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You now realise you'll never feel that same incredible rush of satisfaction you got when you 1cc'd your first shump. It'll always be a diluted version of it. ;_;

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I'll say.

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I've never 1cc'd a shump

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But I never 1cced a shmup.

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/jp/ is pretty bad at games.

@OP: score run.

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>incredible rush of satisfaction

>score run

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It felt more satisfying to clear shoot the bullet than my first 1CC of EoSD

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Well, when you 1cc your first game, it's a magical experience, at least it was for me. I wouldn't feel the same joy from just getting a high score. I prefer non-score based challenges, but I suck at shmups so my opinion may not be too warranted yet.

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People still use continues?

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Does Phantasmagoria of Flower View count as 1cc'd?
If no I never seen a good ending in any of the other games ;_;

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Technically yes, but you really should be playing against humans instead.

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Actually, the most incredible rush of satisfaction was when I 1cc'd PCB Hard, not normal which was my first.
Mostly because it was the first time I captured 50% Reflowering too.
It was very nearly orgasmic.

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I normally wouldn't agree with this post as people seem to use the idea of scoring to talk down on other people's first 1CC threads. No shit it was probably more focused on survival than scoring. If you care about scoring that much, good. Go make a thread here. Generate some competition.

I'll give it my support, even if the poster is being a bit of an asshole.

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The most incredible rush of satisfaction I had was when I entered the top 10 players on royalflare in the category Uwabami Breakers.

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I beat Hellsinker using short mission mode, so I never technically 1cc'd it.

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