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Hey /jp/, is the PSX port of DoDonPachi any good? I want to play some more danmaku games, having only played Touhou and Radiant Silvergun (if that even counts)

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Why don't you try Ikaruga?

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Speaking of MAME, are games with ports worth playing on it, or are you better off getting an emulator for the ported version?

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Well it depends on the game I suppose. If a console version is considered 'better' then emulate that, if not emulate the arcade version.

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The original arcade versions are pretty much always better.

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touhou is the only good curtain fire, rest are just bullet spam/rape

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Not true.
Most are that way but there are also some nice more pattern kind of games out there.

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Hellsinker is better than Touhou.

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You're supposed to activate hyper mode and cancel all those bullets off the screen, retard.

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So is Crimzon Clover.

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I have never heard of that game, describe it to me.

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Full version just came out at Comiket. It's a game that clearly knows how to properly make enemies fire things at you, rather than around you, unlike Touhou. I'm sure you can find videos of it on Youtube.

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Looks like it's just a load of repeating sparkly shit. I'll keep Hellsinker as my #1 doujin STG.

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yes it is.
And anyway you don't lose anything trying it.


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Oh, I never said it was better than Hellsinker. Hellsinker is awesome.

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Dodonpachi is shit, play Ketsui instead.

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>Play touhou for years
>think I'm the shit
>Download Hellsinker

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Minogame trivializes Hellsinker's difficulty.

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Hellsinker is fucking easy. You just need to learn how the characters work.

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Some bosses are ridiculously impossible for some shot types. How is Kagura supposed to kill tiny bosses with the external gunner? Or kill the stage 2 behind boss with Promised Dawn?

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1. Slowly
2. Don't pick behind
It's only slightly harder, and those shot types have it easier on certain stages.

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Specifically, how do you kill the sub-boss unique to the lunar Perpetual Calendar with the external gunner?

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It takes longer and is a little harder as a result, but I've done it before The external gunner is easy mode for a lot of the game, and parts like that are the price you pay. Unless you use short mission mode.

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Also, I think ramming with the gunner does damage.

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has a crimzon clover torrent hit the net yet?

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Ketsui is shit, play Dai-Ou-Jou instead.

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It's been up on ddl since this time yesterday or so.

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