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Who is your favorite and least favorite Yakumo and why?

Take your least favorite Yakumo and erase them from touhou past and present forever. How would touhou change?

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Well without Ran nothing would ever get done, so I'm keeping her.. And Yukari is my all time favorite character so I'm keeping her too. Sorry Chen

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Letty. The only thing good about her is her song.

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Maribel. Touhou wouldn't change at all

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This is also a Yakumo thread. Feel free to post your Yakumos

This artist's Ran is adorable

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I like them all. Even the cutesy fanon depiction of them as a dysfunctional family with Ran as the mother, Chen as the daughter, and Yukari as the live-in aunt.

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Tcheng is not a Yakumo. Her name is just Tcheng, not Yakumo Tcheng.

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chen. nothing would change

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Ran is my favorite. I like her for her fullbreasts and milf-type personality. Because of that, I also like Yukari.

I think Yukari x Ran is the best pairing just because they can be really loving to each other without being creepy like the whole Ran x Chen thing is.

Chen has to go.

Sadly, without Chen there, Ran probably would not be popular at all.

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Most favorite tier: Ran
Least favorite tier: Yukari
Not a Yakumo tier: Chen

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I think Chen might have been kinda ruined for me.

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The Yakumo family doesn't need another child

All they need are Mama Ran and Little Yukarin

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Favorite: Yukari, because of my baba fetish.

Least favorite: Chen because she's depicted as a retard and tards aren't fun to be around.

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I like the trio, but fanon is getting the best of me.

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You can't hate Ran

you can hate the whole CHEEEEN thing and think its annoying

you can hate Yukari for being OP

but you can't truly hate Ran

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I hate yukari,
>>how would touhou change
touhou would not exist.

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I hate Ran, and I hate you too.

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>depicted as a retard

I bet you have never been around an actual retard before.

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