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Slowpoke etc, but it's a fightin game? I haven't played a fighting game since high school which was Street Fighter II around 1992. Good thing I remembered hadoken but seriously all I can do is button mashing.

Any crash course advice for someone who wishes to play the fightin game?

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Button mash.

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The same principles as every fighting game.

-Watch opponents moves and become familiar with their reach, power, and time to execute and recover from attack.
-Make decisive counters when possible.

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SWR is probably the worst example possible to learn how to play fighting games.

Seriously, the game plays like what Smash bros would be if it was a 2d fighter.

If you actually want to learn how to play 2d fighters, go play some Guilty Gear or Street Fighter 3rd Strike.

Although personally, the only fighters I give any real merit for not descending into button mashan are Soul Calibur and Virtua Fighter. Combos are generally short, but have wide varieties of applications, thus not letting a single one be directly superior (ie, game has literally no bnbs), positioning is more important than the speed of your blockstrings...etc.

tl;dr, you don't need to be good at fightan games to play SWR. Go play some real ones if you want to be.

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Dash a lot. You'll graze bullets and essentially not get hit. Watch the spirit orbs (or whatever the hell they're called) as they get drained when you block. (move backwards while getting hit)

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>Seriously, the game plays like what Smash bros would be if it was a 2d fighter.
>If you actually want to learn how to play 2d fighters, go play some Guilty Gear
Yeah, listen to this guy. Not saying that SWR isn't a good/fun game or anything but it definitely doesn't require much skill.

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I see I see, I will return to my button mashin game and learn what this dash skill you talk of is. I don't recall being able to dash in SFII

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It's just double tapping or in this case, holding down the D input.

You graze through bullets and shit in this. It can be done in the air too, in any direction, but consumes spirit.

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Also, stay the fuck away when playing against Marisa. She'll kick your ass if you're not careful.

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lol, melee combos

weak attack button > weak attack button whilst holding direction > shoot a bullet > special bullet

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And any real skill gets generally pretty thrown out of the window thanks to weather randomness and the like.

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lol, weak attack 5 times in a row INSTANT COMBO

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How do you do Marisa's broom attacks again? I keep accidentally doing them when I try to shoot stars and shit.

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when dashing towards somewone press C. I also seem to bring out the broom when I bash Z rapidly.

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How do you use spellcards?
I sometimes use them by hitting random buttons but sometimes they just switch around or one disappears and some level thing changes

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Remilia and Hong Meirin were the characters I was most comfortable with in IaMP, since they're very melee and combo based, though you limit yourself with Remilia if you don't abuse her decent projectiles.

Don't know about SWR but Aya seems like she has some decent melee attacks from the demo.

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A+B when pressed together cycles through your deck
B+C activates a selected card

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Reisin's attacks are pretty cool, too bad I suck at playing as her. What does her red force field thing do anyway? Deflect bullets?

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Stand at the edges, you have no hitbox.

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Yes, Udon becomes transparent and as long as you stay within the orb and don't move the bullets should pass through her. Although I'm not sure how exactly this thing works since most of the time she stays visible whenever I use that.

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Will anyone ever translate the menus?
I could care less about the story

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I will say this about this game, it's damned cute

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Reisen, especially.

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Reisen is so adorable ;_;

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ok but, what does the lvl 1, lvl 2 and those spellcards do?

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Makes your character learn new skills, or makes them better in some way.

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Those are equipment cards for every character. They change certain attacks and make them more powerful. The levels indicate stacking equipment cards. You can stack the same equipment type 4 times. If you use a different equipment card the card you picked previously will get exchange with the new equipment.

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Please, can somebody tell me, is Sakuya's "Dio Brando counter-attack" spell-card only available with the patch? I heard that card is last in the spell-card list, but i have "Za warudo" card (with grey clock on it) as last spell-card.

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Yes. They forgot to add it.

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Isn't a skill?

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That's equipment.

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I've got the patch, and my last spellcard is the clock too.

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Thank you.
Well, actually i'm not really sured, but i think the counter-attack card is a spell.

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What a rebel.

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Why is there not more fanart of Chiquita Dragonforce?

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The Shadow Dio attack is a skill card, the last one on the list as highlighted right here.

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Oh, i see.Thanks, sorry for misunderstanding.
But, now when you mentioned it, i have this card in my skill list, so patch isn't required for it, probably.

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You do know that, unless you plan on posting another 199 replies, this does nothing and your campaign is a waste of time?

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I'm sure he knows, but damn he has the fighting spirit!

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Heh; good luck with that.

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is it me, or is Reisen easier to learn than most?

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campaign-kun, fighto!

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I certainly picked her up faster than most of the others I've tried. Having said that...

Do you know what the purple shield does?

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I gave all of the default characters a shot yesterday, and I'd say that Remilia and Suika are the easiest to pick up and play with.

Remi's got a nice easy combo in A,A,A,A,236C; and she's got her homing 214B or C. She's lacking in damnaku attacks though.

Suika's also a melee monster, and 214C or B spam works.

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Haven't tested the purple one yet. I'll do that now, then I'm going to bed.

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Yes,I know. But I will keep sageing every single SWR/SA thread that I see.
Stupid overhyped shit is ruining my board.

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Eh... as far as I could tell from a cursory play, nothing.

I'll actually take time to read the skillcard description tomorrow at some point.

it's hardly your board. grow the fuck up.

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I'm rootin' for ya, bro.

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just be careful that people don't start ignoring you

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From my point of view, SWR really did away with combo potential. It seems like every attack that you could still juggle with now you cant.

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Am I missing a power bar or something?

How do you get to use your cards? Is it random?

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Fight the power man.

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What an admirable cause. Here, let me give you a hand.

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You're retarded because, at the moment, there are no more Touhou threads than usual for /jp/. But whatever floats your boat. I prefer to sage just the shitty threads but that's just me.

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>>.Seriously, the game plays like what Smash bros would be if it was a 2d fighter.


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nice sage bro

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The cards you use are set up in the Profile section . To change profiles go to the Network settings. To switch cards ingame you have to have a keybind to it (set in the Profile section second option). Also cards you have in your deck appear randomly during the game. To charge cards damage your opponent.

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some cards (usually attacks) require other cards to be sacrificed. save up till you got 5 cards and you can do anything

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If you mean to actually use them, A+B cycles through the visible cards (5 random ones from your deck), and B+C uses them. You probably assigned buttons to these at some point (S and D key by default).

Each card fills up as you damage, and becomes visible/useable once it maxes. Some cards require 2-4 other cards to be filled too, though typically this is to justify a certain level of rape.

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too stupid to use the hide thread function

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Sage for Touhou. There's a fucking imageboard dedicated to this. I mean I understand if there's maybe... six threads on average about Touhou on this board daily, but really. There's at least three fucking Touhou threads on the front page every time you get on /jp/.

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this thread is in the correct place, if you disagree, report the thread or take it to moot

also we're using one of the 'discussion boards', as it's known here on 4chan, there is no need for a touhou imageboard for this kind of thing

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Hey, I understand people want to talk about Touhou. Hell, I'm not the biggest fan of it but I like the series. Still, does there really have to be so many threads about it every day? It pushes off other potentially good threads back a page when there's a clusterfuck of them on the front page.

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>other potentially good threads
Get out

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OP here, I will not apologize for posting Touhou in /jp/ since /jp/ was specifically created so Touhou would have a home.

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Ha. You're funny. That was a good one.

>> No.695339

no seriously, just minimize them. if theres really oh so many good threads you wont mind looking on page 2 for them I guess.

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Posting to demand proof that there are potentially good threads on /jp/

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>/jp/ was specifically created so Touhou would have a home.

No, it was created to stop you faggots from shitting up /a/.

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Who the Hell asked you to apologize? The thread served its purpose, you got the advice you were looking for, we should let this thread die now that you got what you came for.

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How about you stop trolling?

>> No.695355


That's a tough question to answer since everyone has different opinions, no matter what threads I'll point to someone else will think of it as shitty.

I'll leave it to your own judgment.

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Op is trying to hard to fit in. I've come to the conclusion that the op doesn't like fighting games, seeing as he hasn't played since 1992. Yet to fit in with the Touhou crowd he suddenly gets the urge to play a fighting game. What a loser.

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That's the thing. I'm not trying to troll. It's all how you interpret my posts.

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Gee, it sure is TOUHOU on the /jp/ today...

I know!
I'll SAGE the threads until they GO AWAY! They'll probably take the VNfags with them, too!
Then, I can have my fill of 3d womens and ronery threads ALL DAY LONG, along with, like, at least three other people!

It'll be glorious!

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We interpret them that you are a fag with too much time on your hands going against the status quo for attempted trolls/lulz but failing hard.

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Good thing they fixed that shit problem in /a/. Now I can have serious anime discussions whenever I want without having to worry about those damn dirty toehoes.

>> No.695385

Yeah, I don't like fighting games, but I downloaded it without realizing and damn if it isn't cute. I'll play it for that alone.

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>serious anime discussions


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I think they mean Naruto and Bleach powerlevels

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Again, I'm not attempting to troll. I just think there's too many Touhou threads all over the first page every day.

That's a terrible plan, since there'll always be Touhou threads until people lose interest. You should instead try to get people to make higher quality Touhou threads instead of the same "Post a random pic from Touhou folder, insert a sentence related to Touhou."

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/a/ being shit is beside the point.

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Because this thread was a touhoe picture and mindless sentence, wasn't it poindexter?

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No, but its gone past its expiration date.

>> No.695454


It's true that there's too much Touhou, but your campaign is futile. The problem is shitposting, not Touhou. The idiots who think their HILARIOUS shoop or witty comment deserves its own thread instead of being relegated to a reply in someone else's thread are not unique to Touhou. They'd be doing it for Type-Moon or Key or something else if there was no Touhou. And when you faggots start becoming namefags to rage against Touhou, it just makes people like me who don't even participate in Touhou faggotry want to start pointless Touhou threads out of spite.

>> No.695468


Past it's expiration date? So, wait, this thread has to die because the OP's question was answered... but you want them to condense their threads... so, wait, what? Let this thread die and start a new one for SWR discussion? Or do you expect everyone to suddenly stop discussing SWR because you're butthurt over too much Touhou two fucking days after Reitaisai?

>> No.695471


You're right, this is a terrible campaign idea.

Then feel free to do that. If the thread gets a lot of good replies, then I'll eat my words.

>> No.695478

After letting you state your case I conclude you are a fag with too much time on your hands going against the status quo for attempted trolls/lulz but failing hard.

>> No.695479

This would be a point to remember if I wasn't SURE the Touhoufags will throw a fit once Rewrite or WotHN comes out and is all over /jp/.

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Stop fighting! Why can't we just be a family again?! Why do mummy and daddy always have to fight?

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tripfags suck

>> No.695484


Did the other SWR discussion thread get deleted already? I figured that one still had at least a few more hours left last I checked.

>> No.695489


It's not supposed to get good replies. It's supposed to be a shitty Touhou with no point to it just to make you fags rage harder. If I do that and it gets a bunch of good replies, I have officially mastered reverse psychology.

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Again, I'm not attempting to troll. I just think there's too many Touhou threads all over the first page every day.

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/jp/ - Lol, Reimu is a zombie. Is Cirno made of ice? Lol, ZUN is an alcoholic.

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This is now the best thread ever.

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Touhou is worse than Naruto with all the little shits posting about how awesome it is and what character they'd like to be. Except for Touhou,it's who they'd like to fuck.

>> No.695508

If this board was created for the sole purpose of having a board for visual novels / touhou / etc

Wouldnt it be natural for touhou to be present in vast quantities? If you dont like it, talk to moot.

Also, reitaisai.

>> No.695510


I'm not raging, though. If I've sounded angry in any of my posts, then sorry to mislead you. If you go out of your way to make another thread to spite me, then oh well.

>> No.695515

>once Rewrite or WotHN comes out and is all over /jp/

Doubt it. The fanbases for those are smaller and most of them don't even know japanese. I could only expect to see that if those are translated, which is very far in the future.

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Oh, I'm done with going against Touhou, gonna try for something even more impossible and ridiculous.

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Sakuya Dog is not amused

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Completely true, but I'd love to see you try to fix it. Seriously, I really fucking would. And once you manage that, please make /a/ habitable again.


I haven't, but it looks like at least two other people stole my idea. Either that or they're gigantic faggots and thought there was some excuse for their worthless and unnecessary threads.

>> No.695538


I like this Tripfag.

>> No.695546

Well shit in my mouth and hold my nose until I swallow - a board created for touhou has a lot of touhou threads after two game releases and a convention filled with new content?!

Your pathetic futile attempt a forum justice would make some sense if you were in these threads:
And not one where people are discussing game mechanics and organising games. Well, at least they were before you fagged it up "not trolling."

>> No.695550

>>try for something even more impossible and ridiculous.
Go for a "delete /jp/" campaign.

>> No.695555

>gonna try for something even more impossible and ridiculous.

What would that be? Making good non-touhou threads relevant to your interests (and of others) and not whining and shitposting?

Nah, that would make too much fucking sense.

>> No.695560

>Completely true, but I'd love to see you try to fix it. Seriously, I really fucking would. And once you manage that, please make /a/ habitable again.

It's habitable if you enjoy code gayass.

>> No.695565

>a board created for touhou

Yeah sure. Because this is a Touhou board and everyone else is just allowed because the Touhou fans are just that nice an open-minded. Talk about hubris.

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>> No.695570


Oh, thanks. I'm surprised you're still using your tripcode after last night.

I'm not gonna bother with them then, those threads usually last... three hours, at the most? Then whoever made them lose their steam and go back to posting normally. Fun.

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>> No.695589


The Anti-Shitposting Campainfag

>> No.695595


No it isn't. Even if you actually like both Code Geass AND all shounen, /a/ isn't habitable in the least. It can no longer support human life. The oceans are now all filled with piss ensuring that only neo-/b/tards can exist there. Even if you brought sufficient life support systems with you you would be killed by a camwhore sooner or later.

>> No.695596

>Touhou fans are just that nice an open-minded

But I usually am......

Why are you so mean? [sad smiley face]

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And I'm still misspelling this shit.

>> No.695608


Who says I'm not? If I use a name, people only carry their attention to me and reply out of spite.

>> No.695609

tldr; how do i change costumes?

>> No.695620

Sure is easy mode trolling in here

>> No.695626

Sorry, I kind of missed the point where "includes" became to mean "exists only because of".

>> No.695632

Danbooru = image archive
/jp/ = image board
danbooru image count :

33650 breasts
25319 panties
25093 touhou
23267 thighhighs
19809 school_uniform
18137 long_hair
17592 blush
17316 animal_ears
16996 monochrome
14790 original
14067 nude

>> No.695637


Sure is. Wonder where all the trolls went, though.

>> No.695665

Needs more thigh-highs.

Thank you for spelling properly.

>> No.695668

I wonder how much touhou is included along with the other tags. Especially animal_ears.

>> No.695681

I only visit danbooru for the tentacle rape and bukkake pictures.

>> No.695683

>animal ears 16535
>touhou 2161

>> No.695685

Nobody said "existed only because of." "created for" doesn't mean "created only for," you goit.

>> No.695692

No loli and no guro.Fucking should've stayed dead.

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