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If Touhou didn't exist, whay would your life be like now? I'd most likely be dead due suicide after heavy depression I suffered last autumn.

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I came to /jp/ because /a/ JUST GOT SHITTY when the split happened. I ignored Touhou until you guys got me into the doujins.

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i will become a soldier, keep my life with one of my passion : weapons, become more powerfull, get more guns, become contractor, make hell and die


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I don't know, can't figure it would have been all that different.
Don't get me wrong, I love Touhou and I reguarly play all the games and collect touhou stuff in general and all that.

But if Touhou did not exist, then I would most likely be playing other shmups instead (more that is, I still play other shmups), and the fanart and all the doujins would most likely have their attention directed at other things, so I don't think I would loose much in that apartment either.

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My music library would be smaller. That's it.

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Crappy and boring. Probably dead.

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What does it say on the front of a Claymore?

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I might have gotten into Cave shooters first.

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I wouldn't be wondering how to kill myself to get to Gensokyo.

I would be wondering how awesome would be to live in the MegaMan Legends World ;_;

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I am also like you, I might turn to Touhou to stop my depression...where should I start? The anime?

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Nothing would change, except /jp/ would be less shitty.
Unless you mean Touhou didn't exist at all in the first place.
Then, still no real changes except I'd probably be more productive and waste less time on the internet.

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0/10 trying too hard

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keep it toward of the ennemy ( or something like that i don't remember )

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I'll tell you what I'd do.

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I would have majored on mechatronics by now, earning thousands of dollars and I would have a girl like any normalfag.

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shit i remeber just now
>front toward ennemy

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IF touhou didn't exist, I'd merely be talking about other shooters.
Like how bad the voice acting in Shikigami II was. Or how ridiculously awesome the Darius series is.

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I would probably be going around raping and pillaging the surrounding villages.

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Close enough, at least in the spirit of it. You pass.

Reading comprehension is an absolute must for any soldier.

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I'd probably have at least a 1.0 higher grade point average.

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I would be millionare. The lotto number I always buy got the 1st prize on july, but I stopped buying it since I was saving for some Touhou stuff.

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I would be thousands richer since all these figures eat money.

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Be dead and not have graduated secondary school

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