and tolerance.

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I want to see a picture about some youkai reverend talking on about praising youkai jesus and whatnot. It would amuse me.

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secondary seeing as how Sanae is the daughter of a god.

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Ah... That kinda makes sense.

Now this seems much more probable. Never thought of it that way.

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Well, she is the great grandaughter of a god, but she enjoys Youkai hunting, which wouldn't really make her a Jesus for Youkai, since she kills them.

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>Dying from Danmaku
CONFIRMED secondary

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I'm not sure I follow.

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You know what I mean. Sure, maybe I didn't necessarily word my post there correctly 100%, and I do apologize for my rather incorrect wording, but being critical of something minor like that will stray us away too far from the current topic.

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Well, Byakuren does happen to preach to others about bringing peace between human and Youkai. I know she isn't the son of God or turns water into wine, or sacrificed herself to forgive the Youkai's sins, but she's the closest thing I think we'll get.

Anyways, what's with Rumia on the cross?

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Sanae has the ability of power to cause miracles to occur, along with being a descendant of a God.

Byakuren preaches peace between Youkai and Humans, is martyred (Sealed away).

Sanae is the Youkai Jesus, Byakuren is the Youkai Thích Quảng Đức.

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So do we get to nail Sanae to something?

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Oh shit, right
No. No nailing. Nailing is bad.

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>Anyways, what's with Rumia on the cross?

Don't you think it looks like 'the saint was crucified'?

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I feel really shitty for not getting it as soon as I saw it.

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some /jp/ anon said Rumia was derived from Amelia Earhart.


Rumia mimics a plane, gets lost in the dark

Amelia was a pilot, went missing

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