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I have defeated every single Touhou extra!
So /jp/ how is your status?
how many have you defeated and which one is the hardest? To me hardest was Koishi

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Ran rapes me.
Mokou rapes me.
Suwako not unlocked.
Koishi not unlocked.
Can't reach Nue.

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You beat Marisa too, OP?

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Yukari, Mokou and Suwako
I was THIS close to beating Flandre and Koishi, before I decided to take a break from Touhou.
Haven't tried Nue that much.

To me, Yukari is always the most devastating, considering I get sick every time I beat her.

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OP here
Yeah i beat Marisa too

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I got caved by EX-Keine

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None of them.

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Haven't finished Yukari or any of the new Touhou extras. Beat all the rest several times.

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Flandre was my first Extra kill. With Marisa A, not terribly hard. I confess that the first time I downed her, I used the Starbow Break safe spot. I have legitimately captured the card since.

Suwako was my 2nd. Took far fewer attempts. Mishakuji was the only really hard part. Suwa Wars, however, was the most fun timeout card of any extra I've played.

I've taken Mokou down to the waning seconds of her last card before wiping out. Very, very satisfying extra mode EXCEPT for Fujiyama Volcano. What a bitch of a card.

I've made casual attempts at Ran, but haven't downed her yet. Not too difficult, but my twitchiness in early attempts kept me from making it past her timeout. Don't particularly care to put in the effort to down her since I hate PCB.

I really wanna try out Koishi. She, Mokou, and Flandre make up my favorite 3 Extra bosses both musically and character-wise. Youkai Polygraph just seems like such an amazing card as well.

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I've never even gotten to the extras of 1-5

Flan destroys me at Lavatein or however the fuck I spell it.

I've actually beaten Ran...She's the first and only extra boss I've ever beaten. Even then, I've only beaten her once ever

With Mokou I can get to Honest Man's Death before getting destroyed by that laser.

Komachi getting only 1 hit in extra means I die at like the second or third fight

Suwako, like Flan, constanly takes me out on her second spell.

I can't even GET to Koishi. Sanae keeps raping me.

Nue always manages to kill me at blue UFO.

So yeah, My extra stage runs are pretty shit.

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Beat Flan once, never again. No other Extra Boss yet.
1CC everything up to SA, which is kicking my ass. Fuck you, Orin. Also, fuck just about any last word in IN, especially Reimu.

Best bossfight moment that will ever stick to my memory: Marisa in IN, you'll never forget that first Maser Spark you get to the face.

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Fuck you Nue.

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>Flan destroys me at Lavatein or however the fuck I spell it.

Her easiest spellcard.

>With Mokou I can get to Honest Man's Death before getting destroyed by that laser.

Her second or third easiest spellcard.

>Suwako, like Flan, constanly takes me out on her second spell.

One of her easiest spellcards.

>Nue always manages to kill me at blue UFO.

Depending on shot type, potentially her second or third easiest spellcard.

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We need to have another Let's Play Danmaku thread one day.

Shit was awesome practice even if I didn't win any round.

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I yet have to beat Nue and Koishit.

every other touhou has been subdued.

and, the hardest for me was Flandre... I suppose because she was my first extra boss.

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Thank you, I needed to feel even more like shit, right?

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None, since I don't play this piece of shit.

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For Flandre, you can go above her to dodge the rotating laser waves. For Mokou, the laser will only have a hitbox when it reaches exactly where you are, just stream. For Suwako, have faith that the largest gap will be more than enough.

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Hi sion, how's the spam going?

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Ran, Suwako, Koishie, Nue. I'm working on Mokou, but finding her difficult. It would go faster with spell practice, but it wouldn't count as a real win.

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Which Suwako spellcard is that? The one where the streams push together and you have to get into that tiny fucking gap where if you move one pixel too far you clip it and die?

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I have never played touhou, I just post on /jp/ to annoy people.

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Actually, It's not the laser I have a problem with for flan, it's the bullets that spawn in rows where I have to quickly get to the other side going slightly diagonally. I always wind up getting hit go to slow and the laser catches me, go to fast and I run head first into a bullet.

I do keep trying that for Mokou since from what I hear, the point where it can touch me only appears at the place I was when it first spawned, but fuck, I still can't get it right.

Suwako is just fucking rage.

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Every time I play against Nue I'm baffled by how easy a lot of her attacks are. Maybe ZUN ran out of time and didn't playtest her enough.

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Have you defeated Nue?

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You probably only need to move about 6-10 times to beat that spellcard of Mokou's. Unnecessary movement will make it harder.

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How much do you incorporate tapping into your movement? Because those problems you stated are pretty much solved with proper tapping.

For Flandre, just tap up when you're going through the horizontal waves.

For Mokou, you just need a tap towards the laser. That's it. If a bullet is heading towards you, just tap towards the laser again. Also it's not the point where you were when it spawned, it's that point and after it. So if you've tapping away from the laser then you've been doing it all wrong.

For Suwako, if you're not good at precise tapping then just keep tapping left or right until you're aligned with a gap. As simple as that. Eventually you'll be aligned.

For Nue's blue UFO's there are certain UFOs that must always be taken out as a priority, don't remember which ones though.

Sanae I also have problems with, but I'm willing to bomb her.

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HMD is easy when you get it. It's just streaming but on a small scale. Creep toward the next laser's direction, then once it passes, make a short move about half a body width in the same direction, then wait for the gap in the bullets to come and then creep in the opposite direction for the next laser.

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Sanae's first spell is also just tapping, albeit harder than those spellcards you've described. Her second one requires you to not be panicky, and her third is bullshit.

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Yeah, just once, but I did it with a few lives remaining. The only attacks that tend to surprise-kill me are Green UFO and whatever the final one is called. Using ReimuA for whatever that's worth.

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Farthest I've been on each:
Flandre - And then there will be none
Ran - Unilateral Contract
Mokou - Beaten but no Imperishable Shooting
Suwako - that one where she flies around at you
Koishi - not unlocked
Nue - not unlocked

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It took me weeks to get Flandre, until I got the vsync patch, first attempt with it worked --> Flandre down

Ran was a total letdown, took about 2 days --> Ran down

Yukari was a bit harder, but after a few tries I got to her last spellcard with 4 lives left --> Yukari down

I got Mokou directly after 1 cc-ing Imperishable Night, her theme is just too awesome and Spellcard Practice + Border Team Deathbombing makes it too easy
--> Mokou down

Suwako took 1 day, really disappointing --> Suwako down


Haven't tried Nue yet..

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Her third's not that hard. Move up to the middle of the screen and ignore the bullet stream, since it won't hit you as long as you're moving sideways. There's a rhythm you can get into that keeps the spammy bullets from crowding you too much. It depends on your frequency of direction change while streaming.

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> Her third's not that hard

To be hones I don't really get your explanation, do you know any youtube replay or normal replay which can show this?

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Uh SA's extra stage isn't hard, if you've done all those others. Don't be afraid to bomb.

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A lot of Koishi's cards are move constantly or die type. If you can't keep up with her pressure you'll most likely die.

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I don't understand. Most extra stages are easy for me, but I can spend an hour without ever making it to Nue.

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Every single boss except for koishi and nue; koishi because i don't understand her survival card (and genesis shaves off too many lives from the random clippings), while some parts of ufo extra are just so rage-inducing (kogasas final, the second part of the stage with the cascading bullets) that i don't have the morale to finish the job (i keep dying at the flashing ufo one for some reason)

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I've cleared all extra stages except UFO's, in which I beat the story on normal, but I hated the ufo catching system so I couldn't bring myself to care enough to master Nue.

Also, Koishi was the hardest for me from the bosses I've beaten, took me 130+ tries. The whole stage and boss battle required to be perfectly precise all the time, which seems to be very hard for me. In 90% of runs I'd mess up couple times and not have enough bombs/lifes to make it trough the hard parts.

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I've beaten Flandre, Mokou, Suwako, Koishi, and Nue. I have never bothered with Ran or Yukari since i dislike PCB honestly. I should probably get on that or Fairy Wars since I also need to beat Marisa. Still haven't cleared path B1. You know, I think I haven't played touhou in months.

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Nue's worse. You have to be just as perfect, but with random patterns.

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The fucking umbrella, man, that fucking umbrella.

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I always feel bad when I see these threads. I would like to participate, but reading all of the other posts, I'll just make others feel bad.

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Kogasa, she literally makes you dodge the rain.

>> No.6407708

fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck you UFO extra gahh....

>> No.6407709

Here, try this. http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=10872

I boned the rhythm a little so a few parts get hairy, but this might demonstrate the basic idea.

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Post, if others see a bunch of people who are also doing sa bad as them they'll feel alright about their failure and not have as much drive to beat the extras they haven't.

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The cutest.

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Beat everyone.

Fuck Marisa and her giant metal ball shitstorms.

>> No.6407722

Post, if others just see a bunch of people who are also doing as bad as them they'll feel alright about their failure and not have as much drive to beat the extras they haven't. Show that there are people who have done well to givve them a target at least.

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Basically by "ignore the stream" I mean move sideways looking only at the falling bullets, then when you've had enough of one direction do a little stream jerk and reverse. I messed it up but it's better than dodging down below where you're getting rained on.

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Beaten every extra boss except Ran/Yukari, and I can say that Koishi was the hardest, never been able to capture her "Genetics of the Subconscious".

Nue is not that hard if you know when to move, and what to kill first in her UFO cards.

This. Also, that fucking yo-yo always gets me.

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So far I've cleared 3 extra stages:
Subterranean animism
Fairy wars
Currently I'm working on beating the PCB extra stage. I have the first few of Ran's spellcards somewhat down, my main problems are with her "Ultimate Buddhist spellcard" that always rapes me, and all I can do is spam bombs. Her "Charming seige from all sides" is also costing me something like 2 or 3 bombs a time at the moment.
Furthest I've actually gotten so far is "Chen", so I won't know how much her last few are going to rape me though.

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Marisa was fucking hard to clear. I eventually gave up trying to do it properly and came up with a munchkin strategy to pass through her final spellcard.
(Her light beams will only take you down to 1% やる気, so once you're on your last life you can just sit in the centre of it and only worry about dodging regular bullets.)

>> No.6407760

Ultimate Buddhist is easy, stay in the inner loop, the lasers don't hit you until their joints light up.

Just got to the second phase of Nue's last spell, farther than I've ever gotten, I can barely type, my heart rate was probably like 150/m...

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Everyone except Marisa in Fairy Wars, I'm thinking of throwing in the towel.

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>my heart rate was probably like 150/m
I love that feeling.

>> No.6407820

I usually make it into the 2nd or so spell card of the end boss and run out of steam. That shits way too above my current skill level to attempt.

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After beating Koishi a few more times I've come to the conclusion that Ancestors Standing Beside Your Bed and Subterranean Rose are two of my favorite spellcards in the series.

>> No.6407858


Ancestors standing etc. is one of those "hard at first but really easy once you figure it out" cards..I don't really like them...

But Subterranean Rose is really interesting and the first time I really had no idea how to deal with it, even after I watched a replay of it before

>> No.6407865

Yeah I only fail Ancestors on a total fuckup, but I just like the particular way it makes me move and watch out for what's coming.

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>Ultimate Buddhist is easy, stay in the inner loop, the lasers don't hit you until their joints light up.
Oh, that works really well! I was staying on the outside and getting caught by her fire every time I tried to circle into the top of the screen; I didn't realize going inside made it so easy.
Ran extra stage cleared now. Now onto Yukari...

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I started playing Touhou about 2 months ago.
It took me about 3 weeks 1cc EoSD in Normal.
It took me until last week to beat Flandre, about 200 tries, 400+ the whole stage..

Currently working on PCB Normal, it seems a lot easier than EoSD, but that's thanks to the experience gained with Flandre.

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PCB is much easier than EoSD I think. After having played through SA and cleared Koishi extra stage before starting PCB, I actually managed to 1CC normal on my second attempt. Yuyuko's last spell card nearly got me though.

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This thread is dead, but

Just wanted to add that I just beat Koishi

I think I came a little

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Ran and Flan

in that order. been lazy lately.

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I've beaten PCB (Ran, not Yukari), IN and MoF. I've unlocked the extra on UFO but haven't beaten it, and I haven't even 1cc'd EoSD, SA or fairy wars.

>> No.6413408

I haven't defeated many extras myself, but I feel like the games are missing something if there isn't a Phantasm after.

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Reimu > Marisa > Flandre > Ran > Yukari > Nue > Suwako >= Koishi

Marisa > Patchouli > Chen > Ran > Sanae > Kogasa > Lily&Daiyousei > Kanako

Memorization: Keine, Mokou

>> No.6413443

That's mostly wrong.

>> No.6413462

I believe you mistake > for <

>> No.6413522

Easy tier
Mokou Suwako Yukari

Not-so-easy tier
Flandre Marisa Ran

I don't want to learn to redirect your bullshit cards you fucking faggots tier
Koishi/Genetics of the Subconscious, Nue/Undefined Darkness

Would-be Hibachi tier

Only hard because that background is a fucking eyesore tier

That about sums my opinion of the Extra stages.

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Nue > *

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Flandre not unlocked
Ran rapes me
Mokou kills me after 4 or 5 spellcards
Can't go past Suwako's spinning spellcard with MarisaB
Koishi not unlocked
Nue not unlocked

>> No.6413607

EoSD: loleasy
PCB: loleasyexceptforcharmingsiege, loleasy
IN: loleasy
MoF: loleasy
SA: lololoolollolo
UFO: loleasy

Yeah pretty much.

>> No.6413654

How can you beat the games when you're on the floor laughing?

>> No.6413662


He's never on the floor, only laughing..

Maybe I should try this as well

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Reimu > Gengetsu > Marisa > Nue >= Koishi > Alice Flandre > Yukari > Suwako > Ran

Marisa > Mugetsu > Kogasa > Sanae > Patchouli > Lily&Daiyousei > Chen > Ran > Kanako > Jack of Hearts

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>With Mokou I can get to Honest Man's Death before getting destroyed by that laser.
>Her second or third easiest spellcard.

Lol no, more like the easiest by a factor of 10. Honest Man's Death I could reliably clear before I even 1CC'd IN.

>> No.6413684

I've only messed up on Xu-Fu's Dimension once as far as I can remember.

>> No.6413691

Most people say that Ran > Yukari.
Also why Koishi so high on your list? The only hard card she has is Genetics of the Subconscious(?), but once you learn how to redirect it, all that's left is dodging roses.

>> No.6413697


The stage and Sanae messed me up about 4/5 of all attempts, so I didn't even get to Koishi or quit before here.
(When I beat her I lost two lives before getting to her and just kept fighting for shits and giggles)
For some reasons Rorschach in Danmaku gave me huge troubles as well and I never got close to survive her second survival card.

It's mainly the stage and Sanae that frustrated me, though.

>> No.6413702

Yeah.... but that's why Ex-Midbosses are listed separately.

>> No.6413732

I've beaten Ran with 5 lives to spare on a non-serious attempt, and I can't consistently beat Yukari. I guess I'd put Koishi below Alice, but I just find the other extra bosses easier than her.

>> No.6413797

Is there any trick behind Koishi's 9th though? Can't seem to run fast enough to avoid the roses. (I can get there with everyone but Aya) >>6407663 here btw.

>> No.6413945

Started playing touhou about a little over a month ago. 1CC'd normal after a couple of weeks, and after 2 straight weeks filled with probably 150 attempts at extra (reaching Flan perhaps 40 time), finally got Flan down 5 days ago. I use easy mode MarisaB though.

Can you explain what this Starbow Break "safe spot" is? This was probably persistently the spellcard that gave me the most trouble, after maze of love.

>> No.6414095


Here's a near-perfect replay to study:


>> No.6414152

Flandre - Never really like EoSD so I never gave her any serious attempts
Ran - Completed
Yukari - Completed. I bombed my way through the survival cards because they're bullshit.
Mokou - Seemed easy, but I couldn't figure out honest man's death
Suwako - Completed (Took me less tries than any others)
Koishi - Can't beat the final card (subterranean rose or something)
Nue - The stage itself is too hard. Fuck that.
Marisa - Again, PUNISHINGLY long stage leading up to her means I have little to no motivation to try beating her. Which is sad because she seems like a fun extra boss.

>> No.6414243

I only unlocked Gengetsu's and Mokou's.
Never beat either, ever.

Doesn't help that I only have time to play any game once per week.
If it makes me any less pathetic I never use slowdowns, nor watch someone else's replays.

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