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why don't you look like this?

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I'm wearing a shirt.

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Because I lay in bed all day / don't eat food / am not Italian.

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I need heavier weights.

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Why don't you?

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I find muscles disgusting, and do not wish to look like that.

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because I have a man's neck length

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I am a human being, not a brick wall.

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Because I don't juice. Stay classy, zyzz.

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Because little girls like myself can't be nearly as tall as that.

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Ther physique of a little girl is much more appealing I find

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Juicing is for the REAL losers. Living pure is the life for me

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I'm just gonna totally derail this thread with my shitposting for a second, and inquire about something that I just can't get off my brain.

>Complain about taking steroids illegally
>take illegal hormones to grow breasts
>feels good man.jpg

Ideally, you could also argue the same case with /jp/ hating on beer, wine, cannabis, MDMA, LSD, or what have you in spite of their own use of unprescribed substances.

Which brings us to our next point of /jp/'s well-known hypocrisy, and then to the undeniable fact that I'm stating perfectly obvious things that anyone in their right mind, who has been on /jp/ for a while, would already have acknowledged.

Right on cue, everybody wonders why I even bothered to post this in the first place. I have wasted my own valuable time and the time of others by stating the obvious [again].

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>/jp/ looks down on normalfags for their "mindless consumerism"
>/jp/'s whole existence is devoted to consuming VNs, video games and figurines

>/jp/ despises normalfags for being close-minded and scornful of their interests and sexual preferences
>/jp/ vehemently attacks anyone who admits to liking anything that's not 2d/lolicon

>/jp/ claims to hate the shit out of Japan
>/jp/ is disgusted by the culture of its own country and likes the most distinctly Japanese aspects of Japanese culture

>/jp/ hates on anything that's mainstream or popular
>/jp/ likes toohoo

>/jp/ claims to hate sluts and people who are "obsessed with sex"
>/jp/ spends most of its time masturbating to doujins of toohoos being raped by packs of faceless men

>/jp/ claims to hate sexual promiscuity
>/jp/ shaves its legs, dresses up in promiscuous clothing and buys prostate massagers/onaholes

>/jp/ is a bitter misogynist
>/jp/ always talks about how it wants to be the little girl and takes drugs to turn into a woman

>/jp/ claims to hate going outside
>/jp/ claims to hate humanity
>/jp/ claims to hate socializing
>/jp/ claims to hate normality and anyone who is not NEET
>/jp/ has threads with 100+ unironic replies, in which they talk about how they want to go to Gensokyo and live out a normal life with their "waifu"

>/jp/ claims to hate CYOA and fanfiction
>/jp/ loves doujins and shipping, which are just as shitty

>/jp/ adopts NEET/hikikkomori as its board identity.
>/jp/ is mostly composed of college students or college dropouts

>/jp/ claims to hate /a/ shit.
>/jp/ watches or has watched anime

>/jp/ claims to hate /v/ shit.
>/jp/ makes Persona, Ar Tonelico and Lufia threads

>/jp/ claims to hate /v/-style posting
>/jp/ constantly uses /v/ memes like greentexting, implying, trollface, mfw, babbies, autism etc

/jp/ - Hypocrisy/General.

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I know that this may be hard for you to realize, but there is more than one person on /jp/. I, for example, do not fap to faceless rape doujins, nor am I a misogynist.

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Because I don't feel like spending an hour at a gym every single day.


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I didn't claim any of that....I personally think that everyone should do what they like if it makes them happy.

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>Better than C++
Get the fuck out

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>I, for example, do not fap to faceless rape doujins,

Touhou Futa/Shemale rape doujinshi?

Oh, you better BELIEVE that's a paddlin'.

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Has anyone ever told you that you're a normalfag? Get the hell back to /r9k/

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