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Koi-iro Magic > Koi-iro Master Spark

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Which Koi-iro?
TH02 or TH12.3

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02, clearly.
The tasogare game koi-iro's are shit.

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The 7.5th one's was pretty good though.

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They are pretty much the same. Can't say I prefer one over the other, but I guess Love-Colored Master Spark is a bit more exhausting.

Reimu's themes are better.

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What's Reimu's PC98 theme?

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They're pretty much the same except for the first few seconds.

One of my personal favorite Touhou songs, but even I feel that it's been overdone in all the mixes.

Now, if you want to compare character's themes in the games:

Necrofantasia>>>>Night Falls ~Evening Star

Necrofantasia just seems a more appropriate theme since when dealing with Yukari, shit gets real. Night Falls is just a bit too plain and laidback.

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I guess "Eternal Shrine Maiden" counts as her theme, in a way? I like that one a lot.

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I prefer the one from Lotus Land Story but I can't remember it's name.

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Which version of night falls are you talking about?

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There was an earlier version of "Maiden's Capriccio" in the PC-98 games. The name escapes me right now.

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You can fight either Reimu or Marisa in TH04 before Yuka depending on who you pick, can't seem to pinpoint which is Reimu's theme though.

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Well, it is her "night theme" so I suppose it's supposed the show another side of her? I think it's quite nice, but it can't compare to Necrofantasia's extreme charisma. While I like it, I can't say Necrofantasia is among my favorites, but admittedly it does an awesome job at portraying Yukari's character.

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Oota Jun'ya (ZUN) - [Touhou Gensoukyou ~ Lotus Land Story #10] Shoujo Kisoukyoku ~ Capriccio

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Marisa's theme seems quite different from her usual.

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This and the TH08 version are quite similar, except for one part of the melody that ZUN seems to have left out completely in the later version. Interesting.

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sounds just like Yukari.

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I can't ever decide which one I like better, but the original definitely expresses Reimu's Reimuness better.

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The longer one, can't stand the shortness of the PC98 tracks, even though i find them to have much more energy in them.

Or maybe it's just the 8bit arrangement that i find amazing.

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Magus Ball > Magus Night > Casket of Star > Koi-iro Magic > Koi-iro Master Spark

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Can't blast the PC98 songs through the roof due to lolsoundtearing, fuck the 20th century.

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Yuuka's best theme IMO

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Why would you want to? That would be just as bad as those people who listen to rap music in public.

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Magus Night > Witch's Melancholy > Oriental Dark Flight > Casket of Star > Koi-Iro Magic > Koi-Iro Master Spark > Magus Ball

How many damn themes does one character need. I probably missed some too.

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6883008 EU hosting

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This is, in fact, Yuuka's best theme.


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I was dissapointed when the ''Magus'' song in FW turned out to be completely different from Magus Ball.

Not like I was already dulled by the fact that Marisa was the EX boss.

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I used to think that flower of japan was Yuuka's best theme too, but when I faced her off on LLS lunatic I instantly changed my mind. I swear inanimate dream is more epic than both of Yuyuko's themes.

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I wasn't, because Magus Ball is generic as hell.

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I honestly think Magus Night is too fierce of a theme for Marisa. It doesn't have the playfulness of some of her other songs that I believe it should have, although it's still nice to listen to.

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